For cracking a job interview, you need more than just the expertise and knowledge to apply. You will have to show that you are pleasant to work with, adaptable and optimistic. And nothing more than being properly equipped helps build morale.

Here we’ll share the best and top JOB interview preparation apps, which will help you save your precious time and make productive use of it for comprehensive training. Such applications will certainly help you stay in the right direction and land in the right career you’ve got your sights on, as well as relax and succeed.

1# Wordzen

Make sure every email with Wordzen, an executive assistant to your Gmail account, is polished and competent. Wordzen editors can turn short-hand notes into qualified emails by pressing the “smart submit” button after a preliminary draft is written. Also, this service will guarantee proper English and correct tone, sentence form, and word usage. The whole process takes less than ten minutes to complete and is online.

Link: Wordzen

2# Pramp

Practice leads to perfection. You can hold advanced interviews with Pramp for free. Customize live video sessions by focussing on common vulnerabilities or unclear areas. The platform will have questions (and answers) about interviews that you and a paired colleague will be going through together. You’ll have positive feedback when the 30-minute session is complete.

Link: Pramp

3# Charlie

It will take hours to create well-rounded profiles of HR professionals. Give a lasting impact on every Charlie work interview. This hack would comb through hundreds of outlets and send you a one-page email briefing from recruiters and their firms. Charlie’s algorithm sifts dynamically through social media and highlights news from businesses, key rivals, and more.

Link: Charlie

4# My Top Tweet

Believe it or not, you will get a job with the help of Twitter!  My Top Tweet reveals the history, beliefs, and milestones of a business with ease. When the company’s name has been inserted into the search engine, this app will list the top ten tweets that work. The software also finds hidden content that you wouldn’t see on the company’s website, LinkedIn, or any other forum on social media. Having insider information of an organization in the career selection process is like finding gold making you an excellent candidate.

Link: My Top Tweet

5# Interview Sortout

Interview Sortout aim is to provide precise answers to the relevant interview questions that are being asked. This Website / Application is for work interviews (IT, bank, govt.interviews, scientific, etc.) of seekers who don’t know about the question to be answered. And it will surely provide you the answers to the question that the interviewer posed during an interview session. The material and answers are written by the experts, with no less than 5 years of experience in their field. 

It provides you with the ability to express your thoughts on how to make things better so that they can add more correct answers to the interview issue.

Link: Interview Sortout

6# Seeway

Reaching to your interview destination is always a very important aspect of how it goes. If you show up late, it might give off the impression that you’re not very punctual. Sometimes, public transport takes a while to reach a destination since it has to take a long route to cover all routes.

During such situations, it’s wise to book an online taxi or cab booking application like Seeway. Seeway helps people reach their destination faster and at very affordable rates.

Link: Seeway

7# Monster

Potential job applicants’ best know Monster as a job platform where they will look for employment prospects. However, they offer a free smartphone app that includes a tool segment called “Pre-Interview.” 

That’s Ok! To plan the next interview the section is filled to the brim with valuable advice, tips, communication approaches, and preparation materials. 

It also tells you to use a follow-up protocol after the interview is over. It is critical because you want to remain accessible to potential job applicants and recruiting officials at all times.

Link: Monster

8# Pacifica

Usually, no matter how hard you try, you’re unable to relax your nerves or alleviate tension. This can have a huge effect on your attitude and behavior, which will be seen during an interview. 

If you’re nervous and want to chill until the big day, Pacifica is a perfect app to help settle you down. It provides a range of relaxing devices and methods to keep you on an even keel. For instance, there’s a personal thought log that lets you recognize and fix skewed or negative thinking habits, a list of tools calming strategy, goals of daily wellbeing and mood, and monitoring.

Link: Pacifica

9# How to Tie a Tie

If you know how to knot a knot, then you are one of the few lucky ones. You’d be shocked how many people do not know how to complete such a simple mission, particularly the younger generations. Fortunately, How to Tie a Knot app shows you precisely how to do that. 

You can pick from a list of 20 traditional knots and follow a walkthrough to tie this specific style to a chain. When you skip a walkthrough segment, you can travel backward by frame-by-frame through the animated app. 

Needless to mention, should you need to wear a suit and tie for an interview, this is an invaluable app.

Link: How to Tie a Tie

10# Job Interviews Question-Answer

This immersive, CareerConfidential-created Android app will help you build the confidence you need to win your next interview. In mock interviews, users can practice difficult interview questions with Work Interview Question-Answer. There is also an opportunity for a recording that helps you to look back and decide if the responses you received are as good as possible. See technical career and mentor Peggy McKee answer every question and break down what an interviewer is asking for with the responses.

Link: Job Interviews Question-Answer


Nowadays, we all know about everything from our Android smartphones and there are various applications to achieve our jobs, as well as multiple apps that help us train for our work interviews.


If you just want to position yourself in highly prestigious firms then these are the perfect Smartphone applications to train for job interviews. As most of the renowned firms conduct interviews at a very difficult level.

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