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The Stages Of An Online Purchase And How To Improve The Customer Experience

The shopping experience is one of the most important factors to take into account when we study and delve into an online purchasing process.

A purchase process is all those phases that the consumer or customer of a product goes through from the moment they have a need until they are happy to purchase a product or service that meets their needs to the utmost satisfaction.

In this article, we will take a walk through the different stages of an online purchase and we will see what added value you can give the consumer to optimize them.

1. The importance of the shopping experience

A pleasant, safe, and comfortable online shopping experience is the key to encouraging the customer to buy again in your store. It is increasingly difficult to differentiate yourself from your competitors and an original and effective way to do it is by focusing on the service you are giving to your client. Every day it is more personalized and they look for different ways to surprise the public.

2. Stages of the online purchase decision process

The stages of the online purchasing process that a customer takes into account from the moment a need arises until it is covered are the following:

  • Realize that you need it.
  • Do your research to find out how to meet that need.
  • Decide which option to choose from those found.
  • Buy the chosen option.

3. Phases that will improve the online shopping experience for your customer

The online shopping phases that we have to take into account so that the shopping experience is ideal are:

3.1) An attractive home page

The home page of your online store is the first impression that a user has of your brand and of what you sell. Try to give a good image with the help of large and attractive banners, always in accordance with the style or design of your online store.

In them, you can offer the products you have in a promotion or show a special category. Adapt your home page according to the season of the year or if it is a special day such as Valentine’s, Christmas or summer.

The personalization to your customer is a key element to improve the online shopping experience. Every time you can know more about the client through a good client management tool (CRM) and social networks. This allows you to know their tastes, what they are looking for in your store and what environment interests them.

It allows you to adapt your experience Marketing strategy to your client in a personalized way. So if you see that your client publishes photographs of mountain excursions on social networks, offer him a product related to nature that may be useful to him.

Don’t forget to congratulate him on his birthday or anniversary with the company and offer him a discount as a gift. You can present these actions on your home page or create an emailing campaign.

If you don’t have a customer service phone number, you should have the option to send a message to answer questions. Even if you are quick to answer emails, the client does not know when he will receive a response from you and that creates a feeling of unease and impatience. The client always looks for an immediate answer .

So I recommend offering personalized treatment through the integration of a chat in your online store to create a more enjoyable and effective online shopping experience. In this way, you will be able to answer their questions in real-time and show that you are always available to the customer.

3.2) A professional product sheet

I imagine that you have been told a thousand times how to present a product sheet: use large images with a white background and high quality, make known all the characteristics of your product, use cross-selling or up-selling techniques, etc.

An added value that you can bring to your product file is the testimony of the online shopping experience of other consumers.

The stars as a method of evaluation of your product is already quite seen, although it is still as effective as at the beginning. Let users leave comments and opinions about your product .

Marketing is a thousand times more effective than you can do. It is also very important to add buttons for social networks, for example, to “like” your store on Instagram or to tweet the product.

This content will be published in the stories and profiles of the users, it will be visible to the entire network of friends. They will be sharing the online shopping experience with their friends. Again, a friend’s opinion is worth a thousand times more than yours.

3.3) A secure payment

More and more people are daring to buy online, although there are still people who do not take this step by giving information about their bank account or credit card. Use trusted and secure payment stamps to create a reliable online shopping experience.

Add these stamp icons to checkout pages to inspire confidence in your customers. These are some of the stamps that you can integrate:

The more forms of payment you offer, the more options the customer has to have an online shopping experience adapted to their preferences. The different forms of payment that you can present in your store are: bank transfer, credit card, Paypal or cash on delivery.

Although the latter is a bit risky because the customer can return the product without paying the shipping. 

It is also important to add a section on secure payment and payment methods in the “General conditions” of your online store. In this way, the client always has access to this type of information and you inspire tranquility to the user.

3.4) A pleasant shipment

The shipping phase is the one that will unquestionably decide whether it has been a successful or disastrous online shopping experience. The desire to have the product at home quickly is very high which may not always be fulfilled.

So I propose to focus on other aspects that you can really control and improve to impress your client. The presentation of the package that the customer receives is the first direct contact that the consumer has with your product.

Take advantage of packaging techniques to excite your customer. Invest in a tissue paper that wraps the product in a funny way and in a nice box with a bow, it will be a little more expensive, but it is very nice to receive a package of these characteristics, so they will probably repeat the shopping experience online in your online store.

Many times problems arise in this phase of the purchase and most of the time it does not depend on you. Whatever happens, don’t forget to communicate with your client and inform them. If the package is late, send them an apology message and let them know how late it will be.

If the package or product arrives in bad condition, send him another one (don’t wait for him to return it) and add a gift for the inconvenience. It is inevitable that these things will happen, but you can fix them and surprise your client even more.

3.5) A simple return

A return doesn’t have to be a bad thing. Sometimes it is not the size we need and we have to return the product. To end good online shopping experience, clearly define the steps to take to return a product.

Don’t use complicated words and add a link to create the shipping label. Although if you prefer, you can send the label inside the package so that he only has to fill it out and send it.

If you can afford it, I advise you to return shipping free. It is a way of worrying about the customer getting the ideal product. Although you also have the option to offer free shipping only when the products are defective and not when it is a size problem.

Always remember to write everything down in the “Return Policies”. Many times it is a hassle to wait at home for the courier to come to take the package. In this case, the customer can go to the collection points and Click & Collect that allow you to both collect and send packages.

It is always advisable to offer different options so that the customer can choose the one that best suits them and optimize their online shopping experience.

You have already seen that not many resources are needed to improve the online shopping experience in your store. Be attentive to your client, inform him whenever necessary, keep him excited and satisfied with his purchase, and never forget your relationship, because it is a very special relationship. 

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What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is the process of earning a commission by promoting someone else’s product or service. You promoting someone else’s product or service by using what is called an affiliate marketing link, which is a link that you can get from a company a product or a service, someone clicks on that link and then go ahead and buy. You can earn a commission from that. Now the way that it works is that there are many different affiliate marketing programs out there.

Most company Products and services they have what is called an affiliate marketing program. The affiliate marketing program is basically a program they have that gives other people the ability to join for free and promote their products and earn a commission.

After joining an affiliate marketing program the seller or service provider gives you a unique link. Which is a special link that will allow the company to track to see which sales were produced by you and who clicked on your link and went ahead to purchase so that they can track that and make sure that you get paid for promoting the product? Technology with the affiliate links it’s pretty accurate it’s about like 99% accurate. Of course, there are some circumstances where things might not be tracked perfectly but for the most part, you get it.

You get a commission for promoting that product now affiliate marketing is a great thing and the reason why it’s so valuable to get started with online is because you don’t have to create a product and you don’t have to create a service and also you don’t have to be an expert and you don’t even have to really sell the product.

Basically what you’re doing is you’re sharing a product or service with people that you might know family members friends your lists or subscribers or followers whatever might be.

When you share a product or service with your audience and when they click the link they’re going to the other product/service website for the product or the service and that’s going to sell them that’s going to then sell them on the product or service.

They already did all the marketing for it and they have customer support, delivery of the product and so for you, you basically just get paid by sending traffic someone else’s way by sending people you make money in exchange. Affiliate marketing is always a win-win for everybody involved it’s a win for the company because the company has now acquired a customer or a sale that they 7 previously would have never gotten. If it wasn’t for you it’s a win for you because you’ve got to earn money and a commission with doing very little effort.

You didn’t have to come up with the idea, take risks, invent something and didn’t have to be the expert you. It is a part-time job, you don’t have to spend the money to create all the marketing the website all that sort of stuff and you get you to know you easily get paid just by leveraging you know your subscribers or followers or list or traffic in some way. Affiliate marketing is a great thing.

You can just join the affiliate program and earn a commission from that or maybe there’s something complementary that you can promote and earn a commission. So basically what it is, is you’re partnering your joint venturing with other businesses and companies. It’s an incredible thing and your whole job is an affiliate. Your whole focus is just getting traffic, visitors, subscribers and is it you only have to focus on that to start with.

What are the advantages of Affiliate Marketing?

Eventually, if you choose you can create your own products. If you want your own services then marketing is just a great way to get started because you don’t have to take any of the risks.

Creating a business and creating a product or an idea is can be very risky. You might fail. It might not work out. It might cost you a lot of money a lot of time. You got to have customer support.

There’s a lot of overhead and expenses that are involved with that whereas if instead you just build and focusing a blow-up focus on building a blog, YouTube channel, Facebook Page, Instagram, Snapchat.

You can also focus on a few streams of marketing to attract people to you, you can then easily funnel people into other people’s products and earn a lot of money by doing that.

You can create any website for interview books,quotes, and status, brand news, event blogging, etc and add your affiliate marketing link on your webpage.

Amazon Affiliate Program

Amazon Affiliate Program is the best Best Affiliate Program. Amazon Affiliate Program called Amazon Associates and anybody can join it. It is free. You go to or you could do a Google search word as well. You can join and then you can promote any product on Amazon. Whenever a product you decide to promote they’ll give you a unique Affiliate Marketing link, which is a special link just for you. You will use to put it on your blog, Facebook, email, Twitter or YouTube. You can use that link let’s say for a TV and when someone clicks that link and they go and buy you earn a commission from that.

Every Affiliate Marketing program is different. At Amazon for physical products, they’ll give you five to ten percent commission in starts, then it slowly goes up as more products that you sell using Amazon Affiliate Program.

Amazon Affiliate program is preferred by most of the web marketers and influencers. Since very transparent policies made by amazon and being the biggest eCommerce on the planet, it has authority. People associated with the Amazon Affiliate program Earning a handsome amount.

The best part of the affiliate marketing or amazon affiliate program you don’t need to work as a full-time worker. You can do it part-time or on weekends. You can continue it as a side business also. Amazon provides you many tools to create links of products.

Usually, there are following types of product links are available :

  • Anchor text or Hyperlink
  • Product Image as a link
  • Horizontal Banners
  • Vertical banner
  • Product list slider

You can use any of the types of links to promote amazon affiliate products on your website, blog or youtube channels.

There are many such plugins that allow you to add the product directly without any effort. WordPress is the most useful CMS when you think about a Blog or Website to promote products and an Amazon Affiliate. You can also use blogger,, etc.

Before adding products to promote you have to create an Amazon affiliate program account. Here Amazon Affiliate Program you can find the link and can create your amazon affiliate program account.

You need to add your details and website or other promoting media information like application, youtube channel, etc. After submitting your application amazon affiliate program support team reviews your application and verify your account. Once your account is verified you can promote products on your web.

Amazon only pays for a successful conversion. That means if a customer directly clicks your link and purchased the product you will get the commission in your amazon account.  You can add your tx information and banker details in your profile so that amazon can transfer commission to your account.

You need to follow the amazon affiliate program policies to avoid cancellation of your association.

You can see here the example of amazon product link BEGINNER’S GUIDE TO LEARN PYTHON IN 7 DAYS

What to need to have to become a successful Affiliate Marketer?

You need to have some basic skills to promote the website or social media profiles over the internet and create a huge network of people who can further be your customers. You can promote products by any means of these:

  • Using a website or blog
  • Using Pinterest
  • Using Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Dribble
  • Youtube

Hope you have a clear picture of affiliate marketing ideas.

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