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Software Development Methodology

Software development is an art. Because of this art software developers develop quality software. Software development comprises on series of step and each step is atomic step designed towards the perfecting of software. A bug free and time saving software product is the result of true and applicable methodology. The steps involved in the development engineering are long, conceptual and cumbersome. Software production is because of lot of hard work, ideas, experience and testing. Software developers are always struggling to deliver the best by introducing the new versions of software. It is always challenge for the software developers to provide the version of their product that can compete the market.

Software methodology is actual process that is gone through out the development of the software. It comprises a series of steps that are researching, planning, analysing, designing, coding etc. This means that software developers are customising according to needs of their clients. The basic standards that are required for implementation of software methodology are long term experience, industry knowledge and technology to develop software.

Have you ever counted that how fast technology is growing if you compare it with its earlier time? If we go two years back, we will observe exponential progress. Even our life style has changed and now we can complete our task at very rapid speed. Because of technology advancement our social life has improved. Things that were our dream in the past are happening very quickly today.

Whenever we discuss software methodology, it means we are talking about the agile methodology that is very recent introduction in the software industry. The word agile means ability to be quick with technology. It may also have the meaning that it can be more versatile with practice

If we ponder over the market, we will see hundreds of similar software is in the market and selecting accurate one is a tough job. Never compromise on the quality and keep in mind that software is always updated with the arrival of new technology norms , so do future agreement with the company to run your business smoothly.

SAP software modules are fulfilling the requirements of each size industry. Select software modules that are very necessary to run your business. With the deployment of this software, you also need professionals that can run these software modules. If you have already software professional, manage SAP training for them.

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10 Reasons to Study Computer Science

If you take up computer science as your major course in college, you will have an in-depth knowledge of the hardware and software devices and how these are used to benefit you, the workforce, and other aspects in this high technology era where practically everything is computerised. If you are afraid of new, just be sure you know the site which offers you computer science homework help.

By choosing computer science, you open up yourself to a plethora of opportunities such as the following:

Job opportunities

Practically all industries these days are utilising both hardware and software for the advancement of their businesses. Even the ones that are used at homes such as alarm systems and lighting devices make use of the internet. These home devices are controlled via the use of smartphones. If you have the knowledge and skills on how to connect, to troubleshoot, and to maintain these things, then it will be easier for you to get a job. Not to mention, that these positions are high-paying jobs.

Computer Languages are Useful Anywhere

The world is at your fingertips. By having a deep knowledge of computer languages, you can work anywhere you want to be. There are a lot of international work opportunities that await someone like you who is good with programming language.

Tech Internship Opportunities

Many companies prefer to hire workers who have some kind of job experience. What’s good about computer science is that you have the privilege to work as an intern in top companies in your area. Though you do not get paid for your services but what you get is a valuable experience and hands-on job in the line of work that you wish to do in the near future.

Those who have tech internship experience have a bigger chance of landing an awesome job.

Good Pay

Computer science jobs are very financially rewarding. In fact, based on an article in a US news, someone who works in the field of computer science earns $101,000.00 annually as a software developer, $139,000.00 as an IT Manager, and $67,000.00 as a web developer.

Good at Problem Solving

If you choose computer science as your course, you learn to be an analytical thinker. You will be trained on how to manage your emotions appropriately when you are faced with a difficult task to solve. In short, you become more objective than subjective which is an important trait when it comes to managing decisions in various aspects of life.

Tutorial Job Opportunities

Who would resist the chance to work at home and get paid well? That is one of the opportunities that you open yourself into if you will take-up computer science as your college course. You can offer your services online to students and to those people who want to gain knowledge about computer science help online.

You can do this either as a full-time or a part-time job.

Study Online

Are you worried that you do not have the time to go to school study? No worries, the computer science course allows you to study and finish your course at the comfort of your home or perhaps anywhere you are in the world.

All you need is a strong internet connection. You manage your own time. You decide when it is convenient for you to study. The only important thing to consider is to submit all the requirements on time. Otherwise, you are the master of your own time.

Collaboration with Others

These days, you can learn more knowledge through collaboration. In fact, if you are the shy type, you may even find it rewarding because you learn even if you do not see the other person. You can ask queries, get enlightenment through emails, and other forms of online messaging.

It can be a two-way stream, too! You get ideas from others while you also share with them what you know about the language of the computer. Such is the beauty of collaboration online.

Increase Creativity

As you advance in the course of computer science, you eventually learn how to break codes and at the same time, learn how to create new codes. Coding encourages students to be creative meticulous because creating codes demand precision and accuracy.


Immense Research Opportunities

As you learn how algorithms function, you open yourself to vast knowledge. Not everyone is knowledgeable about algorithms and this limits their research opportunities. The computer world is very rich in information, unfortunately, not everyone knows how to access this information.

But if you choose computer science as your course, you are lucky because you will discover how to unlock all those opportunities to learn new and more things around you.

There is no doubt that technology is becoming more sophisticated. Learning more about computer science is a step that students can take to see the world and what it has to offer to them.

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Tips to Optimise Your PC Performance

Our computer systems can be compared to the cars that we drive, they must be maintained and on a regular basis in order to ensure that they run optimally. Over time, it’s common for our systems to accumulate a considerable number of unneeded/unused files, applications, and tools, these programs may have been picked up from the internet or they may be something you installed many months or even years ago. All of these things over time have a negative effect on the performance of our computers. However, the good thing is that there are a number of things that you can do to restore the health of your system.

How to Improve PC Performance

Here are a number of tips that you should follow in order to enhance the performance of your computer:

Check for Computer Spyware, Viruses and Malware

Malware or Spyware are small malicious programs that are designed to do harm to your system, they are just as capable of causing harm to your system as your standard virus is. These small programs are able to get onto your computer without your knowledge and cause a great deal of damage. The general purpose of your average spyware program is to spy on whatever the computer user does on the system, sending all of the data that it’s logged back to the creator of the spyware, who typically are fraudsters and hackers out to steal the personal information of your average computer users. The information that they are able to obtain, can be anything from credit card details to username and passwords, typically anything of real value to you.

Although malware and spyware can be used interchangeably, malware is somewhat different in that they tend to be a lot more disruptive to your computer. Spyware is typically unable to act on itself, whereas the moment malware gets on your computer, it immediately goes to work. Malware is capable of completely crippling your system, one very familiar malware that people tend to get is the redirect virus, which basically redirects all your search engine traffic to malicious websites, that are usually laced with viruses. Thus, it’s in your best interest to ensure that neither spyware nor malware gets onto your system; this can be done by running a full scan of any antivirus program you have installed on your computer.

Another side effect of spyware is the toll that it’s able to take on the performance of your computer. It’s also capable of prohibiting you from running certain programs, effectively barring you from doing anything constructive on it; this is usually done while it’s destroying the integrity of your operating system. Therefore, you should also run a spyware remover in addition to the antivirus scan, just to ensure your computer is completely cleaned.

Defrag Your Hard Drive

Hard drive maintenance is something that the average user really things about. The vast majority of computer users typically do not take the time to either maintain or clean their hard drives, however when their operating system starts to act up, they ironically get really angry. Defragging a hard drive has become the conventional solution to fixing sluggish or slow systems, so it’s notwithstanding that it’s typically one’s first recommendation. Hard drives become fragmented as a result of all the files being written to it and erased over time; it’s a process that leads to the hard drive slowly deteriorating in performance.

Whenever you install a new program on a hard drive, portions of the hard drive allocated for it. Over time, as you uninstall programs, and put new ones on, free allocated units begin to spring up all over the hard drive. This leads to data being spread across the entire drive, resulting in the hard drive having to do more work in order to access data for specific programs.

This process of defragmentation has a negative effect on the writing speed of the hard drive, but it also has a negative effect on the actual components of the drive, essentially decreasing the drive life. Fragmentation is a process that cannot be avoided; however, newer hard drives are designed to reduce its effects. Using a storage capacity hard drive is one of the most effective ways to avoid having data being spread across the entire drive. If you ensure that at least 30% of the hard drive is made up of free space, then you can be sure that whenever you assign new data to the drive, it will be stored sequentially. Newer hard drives also have much larger buffers, which helps speed up the reading and writing process.

There are a number of different programs that you can use to defrag your hard drive, however, for the sake of simplicity; I recommend you use the built-in Windows Disk Defragmenter, which you can find in System Tools.

Repair Your Registry

If you don’t know what the registry is, it’s basically an area of the computer where all the configuration settings data is stored. However, over time, as you install more and more programs, it can become corrupted. The registry is also prone to containing data that is no longer of any use, like the settings of a program that you have already uninstalled. When you scan and repair the registry, you’re essentially ironing out all of these issues, which all ultimately affect the performance of your computer.

Remove Unnecessary Programs from Startup

If during the boot-up phase, you have a tone of programs loading up at the same time, then you’ll be made to wait a considerable length of time before your system becomes accessible to you. However, the workaround would be to switch off those programs which you feel, quite frankly have no business loading up during boot up. You can do this by running Microsoft Configuration Utility and uncheck the services that you think your computer can do without.

Free Up Hard Drive Space

Today, hard drives are available in considerably large storage capacities, with purchasing a new hard drive for your computer becoming a more cost-effective approach, as each day passes, but despite all of that, your hard drive will still eventually vanish. If you like to surf the internet, visiting the lost of web pages and downloading and installing applications, then a lot of temporary files will be stored in your internet temp folder, and in some cases, it may prove difficult for you to remove them. Having to think about which files you should delete and which ones you should keep, can prove to be quite a strenuous tasks, as a result, I put together a number of methods that you can use to free up hard drive space.

1. Use Windows Disk Cleanup

If you use a Windows-based operating system, then go to My Computer, access the Properties of your hard drive and click on Disk Cleanup. Once the application has loaded up, it will give you a list of all the files that you can delete in order to conserve hard drive space. Just select the file types that you know you do not need, then click on OK, once you’ve done that, the operating system will ask you to confirm your choice.

This is a process that you should carry out for all the hard drives in your computer. Another way to access this tool is from System Tools.

2. Empty Your Recycle Bin

Make sure that you’ve emptied your recycle bin that no files exist in it. After you’ve emptied your recycle bin, it may also be a good idea for you to defragment your hard drive. This can be done by using Windows Disk Defragmenter, found in system tools.

3. Uninstall Unneeded Applications

To do this, you will have to access Add/Remove Programs, which can be found in your control panel. Once you’ve loaded the applet up, simply scroll through the list of applications on your computer, programs such as browser add-ons and toolbars are not really needed, so you can delete them. This activity will not only help you free up hard drive space, but it should also help you increase the performance of your computer.

4. Empty Your Temporary Internet Folder

All the browsers you can use today are built around the same architecture, they all use temporary folders. So the objective is for you to do one or two things, either you can configure the internet browser to automatically erase the contents of the folder on a given day or when it reaches a certain file size. Or you can opt to delete the contents of this folder manually. Ideally, you’d want to set it so it’s done automatically, but assuming you haven’t already done that, you should load up your browser and empty all your browsing data.

5. Remove Unused Windows Components

It’s possible for you to add and remove windows components that you no longer use. This can be done by loading up Add/Remove Programs, which you can find in the control panel. From here, you can opt to remove components such as the Games folder or certain Internet Self Hosting components that you either do not need or have never used. This is a nice little way of freeing up some space and ultimately enhancing the performance of your computer.

Automatic Software Updates

There are tons of applications out there like Microsoft Office that have updates for it released on a regular basis. This also includes updates for your operating system. By installing these updates it will not only increase the security of your computer, but it will also enhance its performance.

Other Products & Methods

Purchase Additional Products

There are also various additional products that you could consider, like adapters and USB hubs, which are capable of speeding up your computer. These kinds of devices are designed to ensure that you get the most out of any external device that you decide to add to your computer, so that’s definitely something that you should consider.

Plug Your Laptop In

If you’re using a laptop computer, then one thing you should be aware of is that when it’s not plugged in, the device uses less power. So one method that you can use to gain a little more speed out of your laptop computer is to plug it into the mains, where possible.

Upgrade Your Memory

If you purchased your computer brand new from the shop, then it’s likely that it will have some free slots for additional memory expansion. Thus, you should consider adding more RAM to it. Adding memory is a sure-fire way of increasing the performance of your system, whether it’s for gaming or running standard applications.

Dust Your System

One thing you’ll want to do is ensure that your computer is regularly cleaned. If too much dust builds up inside your computer, it can have a detrimental effect on the performance of the components. To dust the computer, you can use either a small vacuum cleaner or compressed air.

Check Cable Connections

Sometimes a loose connection can result in degraded system performance. Thus, it’s important that you check all your cable connections to ensure that they are securely in their slots. You may also want to check your internet connection, just to be sure that things are running as they should.


This post is contributed by Uchenna Ani-Okoye
He  is a former IT Manager who now runs his own computer support website

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