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The coronavirus outbreaks threw the world into chaos. It not only affected the health and economy. But it also revolutionized the workplace and offices. The definition of normal has changed, and we are living amid the new norms. 

Homes have become our new office, and social media is the medium to stay in touch. But what are the new norms, and what does it look like? After covid 19 we might see some of these changes in the workplace.

Changes in the Workplace after Covid 19

Increased Hygiene Standards Among Offices

Offices always practiced cleanliness and hygiene, but the virus outbreak highlighted this issue and made them take precautions to build a safe working environment for the employees. This pandemic has raised the bar for hygiene standards. 

Companies are expected to follow these safety standards in the future. Many offices installed new technology like automatic open-doors and the installation of hand sanitizers in every nook and corner of the office, putting barriers between workstations to prevent the spreading airborne virus. 

Regular temperature recordings and encouraging employees to work from home if they don’t feel well. Social distancing measures would be practiced in the workplace. Shaking hands and other skin-to-skin contacts would be avoided. 

Many workplaces are only calling a small group of employees every day. They are adopting office shifting algorithms to reduce the number of employees in the office. And decrease the chances of virus spreading. 

A mix of Virtual and In-office work

When the lockdown was imposed around the world. Most employees were working remotely. But the remote work option is not going to be around forever. Employees will have to start attending the office eventually. The office environment is essential to make the collaboration process easier for the employees. 

Even though Covid 19 has opened a world of possibilities for employees and employers. They are adopting a mix of both remote and in-office work to contain the virus and keep the projects on time. 

Employees are equipped to work from home by telecommuting and using online methods. And they are called to the office in small groups when the need arises. This offers flexibility to the employees and doesn’t affect their careers. This is one of the most common changes you can see among the offices after covid 19 breakouts. 

Improvement in Crisis Preparation Plans

In the beginning, when the virus broke out. There was a panic among the employees and employers. Their lack of preparation for a crisis like this was the key reason behind this panic. The employers weren’t able to manage the crisis in the initial stage, and they saw many of their employees getting affected and catching the virus. 

This opened their eyes and made them adopt methods to prevent a case like this in the future. Companies all over the world are now taking preventative measures. And improving their crisis management plans for the future. They are adopting these measures, so if anything like this happens in the future. 

It won’t affect the productivity or the working of the company. And they can easily adapt to the situation and keep their business running smoothly.  

Offering Digital Alternatives to Some Employees

The pandemic made the companies rethink their on-site operations. Yes, the companies prefer to keep the business under one roof. So, they can keep tabs on it and check the quality of the work.

 But when the companies were forced to ask their employees to work remotely, it created a new way. The recruitment process changed. Video-conferencing and online tests were employed to assess the ability of a candidate

And now, many companies are hiring remote employees for the operations that can be done digitally. This will improve the adaptability of the company. 

Small and Flexible Leases

Many companies paid the rents of their offices even though space was abandoned for months. This increased unnecessary burden on the owners, and as a result, they will now look for flexible leases. 

The 5-10 years leases will be avoided by the companies to attain flexibility. In the relationship between the tenant and owner, the owner always had an upper hand. But this move will shift that paradigm and make the two parties equal by mutually benefitting both of them. 

Benefits of New Normal

Greater Flexibility for Employees

All the employees around the world were forced to adapt to remote working when the pandemic broke out. Yes, the collaboration of the office took a serious hit, but this gave all the employees a chance to step up and showcase their skills to their employees. 

The companies also got a chance to see that even if their employees are not present in the offices. They can still work responsibly, meet all the deadlines and keep up with the required pace. This brought a much-needed change in almost every industry. 

The companies will start to trust their employees and even when the pandemic is over. They will still allow their employees to work remotely for a few days if need be. This flexibility can prove to be beneficial for the employees. 

Better focus on Employees Wellness

Health and wellness were the priority when the coronavirus broke out. It also made the companies focus on their employee’s health as well. The pandemic was not just a threat to physical health. But the isolation that came with it was equally harsh on the mental health of the employees. 

It made the companies offer more support and health benefits to their employees. The increase in the support and benefits offered by companies is a part of the new normal. This focus on the health of employees was long overdue. And now companies are understanding the importance of the support. 

This trend will continue to be adopted by organizations all over the world. So, the employees can expect many emotional and physical benefits from this new post covid era

How to Prepare for the New-normal

Create a Work-Life Balance

Finding that perfect balance in work and personal life can be a challenge. The routines were disrupted when the covid hit. Where the employees used to get up, get ready, and head to work. Now, they get up, get ready, switch on their devices and start working from home. 

When you are working from home, it is easier to get carried away and stay up late working and finishing projects. Personal life can take a toll amid the hectic routine. So make sure you make clear boundaries between work and personal life. Set a routine and stick to it. 

Track Time to Manage the Routine Better

To make sure you keep your work and personal life separate. We would suggest keeping a time log or tracker. Maintain your log for a week, and then you will have a habit of keeping it. This will help you organize your time better by keeping the track of activities you do in a day.

 When you have a time tracker you can have a look at it and analyze where you are spending extra time and come up with ways to save time. 

Make Time for Yourself 

Keeping yourself positive amid the pandemic was the hardest thing to do. The death toll rising and more and more people getting infected every day was bringing sadness and worries to mind. Staying motivated at this time was a hard task. 

Many people suffered from depression because of trying circumstances. To feel a little better and keep your head high. Many studies suggested making some time for yourself. Indulging in any favorite activity like watching a TV show or reading a book can work wonders. 

It can bring back the sense of control, distract from the constant bad news around and help you feel a little better about the situation. 


These are hard times, and everyone is trying to adjust to this new normal. The constant effort it needs can make you feel overwhelmed in such situations. One way to deal with this feeling is to communicate with friends, family members, or co-workers. 

The isolation can make this troublesome time even harder. So stay in touch with people and if you are going through a hard phase, then discuss it with your close relatives or friends. Chances are they might be going through a similar situation. 

Together you can help each other and provide a new perspective on the situation. Making it easier to handle and cope with it. 


The world faced an unexpected threat, and it revolutionized the world. People started taking their emotional and physical health seriously. Companies started offering support to their employees, and the world was working from home. We saw the world change in front of us. We experienced and became a part of the transition. 

Adjusting to this new normal can be tough. But we have to keep in mind that all of us are navigating through this new world. And if we don’t believe it, some people are willing to help us. It might take some time to fully catch up with the new ways of life. But keep in mind that it is a work in progress for all of us. 

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