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Top 10 Digital Marketing Trends in 2021

Digital technology is a real revolution in the world of marketing. They appear and develop so rapidly that sometimes it is impossible to keep track of them. Here are 12 key digital trends that will change the face of the market and business in the coming year.

#1. Augmented Reality

Augmented reality technology will help create close interaction between the client and the brand. It has similarities to VR (virtual reality), but in the implementation of AR, it is much simpler and more accessible for the average business. More than 70% of companies will implement immersive technologies in 2021, according to a Gartner study.

#2. Alternative Advertising Platforms

In April 2020, TikTok made over $ 78 million in the App Store and Google Play, surpassing YouTube, Netflix, and Tinder. Most websites and blogs even used this method to get more visitors and traffic, like kissanime , Ted blog, etc. In terms of the number of downloads, the application breaks records every month even for such giant platforms as Facebook or Instagram (in February 2020, over 1.5 billion users downloaded it!). 41% of TikTok’s audience is young people between the ages of 16 and 24, which makes TikTok an excellent ad platform. In addition, it has several undeniable advantages:

  • unique tools like masks or Hashtag Challenge;
  • low competition among advertisers (unlike Instagram);
  • loyal audience;
  • favorable pricing policy and opportunities for influencer marketing.

# 3. Voice Search Optimization

According to analysts, 55% of searches in 2020 already come from voice search. Therefore, in 2021, its popularity will only increase. This optimization can significantly increase your brand awareness and promote promotion. Use programs like – they remember voice commands, track requests, and generate automated scripts for common actions (such as shopping).

#4. Chatbots

Another trend is a virtual interlocutor who is ready to find out the needs of users and answer their questions at any time of the day. You can communicate with the chatbot both by voice and by text. Thanks to this, chatbots are an indispensable tool for automating business on the Internet. You can create your own full-fledged Facebook chatbot using a specialized service and integrate it into your brand group so that it answers the most common customer questions for you. You can do the same on Instagram or Twitter.

#5. Influence Marketing

Influencer marketing is nothing more than the modern word of mouth. It’s simple: your products are recommended by someone who is an authority for your target audience. For example, a famous beauty blogger on YouTube might advertise a natural cosmetics brand in one of his videos. More than 22% of young people from 18 to 35 years old make purchases regularly after viewing such recommendations.

The point is that the information submitted by the authoritative person is not perceived as ordinary advertising. Influencers speak the same language as their audience, and it is easier for them to praise your company in an accessible and unobtrusive way. Why not use it to increase sales?

#6. Messengers

Messengers are not just about sharing stickers and messages with friends or colleagues. There are also billions of active users who can also become your customers. According to experts’ forecasts, the most popular messengers in 2021 will be WhatsApp, Telegram, and Facebook Messenger.

They offer many possibilities that other platforms and social networks cannot offer. For example, this is instant message delivery – the messenger does not imply an “exit” function, so there is no need to wait for the user to appear on the network. You can also communicate with customers on behalf of the brand, chat, or send mailings without using email.

#7. Personalization

Sad fact: 97% of average website visitors don’t turn into customers. The reason is simple – companies offer users the wrong products that they really need. Fortunately, personalization solves this problem. Want to boost your online store sales? Set up the system so that it remembers the purchases of your customers and then shows them products similar to those that they purchased earlier. Indeed, according to statistics:

personalization works in 90% of cases, that is, 90% of customers reach the purchase stage thanks to it;
65% of users are repelled by generic ads;
Starbucks’ revenue increased to $ 2.5 billion in the first year of customizing coffee cups.

#8. Neuro Marketing

It will be one of the most futuristic and impressive digital marketing trends in 2021. Neuro marketing involves the study of consumer behavior and methods of influencing it. To do this, Neuro marketing measures and analyzes the activity of the human brain and nervous system, which allows you to select those types of content, to which the person reacts most positively. Using the collected information, you can make changes to an existing marketing strategy or create a new one, one that will trigger a specific audience segment. Thanks to neuro marketing, by the way, companies started to play with packaging colors or put the price of $ 9.99 instead of $ 10.

#9. Live Broadcasts and Streams

Live broadcasts are watched 3 times more often than regular videos recorded in advance. Why? Users are captivated by the feeling of “involvement” in the events taking place here and now. So, the popularity of broadcasts is proved by the streaming platform Twitch, whose audience is growing every day.

#10. Communication Marketing

We are talking about direct communication with customers in the same social networks or messengers. 83% of customers said that when making a purchase decision, what matters to them is how quickly and responsively the brand responds to their questions. And to maximize the engagement of the audience, add users as friends, reply to comments, or like photos. Also generate user-generated content: post pictures taken by your clients in your accounts, tell their stories. Write about them for them.


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Improve Your Digital Marketing Writing

If you are one of those people who are afraid of a time-consuming profession, you can rest assured: Writers will exist forever and ever.

This is because the word has unparalleled value in communication and it is often the one that enhances feelings by being aligned with design.

Cheetahpapers gives you more tips and tricks to improve your digital marketing content.

But ok, how to write something that is sentimental and yet can convert the consumer?

Is this a natural talent or a matter of practice?

Well, like all the skills in the world, it’s a matter of intense study in the structure of a text and its goals, be it email marketing, SEO, social media text or content.

Good copywriters are one of the best-paid types of writing professionals, because their ability is valued as unique, as the structure shapes the audience’s thinking about the brand or product, and has a tone of its own to each.

Being a copywriter, in other words, is like living a character for each communication channel.

Being passionate about writing and producing killer content is different, especially as it entails a long journey of study and knowledge, including understanding Content Marketing.

Check out these principles that we have separated so that you are totally killer in your writing:

The purpose is the sale, even though it is not.

It may be strange when you start, but advertising is designed to act covertly: This means that a Social Media professional, for example, creates compelling content to seduce and engage audiences, even if their real intent is to convert.

When you create compelling and dynamic content, you automatically create added value for a brand or product, because the consumer understands that the brand is ready to match and give it importance.

This means that you need to carefully demonstrate the benefits, build trust, bond and answer questions that the public did not know they had.

Disregard any type of text that does not bring an answer.

Pictures Formed by Words

Creating an image through words is one of the copywriter’s most powerful tools.

That’s because it’s so much easier to remember something if you have the picture in your head!
How many times have you read a book that the author has described a hot drink, one that warms the tip of your nose with steam?

It’s almost as if you can feel the cold and the sensation because our brain is able to rotate scenes in our heads.

How about making your audience imagine using your product or service through Content Marketing?

Word Lab

Imagine mixing test tubes with alphabet letters inside: Being a copywriter is almost a science.

You can and should test various text styles and see which one works best for your audience.

One idea is to have a spreadsheet where you can compare the results of the same text, using different languages and formats.

This is called the AB test, when you pass the same message in different ways and find out which one works best, even font color and font size can be analyzed.

Much more than Impact Headlines

When headlines (the famous titles and subtitles) are boring, the consumer will have no interest in knowing more about their content, since the desire was not provoked.

Also, they can’t rely on just being cute rhymes either.

You should be concerned about showing the benefits of the product or service to your audience, not just how skillful you are with words.

Today’s public understands that even when subtle, advertising is made for sale, so the feeling of fear of being deceived exists.

Be careful to be direct and honest about what you are offering and forget about creating promotions that have asterisks indicating that there are conditions that make it possible.

Build rapport and trust instead of just high reach numbers.

Goodbye to the Short Text

There is an idea that the text should be extremely short. Ok, you should know that on Facebook, for example, images with a lot of text don’t perform well in range.

But the story for a description is different: Imagine you’ve already caught the reader’s eye with amazing wording in the image and now you have a chance to finish seducing him with the description … Why use only a short text if the goal is bigger?

Think that your text being interesting will be read.

Align Text Quality with Marketing

An absurd text of incredible dies without mercy if the marketing of your company is not good.

Imagine creating an email marketing or social media that is a magnet for consumers, but when they come in contact with your brand, they are disappointed with the effectiveness of marketing.

Here are some tips to avoid this kind of reaction:

  • Offer free content, famous freebies! You can submit ebooks, guides, assessment test through marketing by email writing.
  • Only marketers like marketing. Do not write content that looks like ads.
  • Attract the right audience and make sure marketing is ready to build a relationship with them afterward.
  • Develop your SEO and not write to Google, but to people. What good would it be to be first in the search engines and your content not deliver what promised?
  • Write to attract and then convert. It’s much easier when your audience becomes a fan and then comes to buy your product.
  • Do not sell to the general public, but to Fabiana.
  • Fabiana is the person for our example. Developing content is much easier if you build the profile of the person who will buy it. Through the help of your Marketing team, you can develop a target consumer profile and write content directly for people like her.

Let’s say you work in a travel agency and create a personal

Fabiana is a college graduate but is having a hard time finding a job that pays her well.

Therefore, she looks for other opportunities that can help you with this.

That way she will be well paid, using the extra money to travel as she always dreamed.

Now you understand that Fabiana has difficulty paying for travel due to its remuneration.

What your fictional travel agency could do is create more forms of payment for people like her and advertise these facilities with inviting text.

Thus, it would be much easier for Fabiana to travel even with little if she plans longer.

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