Automation Testing Tools

The use of automation software testing tools is not a new idea being adopted by software companies all over the world. In fact, this remedy has been around for quite some time already due to the complexity and time-consuming nature of software development and testing.

As stated, the business of producing and developing software products is something that takes a lot of time, resources, and effort.

Not to mention a lot of personnel, the entire production and development phase of the product may well take several months to finish.

The general public does not exactly know that despite the complexity of the production and development process, the testing phase is what software producers and developers dread.

The testing phase of the entire process of software production may take an even longer time than the production phase itself.

This is because testers have to explore every possible area and angle of the software product in order to detect bugs, defects, or errors in the program and then work to correct them accordingly.

There are even times when the programmer is forced to recreate the program from scratch if the errors or bugs are too substantial that the software is rendered useless.

The use of software to test software products is not a novel idea. Nonetheless, it is welcomed by most software companies because of its expedited process and more economical implementation. With the use of automation software testing, the entire testing phase is greatly reduced from weeks or months to merely days or even hours.

Automation software testing tool functions as a virtual tester. It explores all possible program operations and functions with such speed that it will be close to impossible for a human tester to follow.

As the software operates, it takes note of those aspects of the program that are functioning well, as well as those that have problems in them.

After recording its findings, the records are analysed by the programmer and the necessary corrections are made.

The testing process is repeated and when there are still errors, the programmer corrects them. This process goes on again and again until the program is free of bugs and defects, making it ready for distribution to the public or to the one who ordered the program.

Automated testing software saves a lot of money and time by its obvious capabilities. For one, there will be no need to pay an independent human tester anymore.

Compensation for such a tester may become substantial as the program being tested becomes more complex.

Likewise, the entire duration of testing has a direct bearing with the amount of compensation to be paid. Using testing software eliminates this need for compensation because with the use of the software, even the programmer himself may test the program.

It may also be used by a third person in the presence of the programmer, saving a lot of valuable time and resources.

Automation software testing tools may well be the lifesaver of software producing companies in saving money, time Computer Technology Articles, and effort in their business production.

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