What is New In CodeIgniter 4.x?

By Dhananjay December 4, 2018

As we all know CodeIgniter is a PHP light weight MVC framework .It provide us fast, flexible, and secure techniques to develop PHP based applications.Alpha is released but the available version is not recommended for production use.

Features in Codeigniter 4.x:-

  1. The earlier versions of Codeigniter are based on PHP 5.6 or lower but the Codeigniter 4 will be featured with PHP 7.1 functionality and compatibility.
  2. It required the *intl* extension of PHP installed in the server.
  3. If we would like to use CURLRequest, we will need libcurl installed.
  4. Supported databases are:
    1. MySQL (5.1+) via the MySQLi driver
    2. PostgreSQL via the Postgre driver
    3. SqLite3 via the SQLite3 driver
  5. CodeIgniter 4 can also be used with command line programs.As per the latest trend most of the frameworks provide CLI usability and library. Since 4.x Codeigniter is also providing CLI interfaces for different purposes.

Directory Structure for Codeigniter 4.x
A newly installed application has six directories:

  1. application,
  2. system,
  3. public,
  4. writable,
  5. tests,
  6. docs

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