Google Analytics for Power Users Assessment 2 Answers

Total Question: 7
This Assessment is based on the Unit-2 of Google Analytics For Power Users.
This is about learning and analyzing traffic sources.
You can decide which traffic source is doing good business and converting leads.
You will learn about the customization of channels and newsletter importance in this unit. Here are the questions and answers of Google Analytics for Power Users Assessment 2 Question.
#1. If one of your site’s paid traffic sources had a low eCommerce conversion rate, which actions should you take? (select two)

  • Immediately stop investing in marketing for the source.
  • Immediately increase marketing spend for the source.
  • Determine whether the traffic source fulfills other site goals.
  • Determine whether the source assists in conversions.
#2. You have a goal configured for newsletter signups. You want to determine which traffic sources are sending you the most users who’ve signed up for your newsletter. In this All Traffic report, which setting should you adjust to find this data?
  •  A
  • B
  •  C
  •  D
#3. How would you view data for Revenue, Transactions, and Average Order Value per traffic source?

  • View the All Traffic > Source/Medium report and select “E-commerce” in the Explorer tab.
  • View the Ecommerce > Sales Performance report and add Source/Medium as a secondary dimension.
  • View the Ecommerce > Overview report and select “Avg. Order Value” as a metric in the time graph.
  • View the Mobile > Overview report and select “E-commerce” in the Explorer tab.
#4. In this Channels report, we’ve clicked into the Referral channel. What are the two top sources of users in the Referral channel?
  • Organic Search and Social
  • and
  • and
  • Google and Direct
#5. What does “(Other)” indicate in the Channels report? (select two)

  • (Other) sessions have no campaign value attached to them.
  • (Other) sessions have no source value attached to them.
  • (Other) sessions cannot be categorized in any of the channels in this channel grouping.
  • Investigate (Other) to see if sessions could be categorized by defining a new channel.
#6. Where can you view heatmap reporting users by time of day?
  • Analytics > Home
  •  Analytics > Audience
  •  Analytics > Acquisition
  •  Analytics > Real-Time

#7. You’re running an email promotion providing a discount to users with a birthday in the month of September. What metrics and dimensions should you include in a custom report to determine the day and time when users are most likely to complete a purchase?
  •  Users, Time, Day
  •  Day Index, Hour, Sessions
  •  Hour of Day, Sessions, Transactions
  •  Day of Week, Hour, Ecommerce Conversion Rate, Sessions
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