Google Analytics for Power Users Assessment 4 Answers

Total Question: 9
This assessment is based on Unit-4 of Google Analytics for Power Users Course.
This Unit is about Product List data to drive more product purchases.
After completing this course you will be able to understand how to use
Product list data for more conversion. This assessment is a test of understanding of
Product list data.
#1. What actions must you take to enable Enhanced Ecommerce in
Google Analytics? (select two)

  • Implement Enhanced Ecommerce on your website.
  • Enable Enhanced Ecommerce Reporting in your Analytics view.
  • Enable Checkout Labeling in Ecommerce settings.
  • Assign values to all Analytics goals.
#2. What can the Product List Performance report be used for? (select three)
  • Identify a list of products to remove from your website.
  • Identify low performing Product Lists for optimization opportunities.
  • Analyze how the order of products in a product list may impact performance.
  • Compare product performance across multiple Product Lists.
#3. In this Product List Performance report, which product list and list position are most efficient at driving product clicks?

  • Position 1 on the Homepage Promo list
  • Position 1 on the Similar Products list
  • Position 3 on the Homepage Promo list
  • Position 3 on the Similar Products list
#4. You’re evaluating whether high-resolution product images on the product detail pages are worth the investment. What metric tells you how often a product was purchased after its detail page was viewed?
  • Cart-to-Detail Rate
  • Buy-to-Detail Rate
  • Average Price
  • Product Adds
#5.In this Product Performance report, which product indicates potential issues with the product details page?

  • 22 oz. Mini Mountain Bottle
  • Travel Journal
  • Organic Basic T-Shirt
  • Men’s Heather T-Shirt
#6. What can the Shopping Behavior Analysis report tell you? (select two)
  • How users moved from one stage of purchasing to the next.
  • Where users abandoned the shopping funnel.
  • Errors on the “Billing and Shipping” page.
  • Top channels driving sessions with check-outs.
#7. In this Checkout Behavior Analysis report, which steps in the checkout process should you optimize based on its drop-off rate?

  • Billing and Shipping
  • Payment
  • Review
  • Sessions with Transactions
#8. Which report would you use to build a segment of users who abandoned
a specific step of the checkout path?
  • Shopping Behavior Analysis
  • Product Performance
  • Ecommerce Overview
  • Checkout Behavior Analysis

#9. You decide to run a landing page experiment to test a new carousel that highlights your top-performing products. Which two reports could you use to determine which products to highlight? (select two)
  • Shopping Behavior Analysis
  • Product Performance
  • Ecommerce Overview
  • Sales Performance
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