Civil engineering jobs

Civil Engineering Jobs

Civil Engineering has always been an integral part of the nation’s development. Civil engineer jobs have the amalgamation of intelligence, importance, and professionalism.

With the developing Indian infrastructure, the demand for civil engineer jobs increased and hence with the rapid projects like Metro trains in various cities this profession boomed.

Civil Engineer jobs are for those who are thinkers and builders as the profession demands planning, organizing, directing, execution and control.

These engineers work on various duties such as designing and monitoring civil construction, which is a very important part of society. To understand this profile better let us now take a look at the job description.

Civil Engineering Job description

Civil Engineer Jobs include work activities and solving real-life problems. The people in this profession work with the environment. This job demands both the qualities to work outside in the live environmental settings as also to complete paperwork.

Although specific duties may vary, many of them direct engineering activities ensuring compliance with environmental, safety, or other governmental regulations.

To some Civil Engineers, it is also their responsibility to provide technical advice to industrial or managerial personnel regarding design, construction, or program modifications or structural repairs.

  • Evaluation of mechanical or supply requirements for expansion or construction projects.
  • Review services or locations to regulate and confirm if they meet specifications or standards.
  • Observe land or bodies of water to measure or determine features.
  • Approximation of operational costs.

Career and Educational Requirement for Civil Engineering Jobs

Most employers only look for a bachelor’s degree for this profession but getting a master’s degree is an add-on. At times a few people as the career grow to take up other vocational education and training to sustain in the job role. There are a few post-graduate diploma courses which could be done.

Civil Engineering Jobs require expertise in these 5 areas:

  • Engineering and Technology
  • Building and Construction
  • Mathematics
  • Design
  • Communication

Must have Skills Civil Engineering Jobs:-

  • Integrity
  • Dependability
  • Attention to Detail
  • Initiative
  • Analytical Thinking

Various positions that you may opt for as Civil Engineers: –

  • Construction Engineers
  • Geo-Technical Engineers
  • Structural engineers
  • Transportation Engineers

Salary for Civil Engineering Jobs: – (Source:

An entry-level Civil Engineer with less than 1-year experience can expect to earn an average total compensation (includes tips, bonuses, and overtime pay) of ₹247,287 based on 1,376 salaries.

An early career Civil Engineer with 1-4 years of experience earns an average total compensation of ₹294,990 based on 5,246 salaries.

A mid-career Civil Engineer with 5-9 years of experience earns an average total compensation of ₹483,900 based on 1,642 salaries.

An experienced Civil Engineer with 10-19 years of experience earns an average total compensation of ₹672,580 based on 698 salaries.

In their late-career (20 years and higher), employees earn an average total compensation of ₹958,205.

Skills you need to succeed in Civil Engineering Job

Civil Engineering Jobs involve hard work and determination along with a professional attitude as most of the civil engineering projects have deadlines to complete the work. So, if you want to form a successful career in civil engineering so first thing first, you should know the time management skills until the project is on.

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