WordPress Installation : Tutorial 3

By Dhananjay September 10, 2018

WordPress Installation
Before install a WordPress we should ensure that we have already created a database , where we have to create the WordPress tables with a prefix name .Default is prefix is wp_. We should have the following information as we are going to install the WordPress:
  • Database Name: wordpress
  • User name: root
  • Password: by default blank
  • Hostname:localhost
  1. Put the database name as you have created in the database field. It appears “wordpress” by default.
  2. Give the mysql user name, which is root by default.
  3. Give the password of mysql , if you have’n define , then let the password field blank.
  4. Give the host name as running on default port, localhost.
  5. Give a prefix for the table name , which are being install in database.
A wp-config.php file is created, containing the information about database, username, password etc, at the time of installation.

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