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Ramsey Hamilton


Python is one of the trending programming languages of the time having huge demand in the Software Development Industry.

There is a number of books written to guide Python Programming.

This Book is one of them that says that one can learn Python in seven days.

The book is very well structured and mention every aspect to guide the readers about Python.

This is one of the best python textbooks. This book is counted in the best programming books.

It is always recommended to read a book when you are going to learn anything from the beginning and This book is fulfilling the requirement of beginners.

Examples and programs are well explained and details are being given.

The book is enriched with a number of famous algorithms and recursion problems.

It is worth reading this book if you are looking for a book on Python. The book is available in Paperback Edition(Printed) and Kindle Edition.

This book is offering clear, concise and practical code snippets to illustrate both syntax and logic of the Python programming language.

Although the book contains only basic concepts readers will surely need one more advanced version of this book has advanced concepts.

Language :

The language of the book is very nice and one can understand it after just one look.

Content in the book are well organized and well placed and connected.

Never you fill that they have escaped something that you should know.

It is like building blocks of concepts. The language of this book makes it the best notebook.

As you start reading the pages one by one you will be adding more and more concepts to your understandings. Overall the content is comprehensive, well-explained and well-curated.


What are the main contents in this book:

  • How to set up the environment for Python
  • Getting started with Python
  • Defining variables and reserved Keywords
  • Looping structure in Python along with doing, while,do-while, for
  • Conditional statement
  • Switch Case statement
  • Functions and User-defined functions
  • Dictionaries, Lists, and Tuples
  • Classes and Objects in Python
  • What is a module in Python
  • File IO Operations
  • Error and Exceptional Handling

Customers Rating and Reviews on Amazon:

This is the highest rated book in its category on Amazon and more than 50% Ratings are 5 stars, more than 20% Ratings are 4 stars and overall it has 4.1 out of 5-star rating.

The user has given a wonderful response to this book.

This book is highly recommended by users.

According to readers, this is well suited for beginners and It covers all basic and fundamental concepts of Python Programming language.

Some of the readers have complained about spelling mistakes and lack of proofreading and that is already known to Author and Publishers.

I hope the latest version will resolve the errors.

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