Google Analytics for Power Users Assessment 1 Answers

Total Question: 4
Assessment 1 is based on Google Analytics for Power Users Unit-1. In this unit, we will learn about users’ behavior. We can use analytics data to generate reports of users who are going to be our potential customers. After completing this course you can easily pass the Assessment using this cheat sheet.
#1. When viewing the Mobile Overview report below and comparing “Made a Purchase” and “Didn’t make a purchase” segments, which conclusion is recommended?
  • Most users who converted were using a desktop.
  • The Google Store should optimize its site for tablets.
  • The Google Store shouldn’t bother developing for mobile.
  • There must be an issue with the checkout flow on the desktop.
#2. Which report, without additional configuration, shows e-commerce conversion rates for users on Tablets?

  • Conversions > Ecommerce > Overview
  • Audience > Mobile > Overview
  • Audience > Cross-Device > Device Paths
  • Audience > Mobile > Devices
#3. Which feature enables you to analyze up to 3 dimensions at once?
  • Explorer report
  • Primary dimension
  • Pivot table
  • Table filter

#4. Which setting do you use to change the metric displayed in the table?
  • A
  • B
  • C
  • D
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