Getting Started With Google Analytics

Getting Started With Google Analytics 360 Assessment 4 Answer

Total Number of Questions: 5

1. Which report would you use to understand how Display interactions across the full purchase path contribute to conversions?

    • Assisted Conversions
    • Time Lag
    • Path Length
    • Behavior Flow

2. Once integrated with Campaign Manager, where can you use Campaign Manager dimensions within Google Analytics? (select three)

    • Custom Segments
    • Secondary Dimensions
    • Custom Reports
    • Custom Dimensions

3. In the Acquisition > Google Marketing Platform > Campaign Manager > Campaigns report, which metric group would you select to see Google Analytics sessions side-by-side with Campaign Manager impressions and clicks?

    • Site Usage
    • Clicks
    • Floodlight
    • Ecommerce

4. Which of the following are benefits of using auto-tagging with your Campaign Manager integration? (select three)

    • Provides additional advertising dimensions
    • Removes risk of manual tagging errors
    • Removes the need to maintain manual tags
    • Increases data freshness

5. If you prefer to see your manual tag values for your Campaign Manager traffic, what feature would you edit in Google Analytics?

    • Allow manual tagging (UTM values) to override auto-tagging (DCLID values) for Campaign Manager and Display & Video 360 reporting integration
    • Allow manual tagging (UTM values) to override auto-tagging (GCLID values) for Google Ads and Search Ads 360 integration
    • Enable the Campaign Manager reporting integration
    • Disable Cost Data in the Campaign Manager integration.
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