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Change in Working Culture – New Normal

The coronavirus outbreaks threw the world into chaos. It not only affected the health and economy. But it also revolutionized the workplace and offices. The definition of normal has changed, and we are living amid the new norms. 

Homes have become our new office, and social media is the medium to stay in touch. But what are the new norms, and what does it look like? After covid 19 we might see some of these changes in the workplace.

Changes in the Workplace after Covid 19

Increased Hygiene Standards Among Offices

Offices always practiced cleanliness and hygiene, but the virus outbreak highlighted this issue and made them take precautions to build a safe working environment for the employees. This pandemic has raised the bar for hygiene standards. 

Companies are expected to follow these safety standards in the future. Many offices installed new technology like automatic open-doors and the installation of hand sanitizers in every nook and corner of the office, putting barriers between workstations to prevent the spreading airborne virus. 

Regular temperature recordings and encouraging employees to work from home if they don’t feel well. Social distancing measures would be practiced in the workplace. Shaking hands and other skin-to-skin contacts would be avoided. 

Many workplaces are only calling a small group of employees every day. They are adopting office shifting algorithms to reduce the number of employees in the office. And decrease the chances of virus spreading. 

A mix of Virtual and In-office work

When the lockdown was imposed around the world. Most employees were working remotely. But the remote work option is not going to be around forever. Employees will have to start attending the office eventually. The office environment is essential to make the collaboration process easier for the employees. 

Even though Covid 19 has opened a world of possibilities for employees and employers. They are adopting a mix of both remote and in-office work to contain the virus and keep the projects on time. 

Employees are equipped to work from home by telecommuting and using online methods. And they are called to the office in small groups when the need arises. This offers flexibility to the employees and doesn’t affect their careers. This is one of the most common changes you can see among the offices after covid 19 breakouts. 

Improvement in Crisis Preparation Plans

In the beginning, when the virus broke out. There was a panic among the employees and employers. Their lack of preparation for a crisis like this was the key reason behind this panic. The employers weren’t able to manage the crisis in the initial stage, and they saw many of their employees getting affected and catching the virus. 

This opened their eyes and made them adopt methods to prevent a case like this in the future. Companies all over the world are now taking preventative measures. And improving their crisis management plans for the future. They are adopting these measures, so if anything like this happens in the future. 

It won’t affect the productivity or the working of the company. And they can easily adapt to the situation and keep their business running smoothly.  

Offering Digital Alternatives to Some Employees

The pandemic made the companies rethink their on-site operations. Yes, the companies prefer to keep the business under one roof. So, they can keep tabs on it and check the quality of the work.

 But when the companies were forced to ask their employees to work remotely, it created a new way. The recruitment process changed. Video-conferencing and online tests were employed to assess the ability of a candidate

And now, many companies are hiring remote employees for the operations that can be done digitally. This will improve the adaptability of the company. 

Small and Flexible Leases

Many companies paid the rents of their offices even though space was abandoned for months. This increased unnecessary burden on the owners, and as a result, they will now look for flexible leases. 

The 5-10 years leases will be avoided by the companies to attain flexibility. In the relationship between the tenant and owner, the owner always had an upper hand. But this move will shift that paradigm and make the two parties equal by mutually benefitting both of them. 

Benefits of New Normal

Greater Flexibility for Employees

All the employees around the world were forced to adapt to remote working when the pandemic broke out. Yes, the collaboration of the office took a serious hit, but this gave all the employees a chance to step up and showcase their skills to their employees. 

The companies also got a chance to see that even if their employees are not present in the offices. They can still work responsibly, meet all the deadlines and keep up with the required pace. This brought a much-needed change in almost every industry. 

The companies will start to trust their employees and even when the pandemic is over. They will still allow their employees to work remotely for a few days if need be. This flexibility can prove to be beneficial for the employees. 

Better focus on Employees Wellness

Health and wellness were the priority when the coronavirus broke out. It also made the companies focus on their employee’s health as well. The pandemic was not just a threat to physical health. But the isolation that came with it was equally harsh on the mental health of the employees. 

It made the companies offer more support and health benefits to their employees. The increase in the support and benefits offered by companies is a part of the new normal. This focus on the health of employees was long overdue. And now companies are understanding the importance of the support. 

This trend will continue to be adopted by organizations all over the world. So, the employees can expect many emotional and physical benefits from this new post covid era

How to Prepare for the New-normal

Create a Work-Life Balance

Finding that perfect balance in work and personal life can be a challenge. The routines were disrupted when the covid hit. Where the employees used to get up, get ready, and head to work. Now, they get up, get ready, switch on their devices and start working from home. 

When you are working from home, it is easier to get carried away and stay up late working and finishing projects. Personal life can take a toll amid the hectic routine. So make sure you make clear boundaries between work and personal life. Set a routine and stick to it. 

Track Time to Manage the Routine Better

To make sure you keep your work and personal life separate. We would suggest keeping a time log or tracker. Maintain your log for a week, and then you will have a habit of keeping it. This will help you organize your time better by keeping the track of activities you do in a day.

 When you have a time tracker you can have a look at it and analyze where you are spending extra time and come up with ways to save time. 

Make Time for Yourself 

Keeping yourself positive amid the pandemic was the hardest thing to do. The death toll rising and more and more people getting infected every day was bringing sadness and worries to mind. Staying motivated at this time was a hard task. 

Many people suffered from depression because of trying circumstances. To feel a little better and keep your head high. Many studies suggested making some time for yourself. Indulging in any favorite activity like watching a TV show or reading a book can work wonders. 

It can bring back the sense of control, distract from the constant bad news around and help you feel a little better about the situation. 


These are hard times, and everyone is trying to adjust to this new normal. The constant effort it needs can make you feel overwhelmed in such situations. One way to deal with this feeling is to communicate with friends, family members, or co-workers. 

The isolation can make this troublesome time even harder. So stay in touch with people and if you are going through a hard phase, then discuss it with your close relatives or friends. Chances are they might be going through a similar situation. 

Together you can help each other and provide a new perspective on the situation. Making it easier to handle and cope with it. 


The world faced an unexpected threat, and it revolutionized the world. People started taking their emotional and physical health seriously. Companies started offering support to their employees, and the world was working from home. We saw the world change in front of us. We experienced and became a part of the transition. 

Adjusting to this new normal can be tough. But we have to keep in mind that all of us are navigating through this new world. And if we don’t believe it, some people are willing to help us. It might take some time to fully catch up with the new ways of life. But keep in mind that it is a work in progress for all of us. 

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Sectors that experienced Positive Impacts of Covid in terms of Employment

The corona virus outbreak not only affected people’s health but also affected the economy of the world majorly. The rapid spread of the virus had a serious implication on the international economy. 

Many industries suffered the heavy blow of virus-like travel, hospitality, and retail. In the midst of all the negative impact, this virus had on some industries. Some industries stayed unaffected by the pandemic.  

The beginning of 2020, was hard in every country. It was a bleak time for the international economy. The pandemic seized normal operations, and the waves of the cases were rising exponentially. 

The fear of catching, and spreading the virus was huge among the citizens, and everyone did efforts on their part to keep themselves and everyone safe. Even if it means staying in the house for the coming months. Business all around the world suffered. 

Employers had to make tough decisions about their staff members, and some businesses even struggled to stay afloat in the pandemic. 

The pandemic was a hard time for the businesses. Many had to let their employees go to cut the cost, and many are closed forever. Numerous employees lost their jobs in the recent covid layoffs, and the unemployment rate surged high. 

Moneywise suggests that travel, tourism, hospitality, global shipping and transportation, automobile, entertainment, and clothes were some of the sectors that were hit the hardest. 

In these times of chaos, where businesses were closing, people lost their jobs, and all of us fear the virus. No wonder we are living in a time of utmost distress and confusion. 

But, not everyone is in the same boat. 

Where many industries were hit with the blow that is the corona virus. We went ahead and assumed the worst. That all the businesses will suffer losses and the world economy will tank. But, the reality is where some industries were suffering. Some were untouched from the corona virus wave. These industries not just managed to stay afloat but expanded in the pandemic. These industries were the ones that were hiring employees because of the rise in demand they were facing due to the virus breakout.

In this article, we will look at some industries that not only remained untouched from the pandemic but managed to gain in this chaotic time. Some industries like e-commerce, pharmaceuticals escaped the negative economic effect of the pandemic but gained from this time. 

Other industries have now managed to find their footing and deal with the impact of the pandemic. But everyone is asking one question “why didn’t corona virus impact certain industries?” and today we will try to answer that question in depth.

Here we will look at the industries that experienced a positive impact during corona virus and why?


Since the pandemic, the schools were closed to keep the kids safe from the deadly effect of the virus. The schools opted for new ways to teach their kids. Online classes and e-learning became the new normal. And when parents noticed that kids can study via online methods. They enrolled their kids in other e-learning classes benefiting the ed-tech industry.

Platforms providing opportunities to learn online saw exponential growth. Companies like Byju’s enjoyed a monopoly in the market. It also gave rise to employment opportunities in the sector. Many candidates were hired for different roles in the midst of pandemic.

Healthcare and Pharmaceuticals

The Healthcare sector benefited from the outbreak of coronavirus. People were worried about their health, and governments were looking for medicines that will help boost the immunity of the patients affected by the virus. 

Many pharmaceutical companies started marketing their products that will provide immunity and shield from the virus, and numerous customers bought these products benefiting the healthcare sector. The hospitals and the manufacturing units also hired new employees, opening the employment opportunity for the candidates.

The shares of the healthcare and pharma companies also gained momentum when the trial for the corona virus vaccine began. During the pandemic, the demand for other medicines and healthcare products also rose. This was directly linked to the employment opportunities in the healthcare industries. 

The rise in demand increased the stock value of the company’s shares. Which in turn leads them to hire more employees. Despite heavy fluctuations in the pharmaceutical industry, it is predicted that this sector will enjoy economic growth for a while now. 

Consumer Goods

The corona virus outbreak and the lock-down that was imposed to contain it threw people in panic. The result of the lock-down was panic-buying. People feared the shortage of goods and stocked up on food products like canned items, pasta, bread, and other household items like toilet paper, and even hand sanitiser. The industry needed help to cater to the needs of all the buyers. Hence more employment opportunities for the young and talented. 

Since the WHO issued that keeping hands and houses clean. The demand for cleaning supplies along with household goods also increased. The companies that sold disinfectants and cleaning products saw a boost in consumer demand and stock value. 

Despite the global pandemic and recession in the economy, people didn’t hold back on spending money on essential products like food and cleaning supplies. And to fulfil the need of a large number of people this sector employed new candidates. 


The virus outbreak was responsible for the closing of the physical stores due to the fear of spreading and contracting the virus. The consumers who needed products had to turn online to purchase products. 

Due to people switching online to shop for their necessities, online retail sites gained momentum, which benefited the online market. Even the companies delivering food online and delivery services were increased in popularity too. 

Big sites like Amazon enjoyed the surge in consumer demand. And they employed talented young individuals because of the heavy load. It was selling vital items across various sectors like food, cleaning supplies, and essential items of the house. 

Amazon was described as the “best operator and best positioned”. With the current situation, the stock of the E-commerce sector is predicted to increase. The demand for online retail services and employment opportunities is said to rise following the outbreak of the virus. 

Home Entertainment and Social Media platforms

Ever since the outbreak of corona virus, all the countries in the world imposed a lock-down to prevent the spreading of the virus. Social distancing and self-isolation became the way of life. And when people were bored stuck in their homes for months. 

They turned to home entertainment to pass their time. Streaming services like Netflix and Amazon Prime reported exponential growth in terms of subscriptions. People subscribed to these services and indulged in movies and TV shows while they were in isolation. 

The business of these services grew to such an extent. That Netflix announced an extension for Google Chrome, known as Netflix Party. This allowed people to host virtual movie nights and watch their favorite movies and TV shows remotely with their friends. 

Social Networking sites such as Facebook and Instagram were not so far behind in the pandemic. These sites also see a surge in usage, as it allowed people to stay in touch with their connections without stepping out. This rise in demand directly influenced the employment market. The demand for capable employees rose in this sector too. 

Following the lock-down, all fitness centers and gyms were close too. This increased the demand for fitness apps and gear. People were opting to work out at home, and they invested their resources in buying fitness gear and equipment for their homes. 

The employment opportunities for developers increase too. As they were responsible to keep the app bug-free increased too. The companies selling these products saw a rise in value and employed more help keep the apps running. 

Work from home became the new normal amid lockdown. This gave rise to new trends in video conferencing. Business meetings and conferences were moved online, and the apps like Zoom saw a surge in their stock values. It is reported that Zoom enjoyed an 11% rise in shares. 

All the companies offering home entertainment or remote conferencing enjoyed a boom because of the corona-virus. People wanted to stay entertained and in contact with their friends and family members. 

This increased the demand for such sites and services, directly influencing the employment opportunities in these sectors. These companies are expected to enjoy a rise in demand until the situation goes back to normal. 

Take-out Restaurants

Food is a basic requirement. Covid or no Covid, people will always spend money on food. But the lockdown took away the dining experience of various people. This doesn’t mean that they will give up their favourite pizzas and burgers. 

Restaurant owners had to face the blow of corona virus in the beginning. But soon, by keeping in mind good safety measures for employees and the public. They started offering takeout by employing more delivery men.

FinTech Industry

With WHO recommending people to avoid cash payments, instead, opt for contactless payment methods. The Fintech industry continues to boom. Most physical stores remain closed in the pandemic, and the traffic soon shifted to online shopping for their needs.

And online sales are directly linked to online payments. The fin-tech industry saw exponential growth, ever since the world was advised to stay into lockdown. This gave rise to various employment opportunities and was one of the sectors that saw a positive impact of covid. Trading Plateform are aslo growing rapidaly.


Amid the lockdown, we saw the companies suffer to find a solid footing. Many businesses were closed, and numerous employees lost their jobs. But where most of the world was struggling to adjust to the new normal. Some sectors were enjoying growth. 

The situation has improved now, and employment opportunities are rising in every sector. The businesses learned a lot from this outbreak. They started paying attention to the employee’s health and well-being and started valuing them more. It also gave rise to some new sectors that provide new employment opportunities and growth to the world. 

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Software Development Methodology

Software development is an art. Because of this art software developers develop quality software. Software development comprises on series of step and each step is atomic step designed towards the perfecting of software. A bug free and time saving software product is the result of true and applicable methodology. The steps involved in the development engineering are long, conceptual and cumbersome. Software production is because of lot of hard work, ideas, experience and testing. Software developers are always struggling to deliver the best by introducing the new versions of software. It is always challenge for the software developers to provide the version of their product that can compete the market.

Software methodology is actual process that is gone through out the development of the software. It comprises a series of steps that are researching, planning, analysing, designing, coding etc. This means that software developers are customising according to needs of their clients. The basic standards that are required for implementation of software methodology are long term experience, industry knowledge and technology to develop software.

Have you ever counted that how fast technology is growing if you compare it with its earlier time? If we go two years back, we will observe exponential progress. Even our life style has changed and now we can complete our task at very rapid speed. Because of technology advancement our social life has improved. Things that were our dream in the past are happening very quickly today.

Whenever we discuss software methodology, it means we are talking about the agile methodology that is very recent introduction in the software industry. The word agile means ability to be quick with technology. It may also have the meaning that it can be more versatile with practice

If we ponder over the market, we will see hundreds of similar software is in the market and selecting accurate one is a tough job. Never compromise on the quality and keep in mind that software is always updated with the arrival of new technology norms , so do future agreement with the company to run your business smoothly.

SAP software modules are fulfilling the requirements of each size industry. Select software modules that are very necessary to run your business. With the deployment of this software, you also need professionals that can run these software modules. If you have already software professional, manage SAP training for them.

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12 Effective Tips to Improve Project Communication

Communication is one of the keystones of any project. A project manager has to interact with different departments. They have to talk to the upper management, collaborate with the whole team, and in some cases may even need to brief the clients about milestones of the project.

Hence communication is an important skill that needs to be mastered. This will help you in the long run. Without wasting any more time, let’s discuss the points where you can focus on ensuring that your project runs more smoothly.

1. Be Present

As a project manager, it’s your job to communicate with the whole team and understand the role of each member. You have to supervise them continuously.

It’s possible that at some point in time someone may contact you with a problem. You have to find a solution and revert to them immediately. If you don’t respond in time, there are chances that the person may continue making the same mistake and that will result in a problem for you.

No matter what, you have to bring your A-game to the table.

2. Use Project Management Apps

The 21st century is the era of technology and mobile apps

You have an app for literally everything that you can think of – game-related, monitoring your health, booking an appointment with a doctor, social media, or team collaboration.

Using these apps make your Project Management Communication Plan more prompt and these also helps in Project Communication Management Process.

Since you cannot be over everyone’s shoulder for tracking what they are doing, you should have an app through which you can collaborate and manage your team. 

Project management apps like Basecamp and Asana are some of the most popular apps that you can use to assign, unassign, and monitor the progress of the team. This will help you to keep the whole team on the same page and will streamline the procedure.

3. Adopt a Project Communication Plan

You should always emphasize on having a Project Communication Plan. Asking for your team’s opinion and listening to them will help your remote team feel empowered

Two major benefits of a Project Communication Plan are keeping your projects on track and completing within the specified time limit and sanctioned budget. If you can plan your whole communication very precisely, you can run the project more smoothly and thoroughly.

While drafting the structure of the plan, you have to clarify who can communicate with whom, when, and how. 

After this, the next plan of action that you need is to ask specific questions like “What kind of communication is required?” (meetings, reports, emails, task assignments, etc.) and “With whom I should communicate with?” (team members, project leads, clients, stakeholders, etc.). 

This will give you a much clearer picture and understanding of what to do next.

4. Plan Meetings Appropriately

Meetings are required for a team to work. You conduct a meeting to share the milestones achieved and to discuss what’s next on the plan of action.

But it is also true if you do not take time to plan your meetings, you might end up wasting more time for everyone including yours. An effective meeting plan should include who are the relevant members that need to be present at the meeting, what are the topics that will be discussed, and the approximate time duration of how long the meeting will be conducted.

It’s a recommended practice to notify the persons involved with some time in hand. So that they can prepare, summarize, and check the progress of the project. This way they can save everybody’s time by being prepared for the meeting.

5. Use the RACI Chart

RACI stands for Responsible, Accountable, Consultant, and Informed. It is a chart, matrix, or model that distributes the workload among the users and establishes the decision-making hierarchy. Drawing a RACI chart will enable the project managers to uplift the progress more smoothly and efficiently.

There are six steps involved in making the RACI chart:

Step 1: Identify the team members.

Step 2: Identify the milestones in the project.

Step 3: Draw a matrix with a row for each team member and a column for each task/milestone.

Step 4: Fill in each box with the corresponding R, A, C, and I to designate the role of each person for every task.

Step 5: Discuss, analyze, and get approval from the project team.

Step 6: Provide everyone a copy.

This will ensure that the whole team is in sync and understands their responsibilities.

6. Engage in Active Listening

As a project manager, you have to deal with a lot of people. They may come to you with queries, concerns, problems, solutions, concerns, and even ideas. Since you are the one dealing with them, you have to be 100 percent present and attentive and proactively listen to what they are saying.

How carefully and intelligently you respond to them is your job description. You cannot lash out at them when they come to you with a problem or you cannot reject their ideas just because you are not in a good mood.

Understandably, this might happen to you soon. You are human. The best thing to do at that time is you need to take a deep breath and think carefully before you respond to them.

7. Take Advantage of File Sharing Apps

In this information age, every meeting or communication that is taking place involves some kind of information. It can be verbal or physical. If it’s verbal communication, chances are you will document it.

When you have to share that document with someone else, it becomes a very long and tedious process of printing and handing out the document. The best alternative is to use a file-sharing app.

These apps can save a lot of time. You can share them on the go through your mobile app or tablet. Within a week, it can save hours of your time.

8. Use Online Communication Tools when Necessary

If you are communicating with your team physically, that is having a face-to-face meeting with the members, you are losing too much time. Imagine this scenario, you went to the meeting room with your team members and you find out that the hall is already booked. Don’t you think it’s a waste of everybody’s time and effort?

A solution to the problem is to have an online meeting where the participants can join from anywhere and you can be assured that the meeting will happen on time.

In today’s world where businesses are more aligned towards work from home, it’s a compulsory tool to have because you don’t have other choices. It’s the only way to connect and collaborate with the team. One effective communication technology that boosts your effectiveness and streamlines operations in your company is VoIP or Voice over Internet Protocol

9. Set Up an Online Review and Approval Process

People have experienced that reviewing and approving a certain task offline is a time-consuming task. So it’s recommended for every project manager to adopt the online review and approval process so that the progress of the project is not hampered.

Take Asana for an example. It’s an online collaboration tool where you can upload your files, other people can review them, suggest edits, provide approvals, assign a task, and so on. This makes sure that the process is streamlined and you can even see the current stage of the project. 

10. Keep your project management teams small

Small project teams will eventually result in better communication. Whether you need daily updates from the team or you have to submit a summary to your seniors, it’s always better to interact with fewer people. So that you can save time.

You can consider creating a supplemental team of individuals who are engaged in some responsibilities in the team. So, whenever they complete their assigned task, they can go back to do their respective duties. This way, no one will feel left out of the team.

When you submit the minutes of the meeting, it’s best practice to provide a copy to the supplementary team. If anyone has any concerns or suggestions, they can contact you directly.

11. Focus on your non-verbal skills

Many people believe that communication is not just a verbal language. According to them, 55 percent of the communication takes place as body language, 37 percent is voice tone, speed, and pitch, and only 7 percent is through words.

Although these numbers are subjective, you can always benefit from improving your non-verbal skills for communication. The question is, how?

If anyone is misunderstanding your email, you can have a phone conversation with them. Some people may prefer face-to-face conversations over telephone conversation as they can communicate using their body language. You can select your model of communication-based on the number of people you are interacting with.

When you try to communicate your message to other people, if they are not getting it completely or they are misunderstanding it, you can think of having these non-verbal skills as a tool for better communication.

12. Celebrate Achievements as a Team

Communication is only necessary when you are working on a project. But whenever the project is over, you should try and keep up the same level of communication as well. It’s your job to let them know what they have done well and allow your team to celebrate their achievement. 

It is also an important practice that communication, workflow, and creativity should improve with time. For example, you can take suggestions and discuss what needs to change from the next time onwards. But it’s also important for the morale of the team that you should always keep the energy positive and appreciative.


Always remember that there is always a chance of improvement even if your team is doing well. You can implement any of the above-mentioned 12 tips to step up your project communication in your team and observe the results yourself!

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Things to Consider Before Accepting a Job Offer

Landing a job that fits your style and is compatible with your values starts with a resume that effectively translates your skills and qualifications into writing. By possessing the right resume , you will attract the right employers suited for the career you are gunning for.

Crafting the right resume is not an easy undertaking, but with the proper guidance, it becomes effortless. But if you’re starting out your career, you need to start with a good resume too.  

Securing a job is one of the most significant accomplishments in the life of an adult. It gives the job seeker feelings of achievement, confidence, and value when you get that email saying, “Congratulations!” with a job offer attached, listing what you get in exchange for your services. 

Salary is the number one factor that candidates focus on when deciding whether they will accept a job offer. Fair enough. However, while one’s annual wage covers the basic expenses and bills, consider other factors that are equally as important before saying “yes” to the offer.


Regardless of the job level or the industry your career is in, no job is perfect. All jobs come with baggage that can significantly affect your work performance and your life outside of it. Before jumping at the opportunity to accept the job offer, make sure you have a clear understanding of what the job comes with. You can 

Will you be working on the weekends? Are long work hours expected even though the job description states a 9–5 schedule? Will you be on-call 24/7? Will you be working with a department, or are you expected to tackle these responsibilities as a one-person entity? 

For finance positions, the main baggage is that you’re never fully off-duty. As an executive, being “on” 24/7, attending spur-of-the-moment meetings, answering off-duty phone calls, or even coming in to work last minute is a given. These are the heavier pieces of baggage; check what yours will entail. 


Are the job responsibilities and expectations a good fit for you? Transparent and clear-cut standards expected in your new role should be defined before you sign on for that job offer. The last thing you need is an unexpected role or duty that wasn’t a part of what you signed up forliterally. Some job offers or descriptions may have a vague task such as “additional responsibilities as needed.” Get clarification on this and ask the hiring manager to spell it out for you in writing.

Environment & Culture

According to the Harvard Business Review, one of the main reasons for employee turnover is its environment and culture. Suppose there is a disconnect between the company’s work ethics, culture, and goals, and its employees’ beliefs and values. In that case, there’s a higher chance for a turnover or resignation from employees due to this incompatibility. 

Before you say “yes” to the offer, take the time to dig deep into the company’s environment and work culture. While you may have grazed the topic during your initial research for your job interview, revisit it more deeply before committing to the position. Try reaching out to a current employee to see if you can inquire about what it’s like working with that company, over coffee. 

Lifestyle Changes

Consider what responsibilities accompany the salary, especially if that number is six figures. Most applicants will think about how much they can do with that much income; however, the more money you’re offered, the more work you are likely to have.

With that responsibility, do a quick run-through of your life now and where you see yourself in five years: adopting a dog, getting married, having a family, travelling abroad two to three times a year? 

One of the most flexible and freeing jobs is a career in data science and programming. Individuals who pursue careers in this field are generally happier and satisfied due to its excellent pay, flexibility, level of autonomy, and ability to have a pretty solid work-life balance. 

These are pretty relevant factors in overall job satisfaction. Take these into consideration before you accept a job offer. Consider whether the new role will drastically hinder your current or planned lifestyle. Are you ready to make over your current situation to cater to your new job? Or will your new job keep you from fulfilling your lifestyle goals? 

Perks & Benefits

An employee’s motivating factor and a key to job satisfaction and employee retention involves the perks and added benefits provided by the company. Holidays? Overtime pay? Health insurance? Does the company offer duty meals or an office pantry with free coffee? It may seem trivial, but perks, incentives, and benefits help boost work morale, increase job satisfaction, and enable you to save hundreds of dollars yearly from buying coffee at the local coffee shop. Yes, even as something as simple as free-flowing coffee at work is a welcome perk! 


With today’s unemployment rate at an all-time high in decades, another factor to consider is whether the job and company are stable. 

A career in finance, such as accountancy, is proven to be a stable career path regardless of the career trends or economic situation. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, this career path’s unemployment rate is only at 1.4% compared to the service industry at a whopping 12%. The latter statistic is directly connected to the current pandemic, which has heavily affected the service and tourism industry. 

It may be too late to evaluate whether the path you have chosen is stable if there’s a job offer on the table. Instead, probe into the company’s stability. By checking its employee turnover rate and average tenure, you can get a good idea of the organisation’s stability. 

In essence, before you accept the job offer, get clear on whether you are willing to put yourself through the job expectations and demands in exchange for the offer they have laid out for you. Try not to focus on the salary alone, but instead look at the overall working package for that specific organisation. If this doesn’t work out for you, you can maintain professional friends for referrals to other jobs.  

If the above is still unclear, and the job is still a “yes” for you, except for one or two factors that you need to mull over, you can always negotiate and prepare a counteroffer.

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Schools On Web – Experience The Learning

SOW i.e. Schools On Web is a passionate group of highly experienced education professionals and technology enthusiasts,bring the most affordable range of one stop learning solutions. SOW team is here to recreate your success stories with the masses!

SOW vision is to connect the dots between different levels of education and creating an unending success bridge

Schools on WEB helps schools to brings together the management, teachers and parents, all on the same platform with one objective – ‘Holistic Development of Students’. with our solution deployed at schools, the management, the teachers can let go off the resource and academic planning on us, so that most of their time is devoted in development of students!

An Ed-Tech initiative to empower schools with one stop digital solution to take care of all of the learning needs of Students, Teachers, Parents and Schools. Schools On WEB promotes in-school learning instead of after-school learning. Students spend most of their time in just consuming knowledge instead of applying it in real world.

Their should be enough time for students to actually apply the same knowledge in their real-life which happens after school with their families or friends. Students should find learning to be found in every act they do.

Considering the current education situations, Schools On WEB bringing one-stop solution covering:-

  1.  Competitive prep in association with premium academies of INDIA
  2. One stop Knowledge hub to explore available Careers, opportunities and scholarships around the world.
  3. Ed-Tech Awareness programs for School, Parents, Teachers and Students
  4. SOW campus for exploring in-school learning programs Schools On WEB inviting Inviting Schools to activate अपना आत्मनिर्भर Digital School for FREE!

Click on link to apply Schools administrations will be contacted once applications are processed. On the last day a webinar will be conducted.

Schools applicants in pre-launch offer will get “1 lac worth Program – NEO Ed-Tech awareness 2020 program for Schools” for Free!!”

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Why Laravel Is The Top PHP Framework In 2020-2021

Numerous PHP-frameworks are accessible to use as open-source and free. Be that as it may, at whatever point we talk about Laravel, then the issue is unique. Try not to stress. It is likewise open-source and free PHP structure; however, it came in presence as the top and a propelled contender to the CodeIgniter system.

It is furnished with numerous highlights; for example, worked in help for client authentication and authorization. CodeIgniter missed these highlights. That is the reason the web advancement process utilizing CodeIgniter was very hard.

The expansion of the above highlights expanded the ubiquity and distinction of the Laravel structure. Numerous Laravel development companies engineers as their significant component for creating web applications and believe it is the best and most prestigious PHP structure.

Engineers likewise use Bootstrap Laravel formats while they grow large and complex applications. Numerous different highlights make Laravel the best PHP system in 2020.

We take an itemized conversation on the highlights and rule of the Laravel PHP system in web advancement:

Application structure

About the application structure in Laravel, it accompanies a default application structure. Its application structure is straightforward to use, thus giving high convenience to begin little or huge applications. With this component, designers can modify the application according to the proprietor requests.

Multiple File Storage System

Laravel is in build with various storage systems like cloud, Amazon, and other Exchanging between these profoundly included, and in vogue distributed storage systems will be a not too bad and simple errand because the API utilized for every one of these systems is the equivalent.

A standout amongst other things like this will be the designer will be permitted to use all these three distributed storage systems just in a single application. It will allow engineers to rapidly and effectively serve these files from various areas with no issue.

MVC Architecture Support

Concentrate on straightforwardness is an indispensable factor between business rationale and introduction being developed. Laravel supports MVC. MVC is named as Model View Controller. This design has a full scope of inherent capacities. MVC empowers engineers to support the presentation and offers reasonable documentation advantage.

To get a full favorable position of the Laravel structure, it is recommended to interface with experts having long stretches of understanding and aptitude as they are the individuals offering the total capacity to your web improvement given by Laravel.

Article Oriented Libraries

Laravel accompanies the enormous assortment of Object-Oriented Libraries fused with numerous pre-introduced and worked in libraries like Authentication library. CodeIgniter, Symphony, and other well-known PHP frameworks don’t offer these sorts of Object-Oriented Libraries.

Laravel Authentication Library is outfitted with a wide scope of cutting edge highlights. A portion of different highlights incorporates checking dynamic clients, cross-site insurance and REquest Forgery encryption, Bcrypt hashing, and secret key reset.


Laravel offers restriction benefits that are useful to the engineers in a way to recover strings of a few dialects. Along these lines, the web application will bolster different dialects without any problem. It is beyond the realm of imagination with various frameworks, so it makes Laravel a worldwide marvel.


Pagination is a run of the mill task in web advancement; however, Laravel makes it simpler at the initial step. It causes designers to make clever connections for any site created on the HTML and current page. Moreover, the connections made by designers utilizing pagination in Laravel will perfect with Bootstrap CSS structure.

Sharp edge Template Engine

One of the intriguing realities about Laravel is that it gives an in-manufactured layout motor named Blade. The powerful and smooth Blade templating motor necessarily accompanied Laravel 5.1. Laravel accompanies a first anyway still strong templating engine which isn’t accessible in other PHP frameworks.

It helps engineers from using the understandable code in the views. Also, the cutting edge views then effortlessly take care of into simple PHP code and are before revamped they are stored.

In a couple of conditions, altering or erasing an announcement appears to be an extreme errand while dealing with unpredictable and enormous undertakings. Be that as it may, Blade in Laravel encourages designers to expel or change the announcement with no issue handily.

Steering System

Laravel encourages designers to use a directing framework that is exceptionally helpful and straightforward. They require building up an index for the URI and afterward create and execute appropriate connects to the named courses.

The primary advantage is that while making the code, it puts the URIs depended on connections to the particular links and paths and updates them if the course change.


There are just a couple of frameworks that realize that making authentication is straightforward and quick. Like this, everything has been designed and included as of now for the web engineers for the most part.

The arrangement files comprise every single extraordinary archive that is basic for dealing with the elements of authentication services.

Programming Task Management and arrangement

In each web advancement, the process task the executives and setup is a fundamental factor that ought to be considered by each engineer top to bottom. It is likewise a necessary errand to be done on schedule. It may be sending some other errands or an email, clearing the database, overseeing undertakings efficiently consistently assume a significant job.

Try not to stress the platitude possibly commonplace, yet usage isn’t as Laravel is here with an order scheduler.

While utilizing the order scheduler, just the code passage will be included your server. Corn calls this scheduler over and over.

After the execution of the order, Laravel assesses the booked errand and run all the pending assignments. As such, Laravel offers ease in planning and dealing with the undertakings.


It is challenging to state if any web application is secure and ensured. With the Laravel PHP structure can give the top security to web applications as the passwords will never get spared inside the system as the understandable content. This is the principle reason Laravel uses the hashed secret phrase for security.

Laravel likewise gives the best counteraction to your web applications from infusion assaults. It utilizes SQL articulations to decrease the opportunity for genuine dangers.

Laravel offers numerous security features that include ensuring courses, encryption, HTTP essential authentication, and so forth.

Programmed Package Discovery

Programmed Package Discovery in Laravel discovers which bundles are wanted by clients to introduce. There is no compelling reason to set up any examination.

It is anything but challenging to impair this element, and engineers can do it with no issue. This component is likewise the purpose behind the ubiquity of Laravel.

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Tips for an Online Interview

Online interviews are nothing new. It came about as a practical and convenient solution for interviewing prospective employees living a couple of states away, and flying in for a physical interview was just not feasible. It was more for headhunted or high-ranking positions and rarely for entry-level or rank-and-file vacancies.

Due to the recent drastic economic changes caused by the pandemic, more and more employers are adapting to work-from-home set-ups or remote office locations. Online interviews went from a luxury of convenience to economic necessity. Remote jobs need remote job interviews. Unavoidably, it has always been an employer’s worry if employees are maximizing the 8-hour workday and putting in the work.

Like any other interviews, employers can not be sure of the former until they see you in action. And that is way well after the hiring process. What sets their mind at ease is your impression during the interview – in person or online. Some people may find it more challenging to capture the audience online versus in person. Fret not. Here are surefire tips for your online interview.

1# Dress the part

The basic rule of wearing an appropriate outfit for an in-person interview still applies to remote job interviews. Dressing the part means dressing for what’s suitable for the job and position you are aiming for at that time. An appropriate outfit could mean a corporate suit or a chic pastel dress shirt that compliments your most charming asset. While most choose only to dress up what will be visible on camera, i.e. the top part and forgetting about the rest, wearing the full outfit from head to toe helps put your mindset fully to a successful interview. Wearing heels even if you’re just at home and your interviewer is not likely to see what you’re wearing from the waist down boosts confidence and does help you put in the zone of acing that interview and bagging that job.

Keep in mind as well that your outfit must be visually pleasing as this will be one of the first things that the interviewer will see. Make that good first impression. Wear color combinations or patterns that are pleasing to the eyes. Solid and neutral-colored outfits are a safe bet versus brightly colored or patterned clothes that may be off-putting for the person conducting the interview.

2# Eliminate distractions

Be it visual or auditory distractions, prep your surroundings before the interview to ensure that there are none. Ensure your background is clean and tidy—no clutter or unnecessary items that are visible. Close the doors, windows, or any access where sound can pass or anyone else can walk in to. Sound travels fast and through just about anything. Ensure that your television, radio, mobile phones, or any other devices are switched off or in silent mode to avoid it causing interruptions mid-interview.

3# Check and double-check your tools

A stable internet connection and a working computer is a must. Do a video test, including checking if your camera’s lens is clean and clear of smudges. Make a sound; check to see if your internal microphone is perfectly functional. Adjust the volume of your speaker ahead of time so you are not tinkering with it during the interview. Check your audio input with your headset to ensure this is functioning as well. There’s nothing worse than getting into important topics/conversations, and the audio cuts out, or the video is frozen. Remember, the recruiter’s time is valuable. Any second wasted can make or break your possible employment, so spend an hour or two ensuring these do not happen.

4# Be engaging

Being engaging is like an exciting game of ping-pong. Conversations naturally flow back and forth. Do your research. Ask relevant questions (prepare most ahead of time) and give straight-to-the-point answers.

While being as prepared as you possibly can be about the position you’re applying for such as having ample information about the company’s brand & culture, possible questions the interviewer will ask, and everything else in between is a given, take the time in researching about the interviewer.

Usually, once an interview is scheduled, you are informed ahead of time who will be conducting the interview—knowing a little background about who the interviewer is will be helpful to your advantage. Engage the interviewer by casually talking about personal interests or information you’ve picked up relevant to the topic on hand.

While doing this, keep your eyes forward or on the camera as much as possible and avoid fiddling around. Doing so will give the recruiter the impression that you’re either bored, unfocused, or impatient. Instead, keep your hands on your lap, or you can utilize appropriate hand gestures when it’s your turn to talk.

5# Express your ability to be both an independent worker and team player with clear communication skills

Gone are the days when recruiters prefer employees who can work independently or better with a team. Recruiters prefer both.

Working from home forces you to be isolated from your colleagues and with little to zero in-person supervision, but that does not mean collaborating and working as a team is out of the picture. Having both abilities is half the battle.

Working from home means having to communicate with your colleagues through instant messaging most of the time, with occasional phone and video calls. During the interview, be mindful of how you respond and interact with the interviewer.

6# Display trustworthiness and dependability

It’s unavoidable for employers to be wary with transitioning employees to remote jobs. During the interview, always find an opportunity to showcase to the recruiter that you are trustworthy and dependable.

This will speak for itself by going through your work history and highlighting previous projects or activities you have done wherein your input and guidance was crucial to its success.

6# Say “Thank you”

Time is precious. Express your appreciation that the recruiter took the time in talking with you. Be grateful for their assistance in enlightening you about the company and the position that you’re applying for. “Thank you for giving me your time today.

It was so wonderful meeting you and I’m looking forward to hearing from you again soon!”

Online interviews may be more convenient, but you can never be too sure about what hindrances or issues may arise in the process. Minimize, if not eliminate, problems by keeping in mind the tips above for that successful online interview.

Post solely written for by Barbara Rivera

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Find Data Entry Jobs in Malaysia

With the corona outbreak changing our lives. Data entry jobs have got immensely popular in Malaysia. Most people here find data entry as a job of their convenience and often tend to make a career in this field.

This is that one of those jobs that is exactly the way it sounds and that’s what gives a clear picture to the potential candidates. 

Data is been all around us and almost all companies depend heavily on data to make revenue hence they depend on a professional who can segment information by keying, preserving, and saving data by using computer software and confirming that data is organized and stored in a precise and well-organized manner.

So, if you are the one who wishes to take data entry jobs in Malaysia, then here is what you must know before entering into a career to develop successfully. 

Demand for potential candidates

In modern planning, the data entry outsourcing in business is quite difficult with immense data norms and demands ample dedication, effectiveness, and relevant source of access.

There are various companies that look forward to outsourcing data entry requirements and focus on core business areas.

This is one of the major ways to enhance employee demand in Malaysia creating also this is a support system for companies to improve their management information system as data is of supreme importance in Malaysia.

Work Visa Requirement

Malaysia has a great number of foreign nationals and ex-pats.

The people who visit here with a sole purpose to work should know that to obtain a work visa in Malaysia, there are a few requirements that you must know, these are as follows:

  • The candidate should minimum be 27 years of age to work in any sector (except the IT sector where minimum age is 23).
  • At the moment of submitting the application, the candidate should have a remaining passport validity of 18 months.   
  • The work permits in Malaysia are usually issued for periods between 6 months to 5 years depending upon the sector you are specialized in. 

Job Responsibilities in Data Entry Jobs:

    • Inputting customer Data 
    • Arranging manual data electronically
    • Typing manuscripts 
    • Transliterating documents
    • Accumulation and sorting of market research results 
    • Inputting data (printed, statistical, coded)
    • Data Proofreading
    • Updating backend medical data
    • Recording sales invoice data
    • Smart data entry
    • Working of data entry software as per business requirement

Educational Qualification required to take-up Data Entry Jobs in Malaysia

Although, there is no rule for a candidate to have specific education for this job role most employers in Malaysia find it relevant to hire potential candidates GCSEs (grades A-C) in Mathematics, (ICT) Information Computer Technology, and English.

There are various computer institutes and societies that offer relevant qualifications to find data entry jobs easily, these are:

    • (New CLAIT) OCR Certificate and diploma for IT users 
    • BCS European Computer Driving License

These courses are though not mandatory but most employers take a skill test or aptitude test before being offered a data entry job.

So, it is important for candidates to have proficient typing skills as word per minute is a crucial way to test an effective potential employee. 

Skills Required to Take up Data Entry jobs

    • Proficient Typing Skills.
    • Basic computer education and understanding of relevant software.
    • Literacy and numeracy skills
    • Attention to detail.
    • Good Spelling, punctuation, and grammar
    • Good knowledge of Data Protection Act

Which All Sectors are Most Prominent to Hire for Data Entry Jobs in Malaysia

The major type of organizations that hire for data entry jobs in Malaysia are as follows:

    • Universities
    • Charities
    • Local authorities
    • Support services
    • Corporate bodies
    • Small businesses
    • Web-based companies
    • Embassies
    • Government Companies 

Salary Scale for Data Entry Jobs in Malaysia

    • At the initial level of a job as Data Entry Clerk with less than 1 year of work experience, one can expect to take home an average total of RM 17,617. 
    • In an early career with work experience of 1-4 years may earn an average total salary of RM 15,300. 
    • Progressing in mid-career data entry executive with 5-9 years of work experience can make an average total compensation of RM 28,966. 
    • Highly experienced candidates in the field of data entry jobs with 10-19 years of work experience may take home an average total salary of RM 30,000.

So, if you are the one looking for data entry jobs in Malaysia, then this a complete guide that you may follow to ace in this career. 

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Nikhil Mishra is marketing communications professional with Monster is a global online employment solution for people seeking jobs and the employers who need great people. Nikhil has a diverse career and has been a former journalist, copywriter, and avid communications professional. His passion for the field of marketing and communications is a motivating force for his present career choice. 

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Can you Learn C++ without Learning C

I can answer this question straight away by either saying a ‘Yes’ or ‘No’. But, by simply saying a ‘Yes or No’ won’t justify the answer. It all depends upon the ability of the person who is learning C++. But, it can end up like you learn to drive an automatic car without knowing the manual driving lessons. When circumstances arrive, you may have to simply say “I don’t know”. Therefore, it is always better if you learn the basics rather than moving ahead baseless. After all, C++ is just an improvement on C. Now, let me help you with all the points that will add more justification, comparison, and reason. Let’s navigate through these points. 

Why should you learn C?

Learning C programming has a lot of benefits. But first, you need to understand the underlying architecture of how things work with C is very important. 

C was initially developed by Dennis Ritchie between 1969 and 1973 as a procedural programming language. The main purpose of developing this system programming language was to write an operating system. Some of the features which make C language suitable for system programmings like an operating system or compiler development are its: 

  • Low-level access to memory
  • A simple set of keywords
  • and a Clean style

Like in the case of learning to drive an automatic and manually driving car, if you know to drive a manual car, it will make driving an automatic car all the easier. Similarly, if you learn C programming first, it will help you to learn any modern programming language very well. 

Advantages of Learning C 

  • C language helps you to understand the underlying architecture of an operating system like pointers, working with memory locations, etc.
  • C can be called as a middle-level language, because, it combines all the features of Low-Level machine-understandable assembly languages and High-Level user-friendly languages. Language C reduces the gap between the low-level and high-level languages and can be used for writing operating systems as well as doing application-level programming.
  • It allows you to develop portable and firmware applications. The C language was developed with an objective of writing system software and therefore, it is ideal for developing firmware systems.
  • Learning C language first helps you to understand the fundamentals of Computer Theories like Computer Networks, Compiler Designing, Computer Architecture, and Operating Systems. If you’re working on these theories, it requires a good knowledge of C programming. 
  • Also, C helps you to understand machine-level details. So if you want to work as a networking engineer or a system administrator, learning C language is a must to work with CPU cache, memory, and network adapters. 
  • Learning C is easy as it has fewer libraries in comparison with other high-level languages. It will clear out programming concepts to a great extent as in C you have to write a lot of things from scratch. This will not only help in building your analytical skills but will learn to implement some basic operations all your own. 
  • Programs written and compiled in C can be executed faster than other programming languages. Also, not having any additional processing overheads such as garbage collection or preventing memory leaks, etc makes C more advantageous. While a programmer must take the initiative to do all the things his own. 
  • C uses embedded programming extensively where it is used to control micro-controllers such as auto-motives, Robotics, Hardware, etc.
  • C creates a list of instructions for a computer to follow and therefore it is easy to learn the language. 

Key Differences between C and C++

C++ language is a subset of the C language and was first designed as an extension of C. 

When C has procedural language features, C++ has both procedural and object-oriented programming features like polymorphism, inheritance, abstraction, encapsulation, etc.

Best C/C++ IDEs

C and C++ are very popular and actively used across various applications and systems worldwide. Both languages are still actively used by most programmers because of the powerful set of features and the excellent security of C++. One of the best things about C++ is its IDE or the Integrated Development Environment. This environment offers the developers a digital environment to develop software, hardware and games with the built-in function like code completion, integration, debugging, and all the way to compiling and syntax highlighting. During the year 2020 and beyond, the developers will have some of the top and the best C++ IDE’s. Some of these C++ IDEs can also be used for C programming. They are:

Eclipse- An easy-to-use powerful IDE that offers open-source utility and functionality. It is also one best C++ IDE for Windows Applications. 

Code:: Blocks- It is a free C/C++ IDE that has all the features to meet the demands of the C and C++ developers. This IDE can be used on Windows. 

GNAT Programming Studio-  Also known as GPS, GNAT Programming Studio is a highly advanced Free IDE that simplifies the interaction between the software and its developers. 

Visual Studio Code: Developed by Microsoft and based on an Electron framework, Visual Studio Code is an open-source IDE designed for Windows, macOS, and Linux. It is the most popular developer environmental tool and best IDE among others with excellent customization options. 

Similarly, other popular and the best C++ IDE for Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X are CodeLite, Dev C++, Qt Creator, Sublime Text, Linx, MonoDevelop, CLion, Anjuta, and C++ Builder

If you have the willingness to learn C or C++ languages regardless of whether you’re just a beginner or a C or C++ Programmer, IDEs are best to make your programming career easy. 

C++ Compilers

C++ Compilers are necessary when you start doing a specific program as it will make your job easier and for computers to understand the input given. There are too many C++ compilers which can be recommended that are either available for free or for a price. The higher the prices, it will reflect in the features offered to you. 

While the C++ world is just too large and too much new is happening, you will require a C++ certification to fight the competition in the industry. 

Features & Properties of C

  1. Procedural
  2. System programming language
  3. Does not support classes and objects
  4. Bottom-up approach
  5. Supports pointers

Features & Properties of C++

  1. Object-oriented
  2. Faster Execution and Speed
  3. Rich library support in the form of the standard template library
  4. Supports Pointers & References
  5. Bottom-up approach
  6. Compiled

Although C++ is much more advanced and superfast than C if you want to make your journey easier to start from the basics. It will help your learning not only C++ but also any other languages easier. So, let’s start from the beginning with an extremely simple C program and build up from there. There are numerous benefits of learning to c/c++ language for your career. It is recognized worldwide and used in a multitude of applications. It will help you secure a great career in the future. 

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Tips to Optimise Your PC Performance

Our computer systems can be compared to the cars that we drive, they must be maintained and on a regular basis in order to ensure that they run optimally. Over time, it’s common for our systems to accumulate a considerable number of unneeded/unused files, applications, and tools, these programs may have been picked up from the internet or they may be something you installed many months or even years ago. All of these things over time have a negative effect on the performance of our computers. However, the good thing is that there are a number of things that you can do to restore the health of your system.

How to Improve PC Performance

Here are a number of tips that you should follow in order to enhance the performance of your computer:

Check for Computer Spyware, Viruses and Malware

Malware or Spyware are small malicious programs that are designed to do harm to your system, they are just as capable of causing harm to your system as your standard virus is. These small programs are able to get onto your computer without your knowledge and cause a great deal of damage. The general purpose of your average spyware program is to spy on whatever the computer user does on the system, sending all of the data that it’s logged back to the creator of the spyware, who typically are fraudsters and hackers out to steal the personal information of your average computer users. The information that they are able to obtain, can be anything from credit card details to username and passwords, typically anything of real value to you.

Although malware and spyware can be used interchangeably, malware is somewhat different in that they tend to be a lot more disruptive to your computer. Spyware is typically unable to act on itself, whereas the moment malware gets on your computer, it immediately goes to work. Malware is capable of completely crippling your system, one very familiar malware that people tend to get is the redirect virus, which basically redirects all your search engine traffic to malicious websites, that are usually laced with viruses. Thus, it’s in your best interest to ensure that neither spyware nor malware gets onto your system; this can be done by running a full scan of any antivirus program you have installed on your computer.

Another side effect of spyware is the toll that it’s able to take on the performance of your computer. It’s also capable of prohibiting you from running certain programs, effectively barring you from doing anything constructive on it; this is usually done while it’s destroying the integrity of your operating system. Therefore, you should also run a spyware remover in addition to the antivirus scan, just to ensure your computer is completely cleaned.

Defrag Your Hard Drive

Hard drive maintenance is something that the average user really things about. The vast majority of computer users typically do not take the time to either maintain or clean their hard drives, however when their operating system starts to act up, they ironically get really angry. Defragging a hard drive has become the conventional solution to fixing sluggish or slow systems, so it’s notwithstanding that it’s typically one’s first recommendation. Hard drives become fragmented as a result of all the files being written to it and erased over time; it’s a process that leads to the hard drive slowly deteriorating in performance.

Whenever you install a new program on a hard drive, portions of the hard drive allocated for it. Over time, as you uninstall programs, and put new ones on, free allocated units begin to spring up all over the hard drive. This leads to data being spread across the entire drive, resulting in the hard drive having to do more work in order to access data for specific programs.

This process of defragmentation has a negative effect on the writing speed of the hard drive, but it also has a negative effect on the actual components of the drive, essentially decreasing the drive life. Fragmentation is a process that cannot be avoided; however, newer hard drives are designed to reduce its effects. Using a storage capacity hard drive is one of the most effective ways to avoid having data being spread across the entire drive. If you ensure that at least 30% of the hard drive is made up of free space, then you can be sure that whenever you assign new data to the drive, it will be stored sequentially. Newer hard drives also have much larger buffers, which helps speed up the reading and writing process.

There are a number of different programs that you can use to defrag your hard drive, however, for the sake of simplicity; I recommend you use the built-in Windows Disk Defragmenter, which you can find in System Tools.

Repair Your Registry

If you don’t know what the registry is, it’s basically an area of the computer where all the configuration settings data is stored. However, over time, as you install more and more programs, it can become corrupted. The registry is also prone to containing data that is no longer of any use, like the settings of a program that you have already uninstalled. When you scan and repair the registry, you’re essentially ironing out all of these issues, which all ultimately affect the performance of your computer.

Remove Unnecessary Programs from Startup

If during the boot-up phase, you have a tone of programs loading up at the same time, then you’ll be made to wait a considerable length of time before your system becomes accessible to you. However, the workaround would be to switch off those programs which you feel, quite frankly have no business loading up during boot up. You can do this by running Microsoft Configuration Utility and uncheck the services that you think your computer can do without.

Free Up Hard Drive Space

Today, hard drives are available in considerably large storage capacities, with purchasing a new hard drive for your computer becoming a more cost-effective approach, as each day passes, but despite all of that, your hard drive will still eventually vanish. If you like to surf the internet, visiting the lost of web pages and downloading and installing applications, then a lot of temporary files will be stored in your internet temp folder, and in some cases, it may prove difficult for you to remove them. Having to think about which files you should delete and which ones you should keep, can prove to be quite a strenuous tasks, as a result, I put together a number of methods that you can use to free up hard drive space.

1. Use Windows Disk Cleanup

If you use a Windows-based operating system, then go to My Computer, access the Properties of your hard drive and click on Disk Cleanup. Once the application has loaded up, it will give you a list of all the files that you can delete in order to conserve hard drive space. Just select the file types that you know you do not need, then click on OK, once you’ve done that, the operating system will ask you to confirm your choice.

This is a process that you should carry out for all the hard drives in your computer. Another way to access this tool is from System Tools.

2. Empty Your Recycle Bin

Make sure that you’ve emptied your recycle bin that no files exist in it. After you’ve emptied your recycle bin, it may also be a good idea for you to defragment your hard drive. This can be done by using Windows Disk Defragmenter, found in system tools.

3. Uninstall Unneeded Applications

To do this, you will have to access Add/Remove Programs, which can be found in your control panel. Once you’ve loaded the applet up, simply scroll through the list of applications on your computer, programs such as browser add-ons and toolbars are not really needed, so you can delete them. This activity will not only help you free up hard drive space, but it should also help you increase the performance of your computer.

4. Empty Your Temporary Internet Folder

All the browsers you can use today are built around the same architecture, they all use temporary folders. So the objective is for you to do one or two things, either you can configure the internet browser to automatically erase the contents of the folder on a given day or when it reaches a certain file size. Or you can opt to delete the contents of this folder manually. Ideally, you’d want to set it so it’s done automatically, but assuming you haven’t already done that, you should load up your browser and empty all your browsing data.

5. Remove Unused Windows Components

It’s possible for you to add and remove windows components that you no longer use. This can be done by loading up Add/Remove Programs, which you can find in the control panel. From here, you can opt to remove components such as the Games folder or certain Internet Self Hosting components that you either do not need or have never used. This is a nice little way of freeing up some space and ultimately enhancing the performance of your computer.

Automatic Software Updates

There are tons of applications out there like Microsoft Office that have updates for it released on a regular basis. This also includes updates for your operating system. By installing these updates it will not only increase the security of your computer, but it will also enhance its performance.

Other Products & Methods

Purchase Additional Products

There are also various additional products that you could consider, like adapters and USB hubs, which are capable of speeding up your computer. These kinds of devices are designed to ensure that you get the most out of any external device that you decide to add to your computer, so that’s definitely something that you should consider.

Plug Your Laptop In

If you’re using a laptop computer, then one thing you should be aware of is that when it’s not plugged in, the device uses less power. So one method that you can use to gain a little more speed out of your laptop computer is to plug it into the mains, where possible.

Upgrade Your Memory

If you purchased your computer brand new from the shop, then it’s likely that it will have some free slots for additional memory expansion. Thus, you should consider adding more RAM to it. Adding memory is a sure-fire way of increasing the performance of your system, whether it’s for gaming or running standard applications.

Dust Your System

One thing you’ll want to do is ensure that your computer is regularly cleaned. If too much dust builds up inside your computer, it can have a detrimental effect on the performance of the components. To dust the computer, you can use either a small vacuum cleaner or compressed air.

Check Cable Connections

Sometimes a loose connection can result in degraded system performance. Thus, it’s important that you check all your cable connections to ensure that they are securely in their slots. You may also want to check your internet connection, just to be sure that things are running as they should.


This post is contributed by Uchenna Ani-Okoye
He  is a former IT Manager who now runs his own computer support website

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PHP Send Emails

In this article, you will find the answer to the question “How to use PHP mail() function and how to send emails using PHP?

The mail() Function in PHP

Email is an important part of communication and frequently used by web applications to notify users about important events and actions.

When we register with some application we get an instant notification as Welcome Email.

Almost every website has a contact us page and there is a form with some fields.

Users use this form to communicate with customer care or for any inquiry or to get any Quotations.

We can use the PHP built-in mail() function for sending email messages to many recipients using PHP application.

We can send Plain text messages or HTML rich text messages with styled and multicolor design. In PHP mail() function is used as following:

mail(to, subject, message, headers, parameters);

The PHP mail() function has the following parameters:

Mandatory Parameters:
to: This email address of the recipient.
subject: Subject of the email to be sent.
message: This is the message body and main content of the email.

Optional Parameters:
headers: This is used to add headers such as “From”, “Cc”, “Bcc”.
parameters: This is used to add additional parameters.

Simple Mail Transmission Protocol (SMTP) Configuration:

PHP mailer uses the Simple Mail Transmission Protocol (SMTP) to send mail.
The SMTP settings would have already been configured.
The SMTP mail settings can be configured from “php.ini” file in the PHP installation folder.

Sending Plain Text Emails using mail() Function with Example:

We can send simple text messages using PHP mail() function. An example is given below:

Sending HTML Emails using mail() Function with Example:

We can send rich text styled HTML messages using PHP mail() function. An example is given below:

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PHP Full Form

What is the Full Form of PHP?

PHP means Hypertext Preprocessor.

At the starting PHP was Personal Home Page, but later it is amended and popular as Hypertext Preprocessor.
As a server-side scripting language PHP can be easily embedded into HTML pages. PHP has a rich library and now it is improved as a full-fledged programming language. The latest stable version of PHP is PHP 7.2.

You can read more about New Features in PHP 7.2 here.

PHP is useful for small scale to many complex solutions as there is a number of frameworks, SMSs, and ECommerce are available.

Salient Features of PHP are as follows:

  • Server-side scripting language
  • Lightweight Programming language
  • Open-source
  • Supported by all the platforms
  • Written in C, so performance is good
  • Object-Oriented Programming Language
  • Supports many RDBMS like MySQL, PostgreSQL,Oracle,Sybase,Solid and NoSQL like MongoDB.
  • PHP provides a multilayer structure to enable security in System.


PHP along with MySQL is a beautiful combination of server-side scripting language and Open Source RDBMS. MySQL is largely used SQL based RDBMS. PHP has a library that supports MySQL functionality to call from PHP code. We can retrieve data, insert data. My SQL also supports Transaction in Database.

LAMP Server

LAMP is for Linux Apache MySQL and PHP. This is a combination of all the server needs and Database need to run a PHP application on Linux System. We can install LAMP on our Linux machine as a combination of all these four technologies.

WAMP Server

Just like LAMP, we have WAMP for Windows machine. WAMP means Windows, Apache, MySQL, and PHP. This combination provides us the accessibility and environment to run PHP and MySQL based application in a Windows machine.

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Civil Engineering Jobs

Civil Engineering has always been an integral part of the nation’s development. Civil engineer jobs have the amalgamation of intelligence, importance, and professionalism.

With the developing Indian infrastructure, the demand for civil engineer jobs increased and hence with the rapid projects like Metro trains in various cities this profession boomed.

Civil Engineer jobs are for those who are thinkers and builders as the profession demands planning, organizing, directing, execution and control.

These engineers work on various duties such as designing and monitoring civil construction, which is a very important part of society. To understand this profile better let us now take a look at the job description.

Civil Engineering Job description

Civil Engineer Jobs include work activities and solving real-life problems. The people in this profession work with the environment. This job demands both the qualities to work outside in the live environmental settings as also to complete paperwork.

Although specific duties may vary, many of them direct engineering activities ensuring compliance with environmental, safety, or other governmental regulations.

To some Civil Engineers, it is also their responsibility to provide technical advice to industrial or managerial personnel regarding design, construction, or program modifications or structural repairs.

  • Evaluation of mechanical or supply requirements for expansion or construction projects.
  • Review services or locations to regulate and confirm if they meet specifications or standards.
  • Observe land or bodies of water to measure or determine features.
  • Approximation of operational costs.

Career and Educational Requirement for Civil Engineering Jobs

Most employers only look for a bachelor’s degree for this profession but getting a master’s degree is an add-on. At times a few people as the career grow to take up other vocational education and training to sustain in the job role. There are a few post-graduate diploma courses which could be done.

Civil Engineering Jobs require expertise in these 5 areas:

  • Engineering and Technology
  • Building and Construction
  • Mathematics
  • Design
  • Communication

Must have Skills Civil Engineering Jobs:-

  • Integrity
  • Dependability
  • Attention to Detail
  • Initiative
  • Analytical Thinking

Various positions that you may opt for as Civil Engineers: –

  • Construction Engineers
  • Geo-Technical Engineers
  • Structural engineers
  • Transportation Engineers

Salary for Civil Engineering Jobs: – (Source:

An entry-level Civil Engineer with less than 1-year experience can expect to earn an average total compensation (includes tips, bonuses, and overtime pay) of ₹247,287 based on 1,376 salaries.

An early career Civil Engineer with 1-4 years of experience earns an average total compensation of ₹294,990 based on 5,246 salaries.

A mid-career Civil Engineer with 5-9 years of experience earns an average total compensation of ₹483,900 based on 1,642 salaries.

An experienced Civil Engineer with 10-19 years of experience earns an average total compensation of ₹672,580 based on 698 salaries.

In their late-career (20 years and higher), employees earn an average total compensation of ₹958,205.

Skills you need to succeed in Civil Engineering Job

Civil Engineering Jobs involve hard work and determination along with a professional attitude as most of the civil engineering projects have deadlines to complete the work. So, if you want to form a successful career in civil engineering so first thing first, you should know the time management skills until the project is on.

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What is PMP Certification

PMP® stands for Project Management Professional. PMP® certifications are the credential offered by the Project Management Institute after passing a thorough exam. 

A PMP certified can deal virtually with many Industries on different types of methodologies. It is a great credential that offers you a great career opportunity.

Project Integration Management deals with project integrations, Initialization, planning, and completion. It also enables the person to develop professional and social responsibilities in the management.

The demand for project managers is growing day by day. In such a scenario, managers need to be certified by PMI – Project Management Institute. 

Who is eligible to apply for a Project Management Professional Certification?

One who is a manager and having experience in project lead and project life cycle management can apply to be a certified project management professional.

Having enough experience in different project methodologies and capable enough to handle different types of aspects in multiple projects.

A minimum 35 Hour Project Management Session is mandatory to have before applying. This session is delivered by the Project Management Institute.

PMP® certifications online

By obtaining PMP certifications, an individual can demonstrate his knowledge that helps overall project management, which results in successful complications of projects more efficiently. 

The individual must meet some requirements like specific educational qualifications and work experience, preferably in project management, to obtain the certifications. 

Looking at the importance and the merits of the PMP training and certification, many of the institutions have come up with the online examination course and training programs, because of the online applying facility the number of applicants has increased vastly. 

The growth of the online tutorials are brought up new offers for the candidates because of the competitions in the field; the tutorials have offers like pay after passing or money-back guarantee on the certificates. 

They have the facility of guaranteed online passing tutorials.

To get a PMP certification online, the candidates need to fulfill the eligibility requirements to know about the eligibility requirement. 

The individuals can check the PMP Credential Handbook on the website of the institution providing the service. The PMP online course is dedicated to all PMP exam aspirants. 

It offers the best training and chances to pass the PMP certification exam in the first attempt.

The online PMP certification programs are designed with the objectives of Understanding the latest technologies and methods as well as the PM principles covered by the PMP exam objectives. 

It also assists in evaluating the readiness of appearing for the PMP certification exam. The online PMP certifications provide the most effective way to learn the subject content and appear the exam to avail success. 

Generally, the online PMP certifications are designed in three steps: firstly, learn the basics, then the exam objectives. Finally, a master of the above two steps will be able to complete the PMP exam successfully. Some of the other necessary details of the online PMP certifications are:

  • Course Materials that are available online in the form of an easy step by step knowledge and skill providing a program that you can print easily it after completing your course
  • The availability of a Class was the students can scan through the PMBOK chapters. Those are essential for passing the PMP exam
  • PMP Exam preparation Software is a Strengths and Weaknesses Analyzer for the students as this contains the Practice Questions.
  • As the individuals train themselves online with the advance training programs exam can be faced.

The PMP certification examination or PMP exam prep course is available throughout the world, a majority of them are offered all over the world. It is a must-have certification for the managers in the age of cutting edge technologies.  I hope this article is good enough to explain PMP Certification.


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The Best Data Visualization Tools

Analyzing data has become more important than ever before for modern-day businesses. From understanding who their target audience is to getting transaction and profit figures, viewing and interpreting data correctly are essential for a business’ success. What kind of business strategy you want to implement can also be formulated by analyzing the data properly.

However, to make data analysis easier on the eye and on the brain, businesses need to use data visualization tools. Data visualization tools help in presenting data in an attractive manner through graphs and visuals. If you want to extract the maximum value for your business from all that data, then here are some of the best data visualization tools for 2020.



This business intelligence platform is regarded by many business analytics experts as the best there is. Here are some of the features of Sisense that make it such a favorite:

  • Easy to set up and learn
  • Drag and drop UI that allows for easy creation of graphical representations and dashboards
  • Interactive dashboards allow everyone in your team to see the data
  • Lots of options in terms of data exporting, with support for a wide range of file formats
  • Free-trial that allows you to explore the platform before you choose to buy


If you don’t believe in spending money on data visualization tools, then you should definitely try using Charted. This is one of several open-source data visualization tools out there, which means it is absolutely free. Even though Charted does not have as many features as a paid platform such as Sisense, it can still give you a lot if you use it well. Here are some key features of Charted:

  • Create bar graphs and charts from Google spreadsheets and CSV files
  • Numerous integrated components such as LineUp, OnSet and UpSet along with GeoJS geospatial visualizations and Vega visualizations
  • Add labels and notes to your visualizations


Domo is a paid business intelligence platform that offers multiple data analytics packages. The best thing about Domo is that you can try all their packages for free. Here are some of Domo’s most advantageous features:

  • Access to real-time data 
  • Makes data easier to understand by presenting it through creative data visualization tools such as sparklines, trend indicators, and multi-part widgets
  • Promotes data aggregation through seamless integration with other software such as Google Analytics
  • Easy data-sharing and user-to-user messaging thanks to an emphasis on social sharing


This cloud-based data visualization tool lets users create custom dashboards. If customization seems too elaborate, you can even choose from a variety of built-in templates. If you want your data analysis to be as in-depth as possible, then Klipfolio is the right tool for your business. Some of Klipfolio’s main features are:

  • Connection to more than 500 data sources, which include a variety of social media platforms and web-based services
  • Dashboard customization to suit the unique needs of individual users
  • The comprehensive data analysis enables users to plan the financial futures of their respective businesses

Data wrapper

If you are looking for open-source visualization tools that are mobile-friendly, then Data wrapper is the ideal tool for you. Here’s why Data wrapper can be of great benefit to you and your business:

  • Users don’t need coding or designing skills for using this tool
  • A wide variety of visualizations can be created using Datawrapper such as area charts, bar graphs, stacked charts, dot plots, and symbol maps
  • The tool’s free version allows 10,000 chart views every month

Microsoft Power BI

This suite of analytics tools for businesses from Microsoft consists of diverse tools that you can use to formulate newer and more effective business strategies. Here are some of Microsoft Power BI’s core advantages for businesses:

  • Create a centralized hub for data access by using both in-cloud and on-site data
  • Promotes expansive integration by offering seamless support for third-party software
  • Offers a free version with limited features and an extremely affordable pro package as well
  • Data importing and publishing for sharing data with collaborators
  • Comes inclusive of a tutorial system that makes learning to use the suite easy and effortless


For creating unique and aesthetically pleasing data visualizations, there’s probably no tool better than MATLAB. The tool also offers several other advantageous features for users such as:

  • Allows users to modify algorithms without affecting the tool to find relevant analysis
  • A wide range of graphical tools to help users design distinct visualizations
  • MATLAB’s user interface is extremely easy to understand and navigate
  • Guarantees real-time updates through data collection from multiple online sources

Google Data Studio

This is a free tool from Google that facilitates easy data visualization creation. Some of this tool’s highlights include:

  • Easy setup for users who already have Gmail accounts
  • Connects seamlessly to multiple Google tools such as Google AdWords, YouTube Analytics and Google Sheets


Kibana ranks among the most comprehensive and unique data visualization tools out there at present. Some of this tool’s most attractive features include:

  • Detection of discrepancies and anomalies in data analyses
  • Elastic Stack, a unique feature that allows users to compile comprehensive reports through observation and assessment of different sources of data
  • Dashboard sharing and URL embedding for ease of sharing data amongst collaborators and colleagues


Chartio is a business analytics tool that can be used across businesses of all types and sizes. Some of Chartio’s key features are as follows:

  • Easy to set up
  • Its friendly user-interface allows users to learn how to use the tool very quickly
  • Allows users the option to buy the tool depending on the size and requirements of their businesses, therefore ensuring flexible pricing
  • Enables users to compare multiple data sources to pinpoint discrepancies

So there you have it; the best data visualization tools for 2020! If you want to improve your business strategy and share data reports with your colleagues, these tools can be of great help. The role of business analytics in improving businesses is growing around the world with each passing day. That’s why it’s important to use data visualization tools to get as much value from your business data as possible.

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