Getting Started With Google Analytics 360 Assessment 1 Answer

Total Number of Questions: 8

#1. Which of the following features are only available for Analytics 360 properties? (select three)

  • Roll-Up Reporting
  • Custom Tables
  • Custom Funnels
  • Custom Dimensions & Metrics

#2. Which feature is unique to Roll-Up Reporting Properties?

  •  BigQuery Export
  •  Source Properties report
  •  Users Flow report
  •  Audience Insights report

#3. Which features need to be configured within the views of your new Roll-Up Property? (select three)

  • Filters
  • Events
  • Exclude URL Query Parameters
  • Goals

#4. Which of the following statements about Custom Funnels are true? (select three)

  • Custom Funnels populate with historical data.
  • Custom Funnels can consist of any number of stages.
  • Custom Funnel stages can be based on pages or events.
  • A single-stage can consist of multiple rules.

#5. In the custom funnel below, what was the percentage of users who left the funnel between stage 1 and stage 2?

  • 94.88%
  • 5.12%
  • 26.78%
  • 69.47%

#6. When does sampling occur in Analytics 360 reports?

  •  When a report contains a high cardinality dimension
  •  When a standard report contains more than six months of data
  •  When an ad-hoc query exceeds the sampling threshold for sessions
  •  When a standard report exceeds the sampling threshold for sessions

#7. What would indicate that your report has exceeded its row limit?

  •  The report shows a message that it is not based on 100% of sessions
  •  You see “(other)” as a row for the primary dimension in your report
  •  You see “Unsampled Reports” as an available Export option
  •  You are unable to show more than 5,000 rows in the user interface

#8. What is a key benefit of Custom Tables when compared to Unsampled Reports?

  •  Custom Tables support ad-hoc analysis with reports in the Google Analytics user interface
  •  Custom Tables enable you to pull more unsampled historical data
  •  Custom Tables have higher row limits than Unsampled Reports
  •  Custom Tables can be scheduled to run daily
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