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Can you Learn C++ without Learning C

I can answer this question straight away by either saying a ‘Yes’ or ‘No’. But, by simply saying a ‘Yes or No’ won’t justify the answer. It all depends upon the ability of the person who is learning C++. But, it can end up like you learn to drive an automatic car without knowing the manual driving lessons. When circumstances arrive, you may have to simply say “I don’t know”. Therefore, it is always better if you learn the basics rather than moving ahead baseless. After all, C++ is just an improvement on C. Now, let me help you with all the points that will add more justification, comparison, and reason. Let’s navigate through these points. 

Why should you learn C?

Learning C programming has a lot of benefits. But first, you need to understand the underlying architecture of how things work with C is very important. 

C was initially developed by Dennis Ritchie between 1969 and 1973 as a procedural programming language. The main purpose of developing this system programming language was to write an operating system. Some of the features which make C language suitable for system programmings like an operating system or compiler development are its: 

  • Low-level access to memory
  • A simple set of keywords
  • and a Clean style

Like in the case of learning to drive an automatic and manually driving car, if you know to drive a manual car, it will make driving an automatic car all the easier. Similarly, if you learn C programming first, it will help you to learn any modern programming language very well. 

Advantages of Learning C 

  • C language helps you to understand the underlying architecture of an operating system like pointers, working with memory locations, etc.
  • C can be called as a middle-level language, because, it combines all the features of Low-Level machine-understandable assembly languages and High-Level user-friendly languages. Language C reduces the gap between the low-level and high-level languages and can be used for writing operating systems as well as doing application-level programming.
  • It allows you to develop portable and firmware applications. The C language was developed with an objective of writing system software and therefore, it is ideal for developing firmware systems.
  • Learning C language first helps you to understand the fundamentals of Computer Theories like Computer Networks, Compiler Designing, Computer Architecture, and Operating Systems. If you’re working on these theories, it requires a good knowledge of C programming. 
  • Also, C helps you to understand machine-level details. So if you want to work as a networking engineer or a system administrator, learning C language is a must to work with CPU cache, memory, and network adapters. 
  • Learning C is easy as it has fewer libraries in comparison with other high-level languages. It will clear out programming concepts to a great extent as in C you have to write a lot of things from scratch. This will not only help in building your analytical skills but will learn to implement some basic operations all your own. 
  • Programs written and compiled in C can be executed faster than other programming languages. Also, not having any additional processing overheads such as garbage collection or preventing memory leaks, etc makes C more advantageous. While a programmer must take the initiative to do all the things his own. 
  • C uses embedded programming extensively where it is used to control micro-controllers such as auto-motives, Robotics, Hardware, etc.
  • C creates a list of instructions for a computer to follow and therefore it is easy to learn the language. 

Key Differences between C and C++

C++ language is a subset of the C language and was first designed as an extension of C. 

When C has procedural language features, C++ has both procedural and object-oriented programming features like polymorphism, inheritance, abstraction, encapsulation, etc.

Best C/C++ IDEs

C and C++ are very popular and actively used across various applications and systems worldwide. Both languages are still actively used by most programmers because of the powerful set of features and the excellent security of C++. One of the best things about C++ is its IDE or the Integrated Development Environment. This environment offers the developers a digital environment to develop software, hardware and games with the built-in function like code completion, integration, debugging, and all the way to compiling and syntax highlighting. During the year 2020 and beyond, the developers will have some of the top and the best C++ IDE’s. Some of these C++ IDEs can also be used for C programming. They are:

Eclipse- An easy-to-use powerful IDE that offers open-source utility and functionality. It is also one best C++ IDE for Windows Applications. 

Code:: Blocks- It is a free C/C++ IDE that has all the features to meet the demands of the C and C++ developers. This IDE can be used on Windows. 

GNAT Programming Studio-  Also known as GPS, GNAT Programming Studio is a highly advanced Free IDE that simplifies the interaction between the software and its developers. 

Visual Studio Code: Developed by Microsoft and based on an Electron framework, Visual Studio Code is an open-source IDE designed for Windows, macOS, and Linux. It is the most popular developer environmental tool and best IDE among others with excellent customization options. 

Similarly, other popular and the best C++ IDE for Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X are CodeLite, Dev C++, Qt Creator, Sublime Text, Linx, MonoDevelop, CLion, Anjuta, and C++ Builder

If you have the willingness to learn C or C++ languages regardless of whether you’re just a beginner or a C or C++ Programmer, IDEs are best to make your programming career easy. 

C++ Compilers

C++ Compilers are necessary when you start doing a specific program as it will make your job easier and for computers to understand the input given. There are too many C++ compilers which can be recommended that are either available for free or for a price. The higher the prices, it will reflect in the features offered to you. 

While the C++ world is just too large and too much new is happening, you will require a C++ certification to fight the competition in the industry. 

Features & Properties of C

  1. Procedural
  2. System programming language
  3. Does not support classes and objects
  4. Bottom-up approach
  5. Supports pointers

Features & Properties of C++

  1. Object-oriented
  2. Faster Execution and Speed
  3. Rich library support in the form of the standard template library
  4. Supports Pointers & References
  5. Bottom-up approach
  6. Compiled

Although C++ is much more advanced and superfast than C if you want to make your journey easier to start from the basics. It will help your learning not only C++ but also any other languages easier. So, let’s start from the beginning with an extremely simple C program and build up from there. There are numerous benefits of learning to c/c++ language for your career. It is recognized worldwide and used in a multitude of applications. It will help you secure a great career in the future. 

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Resume Templates Types: Top Tips to Selecting the Best Resume Format for 2020

Resumes are just like profile pictures and more interestingly every single one is distinct and hopefully leaves a lasting impression. The point is, you should regard your CVAs a vending tool, that communicates about you, your work history, and capabilities in front of possible employers. For the ones who have just started their professional careers, resumes are comparatively simple and to the point, while for those with several years of professional experience to back them, are somewhat more thought-provoking. And, yes in case you are looking to switch careers or industries the onus is likely to be greater.

You can get a wide range of options in resume format for a job interview and different resume templates but first, you have to decide to start using one. Resume templates and formats are always effective and powerful if you use the right one. So, coming straight to the point, let us take a closer look at the wide-ranging resume formats and compatibility of each with specific individual or individuals.

Chronological Resume Format

Apparently, the commonest resume, this is a type that catalogs every kind of job you might have had, with the latest one mentioned at the top.

It is always preferred by employers that the resume is easy to write because it is dictated by your own past and history. A chronological resume mentions your work history in order of date, beginning with your most recent position and then working backward.

Chronological resumes have good compatibility with the following:

  • Experienced professionals having broad employment history
  • People having a work history that depicts growth onwards a comparatively defined career path
  • People just out of college having worked in the field as interns and gainful employment
  • People employed with global or national companies of high repute
  • Military professional wanting to change over to civilian posts having compatible job functions

Who should not go for chronological resumes?

  • People who switch jobs more often
  • Individuals who are overqualified
  • People having a broken employment history
  • Individuals looking to choose a different career course
  • Fresh graduates without specific experience

Well, in case you’ve decided that relying on the above maxims, chronological will suit you best as a format for your existing status, then you should pay heed to the industry, occupation kind and also makeup of the organization.

When you dig into the diversity of templates out there, you would always find some better than others. Whether you are combing through Teacher resume templates or any other profession, you need to keep this aspect in mind. 

Functional Resume Format

Across the recent few years, functional resumes have gone mainstream due to, they emphasize on spotlighting the skills and accomplishments of the individual, rather than employment background.

Although certain human resource managers go for a chronological resume, more and more recruiters are starting to accept the richness of information found in a functional resume.

Once assessing the information that you feel should be available in a functional resume, be sure that you should concentrate on duties, abilities, experience, and accomplishments.

Functional resumes are good for:

  • People who wish to spotlight skills and not posts held or companies employed in
  • People with breaks in job history 
  • Individuals who are trying to move into a different career than existing
  • Individuals who get back into the workforce
  • Job aspirants who switch occupations regularly

Who should avoid using a functional resume:

  • Experts having a long work profile
  • Individuals having a forward trajectory on a career path
  • Individuals who stuck to the same company for a longer time
  • Job aspirants who come with no employment gap

Combination Resume Format

This type of resume is a format that weds the best aspects of a chronological resume format and that of a functional resume format. A chronological resume concentrates on the work experience of the individual; a functional resume focuses on skills.

In simple words, in case both chronological and the functional layout appear to like are unsuitable for your requirement, you should choose to have a combination resume format. This would definitely resolve the dilemma that some applicants have when more old-style recruiters like to see chronological details on the resume.

Combination resumes are useful for:

  • People having extraordinary capabilities that are a main component of the posit applied
  • People seeking employment in technical, scientific or IT positions that demand special skills
  • Individuals who are looking forward enter new industries and who require to showcase their universal skills and not existing occupation

Who should avoid a combination resume?

  • College goers or pass-outs who do not have pertinent skills

Infographic Resume Format

To show possible employers and recruiters in brief your knowledge, skills, experience, awards and education, choosing an infographic resume is a good idea.

In the present competitive world, some job aspirants are going towards infographic resumes in order to display a distinguished profile. Does it sound relevant to go for an infographic resume?  Well, the obvious reaction would be: it depends!

In a general sense, you should formulate an infographic resume only if there are resources to back you (like matching skills and specialization or the capability to engage an expert resume developer) to concoct an exceptional an amazing eventual product.

Anything below the standard would just hamper your job search, simply since mostly, infographic resumes are never needed.

Resume Cover Letter Templates

Once you have picked the finest resume template for your needs, remember, there is another main piece in your resume package and that is known as the cover letter. Fortunately, you can find hundreds of cover letter templates once you explore.

Whether Medical resume Cover Letter format or any other field; Cover Letter Templates and formats are there to get you an edge and land you the job.


So, since you have a fair knowledge about different types of popular resume types, make sure that you make a sensible move. A resume can make or mar your chances of getting the job. This 2020 year can get you the desired job once you have a perfect resume to present!

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What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is the process of earning a commission by promoting someone else’s product or service. You promoting someone else’s product or service by using what is called an affiliate marketing link, which is a link that you can get from a company a product or a service, someone clicks on that link and then go ahead and buy. You can earn a commission from that. Now the way that it works is that there are many different affiliate marketing programs out there.

Most company Products and services they have what is called an affiliate marketing program. The affiliate marketing program is basically a program they have that gives other people the ability to join for free and promote their products and earn a commission.

After joining an affiliate marketing program the seller or service provider gives you a unique link. Which is a special link that will allow the company to track to see which sales were produced by you and who clicked on your link and went ahead to purchase so that they can track that and make sure that you get paid for promoting the product? Technology with the affiliate links it’s pretty accurate it’s about like 99% accurate. Of course, there are some circumstances where things might not be tracked perfectly but for the most part, you get it.

You get a commission for promoting that product now affiliate marketing is a great thing and the reason why it’s so valuable to get started with online is because you don’t have to create a product and you don’t have to create a service and also you don’t have to be an expert and you don’t even have to really sell the product.

Basically what you’re doing is you’re sharing a product or service with people that you might know family members friends your lists or subscribers or followers whatever might be.

When you share a product or service with your audience and when they click the link they’re going to the other product/service website for the product or the service and that’s going to sell them that’s going to then sell them on the product or service.

They already did all the marketing for it and they have customer support, delivery of the product and so for you, you basically just get paid by sending traffic someone else’s way by sending people you make money in exchange. Affiliate marketing is always a win-win for everybody involved it’s a win for the company because the company has now acquired a customer or a sale that they 7 previously would have never gotten. If it wasn’t for you it’s a win for you because you’ve got to earn money and a commission with doing very little effort.

You didn’t have to come up with the idea, take risks, invent something and didn’t have to be the expert you. It is a part-time job, you don’t have to spend the money to create all the marketing the website all that sort of stuff and you get you to know you easily get paid just by leveraging you know your subscribers or followers or list or traffic in some way. Affiliate marketing is a great thing.

You can just join the affiliate program and earn a commission from that or maybe there’s something complementary that you can promote and earn a commission. So basically what it is, is you’re partnering your joint venturing with other businesses and companies. It’s an incredible thing and your whole job is an affiliate. Your whole focus is just getting traffic, visitors, subscribers and is it you only have to focus on that to start with.

What are the advantages of Affiliate Marketing?

Eventually, if you choose you can create your own products. If you want your own services then marketing is just a great way to get started because you don’t have to take any of the risks.

Creating a business and creating a product or an idea is can be very risky. You might fail. It might not work out. It might cost you a lot of money a lot of time. You got to have customer support.

There’s a lot of overhead and expenses that are involved with that whereas if instead you just build and focusing a blow-up focus on building a blog, YouTube channel, Facebook Page, Instagram, Snapchat.

You can also focus on a few streams of marketing to attract people to you, you can then easily funnel people into other people’s products and earn a lot of money by doing that.

You can create any website for interview books,quotes, and status, brand news, event blogging, etc and add your affiliate marketing link on your webpage.

Amazon Affiliate Program

Amazon Affiliate Program is the best Best Affiliate Program. Amazon Affiliate Program called Amazon Associates and anybody can join it. It is free. You go to or you could do a Google search word as well. You can join and then you can promote any product on Amazon. Whenever a product you decide to promote they’ll give you a unique Affiliate Marketing link, which is a special link just for you. You will use to put it on your blog, Facebook, email, Twitter or YouTube. You can use that link let’s say for a TV and when someone clicks that link and they go and buy you earn a commission from that.

Every Affiliate Marketing program is different. At Amazon for physical products, they’ll give you five to ten percent commission in starts, then it slowly goes up as more products that you sell using Amazon Affiliate Program.

Amazon Affiliate program is preferred by most of the web marketers and influencers. Since very transparent policies made by amazon and being the biggest eCommerce on the planet, it has authority. People associated with the Amazon Affiliate program Earning a handsome amount.

The best part of the affiliate marketing or amazon affiliate program you don’t need to work as a full-time worker. You can do it part-time or on weekends. You can continue it as a side business also. Amazon provides you many tools to create links of products.

Usually, there are following types of product links are available :

  • Anchor text or Hyperlink
  • Product Image as a link
  • Horizontal Banners
  • Vertical banner
  • Product list slider

You can use any of the types of links to promote amazon affiliate products on your website, blog or youtube channels.

There are many such plugins that allow you to add the product directly without any effort. WordPress is the most useful CMS when you think about a Blog or Website to promote products and an Amazon Affiliate. You can also use blogger,, etc.

Before adding products to promote you have to create an Amazon affiliate program account. Here Amazon Affiliate Program you can find the link and can create your amazon affiliate program account.

You need to add your details and website or other promoting media information like application, youtube channel, etc. After submitting your application amazon affiliate program support team reviews your application and verify your account. Once your account is verified you can promote products on your web.

Amazon only pays for a successful conversion. That means if a customer directly clicks your link and purchased the product you will get the commission in your amazon account.  You can add your tx information and banker details in your profile so that amazon can transfer commission to your account.

You need to follow the amazon affiliate program policies to avoid cancellation of your association.

You can see here the example of amazon product link BEGINNER’S GUIDE TO LEARN PYTHON IN 7 DAYS

What to need to have to become a successful Affiliate Marketer?

You need to have some basic skills to promote the website or social media profiles over the internet and create a huge network of people who can further be your customers. You can promote products by any means of these:

  • Using a website or blog
  • Using Pinterest
  • Using Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Dribble
  • Youtube

Hope you have a clear picture of affiliate marketing ideas.

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HR Interview Tips to make a good impression at the job interview

Congratulations, you have been called for an interview! It means that your cover letter and resume have selected and recruiters and HR managers want to know more about you. For many people, a job interview is extremely stressful. The best weapon to overcome tension and do a successful interview is proper preparation. Here’s how to prepare for HR recruiter interview questions and answers for fresher candidates with some tips to make a great impression at the interview!

Practice what you say

Integrate with examples from your experience that highlight why you are the right person for that position. If there are specific events or relevant points to report, write them down, and try to understand how to integrate them into the answers. Ask a friend to help you with the preparation and get you to do some practice in the answers, to achieve greater ease and face the successful interview.

Be Punctual and Prepared for the Interview

  • Being punctual is an absolute must to give a good impression to the interviewer.
  • Few things create a more negative impression than arriving late.
  • Try to arrive 10-15 minutes before the scheduled time.
  • Plan the route in advance, always taking into account any delays.
  • Make sure you have all the necessary documents and forms.
  • If you have already sent your resume by e-mail, bring a paper copy to the interview.
  • Also, take note of the name of the person you are about to meet with.

Pay attention to the dress code

What you wear during an interview plays an important role in how you are perceived. Your appearance does not belong only to you, keep in mind that if you were to be hired, you would represent the company you work for. Take the time to understand what the dress code of the company is. If you are not sure, instead turn to something very classy to create a good impression. Do not show too much skin, make sure the clothes are washed and ironed well, and avoid flashy jewelry.

Start great

  • To make a good impression, start with a genuine smile and a vigorous handshake.
  • Greet your interviewer by name, have your say, and make eye contact from the start.
  • Enter the room with a casual attitude and maintain good posture.
  • Try to radiate trust and remember, the interviewer also wants this phase to proceed at its best.

Check body language and tone

  • During the interview or the meeting, be positive in both tone and posture.
  • Sit upright, talk to the speaker, and establish frequent eye contact.
  • Talk with enthusiasm and confidence if you want to make a good impression.
  • Avoid laughing nervously, if possible, and give concise answers to the topic you are talking about or the specific question.

A warm greeting and a follow-up are essential to leave a good impression at the interview

The way you leave a room is as important as the one you enter. Leave a last good impression at the interview with another vigorous handshake and a genuine “thank you.”

Remember that dedicating yourself to the follow-up of an interview denotes ambition, then one or two days later, you send a friendly and short e-mail to your interviewer, where once again you can thank and reiterate your interest in the job position.

So how these HR Interview tips were? Any interviews you’ve nailed? Bombed even? Talk about it in the comment section and share your experiences.

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Resume Writing Tips

3 Tricks for Keeping Yours At The Top Of The Stack

As you have probably figured out, getting your resume out there is not enough.

Job competition has gotten fierce, and you want to master good resume writing that can get yours to the top of the stack and keep it there. In such a scenario resume writing or cv writing can be a crucial skill and tool that can help you.

Here are 3 simple resume writing tricks or resume tricks for doing just that:

Resume Tricks#1: Do Some Research

While research is important for when you talk to the employer in an actual interview so that you can show you have prepared.

Before CV writing you must have proper research on the company for which you are going to make your CV.

It is also crucial to find out what buttons to push both in the job resume and in the interview should you get that far.

Zero in on what the needs of the employer by reviewing position postings in local newspapers or online.

Realize that postings on different platforms may have varying amounts of information, and you can dig up some real nuggets by doing some searching around.

Networking with people who know about the company or the industry can also do wonders, or you can speak with people who currently work at the company without revealing that you are applying for a position, or at least without revealing exactly who you are.

You can also get informative interviews ahead of time or just do good old fashioned research about the company and industry in general; this will actually lead you to professional CV writing.

Resume Tricks#2 : Strategically Position Your Information

Good resume writing is laid out with the realization in mind that no one is going to pick up your resume intending to read it from start to finish.

Not at all! Experts have shown that screeners and hiring managers scan the resumes instead, looking mostly for disqualifiers but also for stuff that jumps out at them.

You can minimize the risk of obvious disqualifiers by paying attention to the details, but you can also maximize the chance of them catching goodies by placing them all in the top third of your resume document.

Good organization and use of bullet points and headings can also make your selling points jump off the paper.

Resume Tricks#3: Don’t Hide Behind Your Resume

Never forget that the resume is not playing a supporting role in your hunt for that dream career; it is not the start of the job search show.

The HR Interview almost based on your CV and experiences shown by you. The same thing also happen in the next round.

Some people mistakenly think of the job process as a numbers game, convinced that if they send out enough resumes, a job will materialize from their efforts.

The truth is that the resume is one small part, and you must combine good resume writing with good networking skills.

It’s appropriate to email a resume or posts it on a website for a company that takes online posting, but if you don’t back up these moves with some extreme networking tactics, you are going to keep rolling and rolling the dice with no guarantee anything will ever land in your favor.

It is humans that make hiring decisions.

Get face to face with them, show them you are human as well and communicate how your skills can add great value to their company through good resume writing.

Any other good ideas on standing out in this job climate or about good resume writing skills that can help you showcase your strengths in a subtle yet powerful way?

The Do’s and Don’ts of CV Writing


  • Revise every time when you are going for a new employer or job. Resume Writing is not for permanent you need to update it from time to time and according to the employer.
  • Always include a profile summary and cover letter.
  • Always highlight your strong skills and show off your technical skills like computer operating knowledge and any specific software working knowledge.
  • do proofreading before sending it to someone or before printing it. Not a single spelling or grammatical error is acceptable.
  • Give references that you can rely on.
  • Active voice sentences.


  • Reflect any negative patch.
  • Make it too long.
  • Tell a lie in your resume.
  • Include the reason for leaving the previous employer.
  • Be too personal while updating Information.
  • Include the current salary package in the resume, until asked by HR or Employer.
  • passive voice sentences.

I hope you have enjoyed the article you will find useful.

Definitely you can improve your first impression while considering the above-mentioned tips for resume writing.

Please give us your opinion and feedback and post a comment.  All the best for your next Interview.

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How to Get Experience When You Have No Experience

It’s a vicious circle. To get a job you need experience and to get an experience you need a job. We have included some infographics to demonstrate how you can get your foot on that tricky first rung of the career ladder. 

  • An entry-level job is typically designed with recent graduates in mind and usually does not necessitate prior experience.
  • According to a 2018 study by TalentWorks, 61% of all full-time “entry-level” jobs require over 3 years of experience.
  • The average search for an entry-level job typically takes between 3 – 6 months

5 Ways to Build Experience

  1. Complete an internship 
  2. Complete an apprenticeship 
  3. Volunteer at a charity 
  4. Start a project (e.g. blog, web series, etc) 
  5. Join a student organization 

Where to Find Entry Level Jobs

  1. Online jobs boards
  2. Networking events
  3. LinkedIn 
  4. Social media
  5. Careers fairs 

Top Tip!

For best results, mix and match a few different job-seeking methods.

How to Handle the Experience Question in A Job Application 

Apply Anyway!

If you come across a great entry-level opportunity that you think will suit your skills and personality, apply for it regardless of whether or not you meet the experience requirements.

Do Your Homework

Familiarise yourself with common interview questions and prepare your answers in advance of the interview. Read up on the company by checking out their website, press mentions and social media profiles. 

Know Yourself

Think carefully and dispassionately about your strengths and weaknesses as a candidate. You can also ask your family, friends, and teachers for further insight. 

Strike the Right Balance Between Confidence & Modesty 

Self-assuredness will go a long way in an interview, but be careful not to come across as arrogant. Answer questions with confidence but don’t be afraid to admit when you don’t know something. 

Highlight Your Motivation & Desire

Clearly, communicate your interest in the position. Consider why you want the job and try to identify what aspects of the role and the company appeal to you. 


Identify Your Transferable Skills

You may have developed valuable and relevant skills for the position at school or through your hobbies. Be sure to highlight these skills in your application and demonstrate how you can apply these to the role. 

Top Tip!

To make a great impression, follow-up with a thank you note within 24 hours of your interview. This will help you to stand out as 3 out of 4 job-seekers don’t even bother sending a thank-you note after an interview. 


How to Wow Employers With Your Entry-Level CV 

  • Carefully proofread your grammar, spelling, and formatting.
  • Tailor your CV to each job posting. Showcase your skills, experiences, education, and projects that are most related to the job.  
  • Mirror the language used in the job posting. Many employers use Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) programmed to identify certain keywords. Including the right keywords may increase your chances of proceeding to the interview stage.  
  • Seek out feedback on your CV from your career counselor, friends, and family. 
  • Don’t be afraid to include your own personal projects if they are relevant to the job. 

Top Tip!

Don’t wait until the deadline to apply. The best time to apply to a job is within the first 48 hours after it’s posted.


6 Ways To Stay Motivated if You Can’t Find a Job

How to survive the job-hunting process with your mental health intact. 

  • Don’t Take Rejections Personally 

Remember that there are lots of reasons for rejection that have nothing to do with you. You can only do your best, and it’s important to accept that there will always be some factors that are completely outside of your control. 

  • Establish A Routine

Use your calendar to block some distraction-free time for job-searching activities. This will keep you productive and help prevent frustration. 

  • Take Breaks to Do Stuff You Enjoy 

Job hunting is hard work, so don’t forget to take time away to focus on your hobbies. Not only is this good for your mental health, but it will also give you something to talk about in your interviews. 

  • Maintain A Healthy Lifestyle 

Look after your body and combat stress by maintaining a regular sleep schedule, a healthy diet, and a regular exercise regime.  

  • Don’t Get Caught in the Comparison Trap 

Social media can make it seem like everyone is having a better life than you, but it’s important to remember that they are only sharing the most Instagrammable aspects of their lives. There are a few things you can try to keep things in perspective: alter your notifications, switch up the accounts you follow, or take a social media break.

  • Remember, Your First Job Doesn’t Need To Be Perfect 

Your first few jobs might not be where you imagined yourself. Just remember that this is perfectly ok, these initial roles will allow you to build the skills and experience you need for your future dream job.

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Improve Your Digital Marketing Writing

If you are one of those people who are afraid of a time-consuming profession, you can rest assured: Writers will exist forever and ever.

This is because the word has unparalleled value in communication and it is often the one that enhances feelings by being aligned with design.

Cheetahpapers gives you more tips and tricks to improve your digital marketing content.

But ok, how to write something that is sentimental and yet can convert the consumer?

Is this a natural talent or a matter of practice?

Well, like all the skills in the world, it’s a matter of intense study in the structure of a text and its goals, be it email marketing, SEO, social media text or content.

Good copywriters are one of the best-paid types of writing professionals, because their ability is valued as unique, as the structure shapes the audience’s thinking about the brand or product, and has a tone of its own to each.

Being a copywriter, in other words, is like living a character for each communication channel.

Being passionate about writing and producing killer content is different, especially as it entails a long journey of study and knowledge, including understanding Content Marketing.

Check out these principles that we have separated so that you are totally killer in your writing:

The purpose is the sale, even though it is not.

It may be strange when you start, but advertising is designed to act covertly: This means that a Social Media professional, for example, creates compelling content to seduce and engage audiences, even if their real intent is to convert.

When you create compelling and dynamic content, you automatically create added value for a brand or product, because the consumer understands that the brand is ready to match and give it importance.

This means that you need to carefully demonstrate the benefits, build trust, bond and answer questions that the public did not know they had.

Disregard any type of text that does not bring an answer.

Pictures Formed by Words

Creating an image through words is one of the copywriter’s most powerful tools.

That’s because it’s so much easier to remember something if you have the picture in your head!
How many times have you read a book that the author has described a hot drink, one that warms the tip of your nose with steam?

It’s almost as if you can feel the cold and the sensation because our brain is able to rotate scenes in our heads.

How about making your audience imagine using your product or service through Content Marketing?

Word Lab

Imagine mixing test tubes with alphabet letters inside: Being a copywriter is almost a science.

You can and should test various text styles and see which one works best for your audience.

One idea is to have a spreadsheet where you can compare the results of the same text, using different languages and formats.

This is called the AB test, when you pass the same message in different ways and find out which one works best, even font color and font size can be analyzed.

Much more than Impact Headlines

When headlines (the famous titles and subtitles) are boring, the consumer will have no interest in knowing more about their content, since the desire was not provoked.

Also, they can’t rely on just being cute rhymes either.

You should be concerned about showing the benefits of the product or service to your audience, not just how skillful you are with words.

Today’s public understands that even when subtle, advertising is made for sale, so the feeling of fear of being deceived exists.

Be careful to be direct and honest about what you are offering and forget about creating promotions that have asterisks indicating that there are conditions that make it possible.

Build rapport and trust instead of just high reach numbers.

Goodbye to the Short Text

There is an idea that the text should be extremely short. Ok, you should know that on Facebook, for example, images with a lot of text don’t perform well in range.

But the story for a description is different: Imagine you’ve already caught the reader’s eye with amazing wording in the image and now you have a chance to finish seducing him with the description … Why use only a short text if the goal is bigger?

Think that your text being interesting will be read.

Align Text Quality with Marketing

An absurd text of incredible dies without mercy if the marketing of your company is not good.

Imagine creating an email marketing or social media that is a magnet for consumers, but when they come in contact with your brand, they are disappointed with the effectiveness of marketing.

Here are some tips to avoid this kind of reaction:

  • Offer free content, famous freebies! You can submit ebooks, guides, assessment test through marketing by email writing.
  • Only marketers like marketing. Do not write content that looks like ads.
  • Attract the right audience and make sure marketing is ready to build a relationship with them afterward.
  • Develop your SEO and not write to Google, but to people. What good would it be to be first in the search engines and your content not deliver what promised?
  • Write to attract and then convert. It’s much easier when your audience becomes a fan and then comes to buy your product.
  • Do not sell to the general public, but to Fabiana.
  • Fabiana is the person for our example. Developing content is much easier if you build the profile of the person who will buy it. Through the help of your Marketing team, you can develop a target consumer profile and write content directly for people like her.

Let’s say you work in a travel agency and create a personal

Fabiana is a college graduate but is having a hard time finding a job that pays her well.

Therefore, she looks for other opportunities that can help you with this.

That way she will be well paid, using the extra money to travel as she always dreamed.

Now you understand that Fabiana has difficulty paying for travel due to its remuneration.

What your fictional travel agency could do is create more forms of payment for people like her and advertise these facilities with inviting text.

Thus, it would be much easier for Fabiana to travel even with little if she plans longer.

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Tips To Get Into The Graphics Designing Jobs In India

Graphic Designer Jobs In India have become very popular in today’s time. It is to be noted that the designing profession has become very competitive and you really need to stand out to be successful in this career.

Candidates need to know how to seize opportunities, should work hard, and take up any project with great passion and enthusiasm.

You may an opportunity as graphic designer jobs in Chennai, graphic designer jobs in Mumbai, graphic designer jobs in Delhi, graphic designer jobs in Bangalore, graphic designer jobs in Pune and in many more cities.

We give below a few tips on how to get prospective designing jobs

There’s no one single path towards a successful design career, but rather a variety of ways and paths to pursue, which may not be mutually exclusive.

Whether you’re a fresh graduate, seeking your first job as a designer executive, or you are experienced, but still seeking to raise the success ladder, this article provides some expert advice to help you get good designing jobs and progress in your career: 

1# Complete your formal study

A design degree, diploma or certification remains the existing norm to get into the profession. But it is advisable to get a university degree as a professional designer to get into a better job.

It helps to give you a solid grounding in design theory and practice, skills and aptitudes which help you in your profession, which is not expected in a short-term certification or diploma course.

So, do not hesitate to take up a formal 3-4 years, of course, to do well and get good designing jobs.

Many start-ups and many MNC companies are looking for freshers as graphic designer jobs in Bangalore or graphic designer jobs in Gurgaon, the cyber hub cities of India.

2# Upgrade your software skills

Candidates in designing jobs should have knowledge of the use and application of different design-related software on laptops and tablets.

Practical software training is necessary. While a formal academic course helps in understanding the principles and concepts, specific software skills in designing are also needed, which keep on upgrading time-to-time.

So, candidates should know how to keep themselves updated in these software skills.

The most commonly used design software includes Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and/or InDesign.

Software, design and a big giant in technology Adobe’s headquarters in Sector 132, Noida and you can check this location for graphic designer jobs in Noida. 

3# Opt for freelancing and intern projects

While on the study course, if you come across any intern or freelancing projects in which you can display what you have studied so far, take up these projects.

These projects help you to gain experience. Also, immediately after completion of your course, you may not get a designing job immediately.

So, its better you start as a freelancer.

It creates exposure for you and helps you expand your network too for career growth.

An intern or freelancing work helps you translate your theoretical skills into practical ones, give an edge on your CV, and help you to apply for prospective designing jobs with big brands. Plus, you earn money. 

4# Charity jobs

There is nothing wrong to take up designing jobs for charity purpose, without being paid.

This way, too, you can start a network base, it adds an upper hand to your portfolio and you get noticed.

Doing good work for a really good cause is itself a big reward.

But make sure that people do not take advantage of your unpaid work. 

5# Expand your network and online presence

The idea of networking is an important way to get your name known in professional work. Create an impressive portfolio.

Give a detailed description of the projects done so far. Elaborate on your designing skills.

Attend job fairs to meet prospective employers. Social media helps to create an impressive professional network online.

6# Never hesitate to take up half-done projects

Remember to consider your peers not as rivals but as a support network.

You never know when a project half done by someone in your peer group for personal or other reasons can become a golden opportunity for you to take up, to add to your CV to open the gates to new and better ventures in designing jobs.

If you set your aim to make your bright future in graphic design profile then there is ample opportunity i.e. graphic designer jobs in Delhi, graphic designer jobs in Pune, graphic designer jobs in Chennai for making a better future.

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Have a Way with Words, Content Writer Jobs are For You

If you have a way with words, content writer jobs can make for one of the most fulfilling careers. There is a growing demand for content writers among employers across all industries. Content writer jobs are also now among the top choices for flexible working options such as freelance, part-time and work-from-home.

So, how do you find yourself content writer jobs that best suit your needs? To begin with, write as much as you can. Confused? What that means is, start a personal collection of your written pieces, such as a blog. This is because many recruiters ask for work samples along with your content writer job application. If you are fairly new to the writing industry and don’t have samples of your previous work, having a personal blog is extremely useful. It also reflects that your love for writing goes beyond a job. 

The next step is to focus on building a resume that matches your skills. How well you write your resume is also a reflection on your skills as a content writer. Clarity of the information you put across with the right amount of details should be your emphasis. However, make sure to keep it concise – that is, within a page or two at most. You can add links to your blogs and other online projects in the email communication. 

In terms of educational qualifications, in many cases, content writer jobs do not require you to have a background in writing. However, a degree in literature or communication is an advantage and definitely adds to your favor.

Once you have all your requisite information in place, you should move on to building your networking skills. Join professional networking sites and connect with professionals from your prospective companies. You can also make use of your existing social media accounts to discover networking groups and join them. Your friend circle and family members can also prove to be a great help if you put the word across. Employers give high preference to referrals from existing employees. So, make sure you utilize your circles as much as you can. 

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While you keep exploring within your networks, you must also stay updated about prospective companies you can find out about. Since it is a career choice with a wide range of scope, content writer jobs can be found in almost any industry, and in a variety of sub-areas. Content writer jobs are divided into focus areas such as technical writing, blogging, commercial writing, screenwriting, staff writing, website content writing, and scriptwriting, among others. These jobs are available across industry verticals, ranging from healthcare, tourism, real estate to education, government, information technology and so on. Today, any small to the large company requires branding due to fierce competition. Content writers are hired for developing the content of company websites from scratch, for working on their blogs, and so on. 

When it comes to flexible working options, content writer jobs are highly popular among working parents, part-time workers, freelancers, and students. As long as you have an internet connection, you can make a great living out of content writer jobs from anywhere. This also makes it a great option for those seeking healthier work-life balance. 

So, if a career in content writing sounds appealing, get into action. If you are already a content writer and looking for a switch, get your resume update-to-date, and start exploring through online job boards. Find yourself a fulfilling career with content writer jobs.

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