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Trending Career Options 2021

With the coronavirus outbreak and the world locked up in their homes. No one can deny that with the pandemic and lockdown, 2020 was a challenging year. The world struggled both in terms of health and economic conditions. But then, 2021 came, and every new year brings new opportunities. 

Every sector was struggling to find a footing in 2020, and the employment opportunities declined sharply. Some employees lost their jobs, and some had to take heavy salary cuts to survive in the pandemic. Ever since 2021 arrived, the opportunities have picked up. 

In this article, we have listed some sectors that are the new trends of 2021. All these sectors are expected to grow in the upcoming years. These sectors are expected to offer employment opportunities. And the candidates who are looking to build a career, these sectors would offer the most growth. 

Software Developement

Software developers are responsible for designing and writing the software. This software runs on computers, laptops, and phones, some developers create specific applications that perform only one kind of task. And some developers work on the operating system that is used by devices and networks. 

Software developers have a dynamic job. Understanding the requirement of the users is in the job profile. Design and test their software according to their needs. They are also responsible for making necessary updates and fixing all the bugs in the app. They create, maintain, and document software to ensure its proper functioning.

Work Environment– Software developers work on creating, maintaining, and upgrading the software. They complete most of their work on laptops. The developers sit on their desks all day and perform their tasks via desktop, or laptop. They often work in teams and are associated with a company. Although some developers work as freelancers. Most of the full-time developers work overtime to complete their projects on time. 

Education Qualifications Required– Software developers are expected to have a bachelor’s degree in computer science or any other field that has a similar course like software engineering. Although a bachelor’s degree is sufficient, some employers ask for a master’s degree. A proven experience and strong skills in computer programming can work as an added advantage. Many programmers complete an internship program before taking on a full-time job. This gives them the needed experience and gives a boost to their career. Being a developer means becoming a student for life. As the developers have to stay up to date with the latest trends in the industry. 

Earning Potential– Pay Scale suggests that the salary of an average software developer in India is ₹497,978  annually. The salary might fluctuate based on the skills and experience of the candidate. 

Growth– Software development is a vast field. The industry is growing, and more and more business owners are switching to the online market. And they are looking to get an app or website developed for their business. They directly influence the employment opportunities in this sector. Studies predict that the sector will grow by 22% this year and will add more jobs to the market. 

Medical and Health Services Manager

The healthcare sector is huge. And owing to the coronavirus outbreak, the sector is expected to grow. Providing care to patients is only a small part of the industry. The sector has other elements too like scheduling appointments of patients, collecting payments, keeping medical records of the patients, and coordinating with the healthcare providers. The managers oversee all the activities and give extra time to health care providers to care for the patients. 

Work Environment– The healthcare sector is huge, and the managers work under different groups to provide their services to the sector. There are many health care settings across the country including, hospitals, clinics, and even nursing homes. Healthcare managers work across all the different settings and provide services under one roof. 

Education Qualifications Required– to get a job as a medical or health service provider, the candidates will need a bachelor’s degree in health administration or health management. An experience in this field will increase your chances of getting selected. Many candidates also opt for a master’s degree and work under the supervision of an actual health care setting to gain experience in the field and increase their chances of getting hired. 

Earning Potential– As per Pay scale, the average salary of a medical and health services manager is ₹550,000 annually. This salary was hiked in the virus outbreak, but the situation is getting back to normal. The salary hike is reducing. 

Growth– amid the pandemic, the employment opportunities in these sectors rose exponentially. But even after the situation is under control now. Growth is still expected in this sector. It is expected that this sector will see a 32% growth in the upcoming years. 

Post-secondary Teacher

Any teacher working with the students after the high-school level is a post-secondary teacher. These teachers are capable of teaching any subject. But the studies suggest that the demand is rising particularly for health, business, and nursing teachers. In addition to teaching the students different subjects. These teachers also conduct research, publish books and papers. They also help the students choose a career option or their field of higher studies. 

Work Environment– These teachers commonly work in public and private colleges, universities, community, or junior colleges of professional schools. These teachers can hold full-time jobs in a specific field of study and hold classes on the side as well. While other teachers often work in part-time jobs and teach at multiple institutions at the same time. 

Education Qualifications Required– Most of the teachers in this profession hold a Ph.D. in the specific field they offer to teach. The path to a doctoral degree is energy and time-consuming, but it is a requirement to make a career in the field. However, some colleges and institutions accept candidates with a master’s degree in their field. But a proven work experience in their area of expertise is required to get the job. 

Earning Potential– According to Payscale, the average salary for a post-secondary teacher is ₹479,323 annually. This salary is an estimation, and the real salary of the candidate will depend on their skills. The subject they teach has a large influence on their salary too. 

Growth– The candidates are looking to polish their skills after school. The demand for a post-secondary teacher is rising. This field is expected to grow around 9% in the upcoming years. 

Nurse Practitioner

This type of nurse has more experience and training as compared to a registered nurse. A nurse practitioner can perform various doctor functions independently. They don’t just assist doctors, but they are adept at handling most of the doctor’s functions. After the recent pandemic where the sword saw a shortage of doctors and other health workers. This field is on the rise. A nurse practitioner can deal with the patient without a doctor. They can diagnose the illness, prescribe medications and care for a patient. 

Work Environment– Nurse practitioners are part of the healthcare system. They commonly work in hospitals, clinics, emergency rooms, care centers, and nursing homes. Many schools and universities have a nurse practitioner on campus to deal with common issues of the students. 

Education Qualifications Required– To make a career as a nurse practitioner. The candidate must have a license as a registered nurse. The candidate must have a bachelor’s or similar degree in nursing. Also, candidates have to complete a graduate program. And work towards advanced clinical training, and get certified as a nurse practitioner. 

Earning Potential– According to recent studies, there is a rise in demand for nurse practitioners. The average salary of a nurse practitioner is ₹450,000 annually. And this amount can fluctuate depending on the hospitals and cities a candidate is in. 

Growth– The market for nurse practitioners saw a spike in demand in 2020, after the coronavirus breakout. But even after the situation is getting under control. This sector is still expected to grow. Studies suggest that this sector will see a whopping 45% growth in the upcoming years. And will be responsible for numerous job openings. 

Financial Manager 

Every company, be it a small-scale company or a fortune 500 company, financial managers are required to take care of their accounts and money. Where owners of the small companies manage it themselves. Large corporations hire financial managers to keep account of the company’s income and expenses. Financial managers create financial reports, manage investments, and help the organization achieve its long-term financial goals.

Work Environment– Financial managers can be hired in any company. They can work in businesses, non-profits organizations, government sectors, etc, financial managers work closely with the top executives and gather data from every department. These managers can work full-time or part-time depending on the need of the company. 

Education Qualifications Required– to make a career as a financial manager. The candidate will need a degree in finance, accounting, economics, or business administration. Some companies ask for a master’s degree in these fields. A relevant work experience in finance like accounting, sales, or banking can increase your chances of getting selected. 

Earning Potential– As per Payscale, the average salary of a financial manager is ₹879,850 annually. This salary keeps fluctuating with the demand in the market. 

Growth– studies suggest that this sector is expected to grow 15% by the year 2029. And it will add numerous jobs in the market. 

Final Word

All the careers listed above are some of the trending choices in 2021. They offer growth, and due to being in trend, they are adding new employment opportunities to the market. Even though these are trending careers, that doesn’t mean other options are not available. If you are looking for a career opportunity that will help you grow in the industry, then you give a shot to these sectors. We have listed the educational qualifications you will need to make a career in these fields. And the average salary you can expect. If you are looking for a field to kick start your professional career, then assess your skills and your qualifications and go for the field that appeals to you the most. 

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Find Data Entry Jobs in Malaysia

With the corona outbreak changing our lives. Data entry jobs have got immensely popular in Malaysia. Most people here find data entry as a job of their convenience and often tend to make a career in this field.

This is that one of those jobs that is exactly the way it sounds and that’s what gives a clear picture to the potential candidates. 

Data is been all around us and almost all companies depend heavily on data to make revenue hence they depend on a professional who can segment information by keying, preserving, and saving data by using computer software and confirming that data is organized and stored in a precise and well-organized manner.

So, if you are the one who wishes to take data entry jobs in Malaysia, then here is what you must know before entering into a career to develop successfully. 

Demand for potential candidates

In modern planning, the data entry outsourcing in business is quite difficult with immense data norms and demands ample dedication, effectiveness, and relevant source of access.

There are various companies that look forward to outsourcing data entry requirements and focus on core business areas.

This is one of the major ways to enhance employee demand in Malaysia creating also this is a support system for companies to improve their management information system as data is of supreme importance in Malaysia.

Work Visa Requirement

Malaysia has a great number of foreign nationals and ex-pats.

The people who visit here with a sole purpose to work should know that to obtain a work visa in Malaysia, there are a few requirements that you must know, these are as follows:

  • The candidate should minimum be 27 years of age to work in any sector (except the IT sector where minimum age is 23).
  • At the moment of submitting the application, the candidate should have a remaining passport validity of 18 months.   
  • The work permits in Malaysia are usually issued for periods between 6 months to 5 years depending upon the sector you are specialized in. 

Job Responsibilities in Data Entry Jobs:

    • Inputting customer Data 
    • Arranging manual data electronically
    • Typing manuscripts 
    • Transliterating documents
    • Accumulation and sorting of market research results 
    • Inputting data (printed, statistical, coded)
    • Data Proofreading
    • Updating backend medical data
    • Recording sales invoice data
    • Smart data entry
    • Working of data entry software as per business requirement

Educational Qualification required to take-up Data Entry Jobs in Malaysia

Although, there is no rule for a candidate to have specific education for this job role most employers in Malaysia find it relevant to hire potential candidates GCSEs (grades A-C) in Mathematics, (ICT) Information Computer Technology, and English.

There are various computer institutes and societies that offer relevant qualifications to find data entry jobs easily, these are:

    • (New CLAIT) OCR Certificate and diploma for IT users 
    • BCS European Computer Driving License

These courses are though not mandatory but most employers take a skill test or aptitude test before being offered a data entry job.

So, it is important for candidates to have proficient typing skills as word per minute is a crucial way to test an effective potential employee. 

Skills Required to Take up Data Entry jobs

    • Proficient Typing Skills.
    • Basic computer education and understanding of relevant software.
    • Literacy and numeracy skills
    • Attention to detail.
    • Good Spelling, punctuation, and grammar
    • Good knowledge of Data Protection Act

Which All Sectors are Most Prominent to Hire for Data Entry Jobs in Malaysia

The major type of organizations that hire for data entry jobs in Malaysia are as follows:

    • Universities
    • Charities
    • Local authorities
    • Support services
    • Corporate bodies
    • Small businesses
    • Web-based companies
    • Embassies
    • Government Companies 

Salary Scale for Data Entry Jobs in Malaysia

    • At the initial level of a job as Data Entry Clerk with less than 1 year of work experience, one can expect to take home an average total of RM 17,617. 
    • In an early career with work experience of 1-4 years may earn an average total salary of RM 15,300. 
    • Progressing in mid-career data entry executive with 5-9 years of work experience can make an average total compensation of RM 28,966. 
    • Highly experienced candidates in the field of data entry jobs with 10-19 years of work experience may take home an average total salary of RM 30,000.

So, if you are the one looking for data entry jobs in Malaysia, then this a complete guide that you may follow to ace in this career. 

Sponsored Post Monster.com

Nikhil Mishra is marketing communications professional with Monster.com. Monster is a global online employment solution for people seeking jobs and the employers who need great people. Nikhil has a diverse career and has been a former journalist, copywriter, and avid communications professional. His passion for the field of marketing and communications is a motivating force for his present career choice. 

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What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is the process of earning a commission by promoting someone else’s product or service. You promoting someone else’s product or service by using what is called an affiliate marketing link, which is a link that you can get from a company a product or a service, someone clicks on that link and then go ahead and buy. You can earn a commission from that. Now the way that it works is that there are many different affiliate marketing programs out there.

Most company Products and services they have what is called an affiliate marketing program. The affiliate marketing program is basically a program they have that gives other people the ability to join for free and promote their products and earn a commission.

After joining an affiliate marketing program the seller or service provider gives you a unique link. Which is a special link that will allow the company to track to see which sales were produced by you and who clicked on your link and went ahead to purchase so that they can track that and make sure that you get paid for promoting the product? Technology with the affiliate links it’s pretty accurate it’s about like 99% accurate. Of course, there are some circumstances where things might not be tracked perfectly but for the most part, you get it.

You get a commission for promoting that product now affiliate marketing is a great thing and the reason why it’s so valuable to get started with online is because you don’t have to create a product and you don’t have to create a service and also you don’t have to be an expert and you don’t even have to really sell the product.

Basically what you’re doing is you’re sharing a product or service with people that you might know family members friends your lists or subscribers or followers whatever might be.

When you share a product or service with your audience and when they click the link they’re going to the other product/service website for the product or the service and that’s going to sell them that’s going to then sell them on the product or service.

They already did all the marketing for it and they have customer support, delivery of the product and so for you, you basically just get paid by sending traffic someone else’s way by sending people you make money in exchange. Affiliate marketing is always a win-win for everybody involved it’s a win for the company because the company has now acquired a customer or a sale that they 7 previously would have never gotten. If it wasn’t for you it’s a win for you because you’ve got to earn money and a commission with doing very little effort.

You didn’t have to come up with the idea, take risks, invent something and didn’t have to be the expert you. It is a part-time job, you don’t have to spend the money to create all the marketing the website all that sort of stuff and you get you to know you easily get paid just by leveraging you know your subscribers or followers or list or traffic in some way. Affiliate marketing is a great thing.

You can just join the affiliate program and earn a commission from that or maybe there’s something complementary that you can promote and earn a commission. So basically what it is, is you’re partnering your joint venturing with other businesses and companies. It’s an incredible thing and your whole job is an affiliate. Your whole focus is just getting traffic, visitors, subscribers and is it you only have to focus on that to start with.

What are the advantages of Affiliate Marketing?

Eventually, if you choose you can create your own products. If you want your own services then marketing is just a great way to get started because you don’t have to take any of the risks.

Creating a business and creating a product or an idea is can be very risky. You might fail. It might not work out. It might cost you a lot of money a lot of time. You got to have customer support.

There’s a lot of overhead and expenses that are involved with that whereas if instead you just build and focusing a blow-up focus on building a blog, YouTube channel, Facebook Page, Instagram, Snapchat.

You can also focus on a few streams of marketing to attract people to you, you can then easily funnel people into other people’s products and earn a lot of money by doing that.

You can create any website for interview books,quotes, and status, brand news, event blogging, etc and add your affiliate marketing link on your webpage.

Amazon Affiliate Program

Amazon Affiliate Program is the best Best Affiliate Program. Amazon Affiliate Program called Amazon Associates and anybody can join it. It is free. You go to amazon.com/associates or you could do a Google search word as well. You can join and then you can promote any product on Amazon. Whenever a product you decide to promote they’ll give you a unique Affiliate Marketing link, which is a special link just for you. You will use to put it on your blog, Facebook, email, Twitter or YouTube. You can use that link let’s say for a TV and when someone clicks that link and they go and buy you earn a commission from that.

Every Affiliate Marketing program is different. At Amazon for physical products, they’ll give you five to ten percent commission in starts, then it slowly goes up as more products that you sell using Amazon Affiliate Program.

Amazon Affiliate program is preferred by most of the web marketers and influencers. Since very transparent policies made by amazon and being the biggest eCommerce on the planet, it has authority. People associated with the Amazon Affiliate program Earning a handsome amount.

The best part of the affiliate marketing or amazon affiliate program you don’t need to work as a full-time worker. You can do it part-time or on weekends. You can continue it as a side business also. Amazon provides you many tools to create links of products.

Usually, there are following types of product links are available :

  • Anchor text or Hyperlink
  • Product Image as a link
  • Horizontal Banners
  • Vertical banner
  • Product list slider

You can use any of the types of links to promote amazon affiliate products on your website, blog or youtube channels.

There are many such plugins that allow you to add the product directly without any effort. WordPress is the most useful CMS when you think about a Blog or Website to promote products and an Amazon Affiliate. You can also use blogger, wordpress.com, etc.

Before adding products to promote you have to create an Amazon affiliate program account. Here Amazon Affiliate Program you can find the link and can create your amazon affiliate program account.

You need to add your details and website or other promoting media information like application, youtube channel, etc. After submitting your application amazon affiliate program support team reviews your application and verify your account. Once your account is verified you can promote products on your web.

Amazon only pays for a successful conversion. That means if a customer directly clicks your link and purchased the product you will get the commission in your amazon account.  You can add your tx information and banker details in your profile so that amazon can transfer commission to your account.

You need to follow the amazon affiliate program policies to avoid cancellation of your association.

You can see here the example of amazon product link BEGINNER’S GUIDE TO LEARN PYTHON IN 7 DAYS

What to need to have to become a successful Affiliate Marketer?

You need to have some basic skills to promote the website or social media profiles over the internet and create a huge network of people who can further be your customers. You can promote products by any means of these:

  • Using a website or blog
  • Using Pinterest
  • Using Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Dribble
  • Youtube

Hope you have a clear picture of affiliate marketing ideas.

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What is PMP Certification

PMP® stands for Project Management Professional. PMP® certifications are the credential offered by the Project Management Institute after passing a thorough exam. 

A PMP certified can deal virtually with many Industries on different types of methodologies. It is a great credential that offers you a great career opportunity.

Project Integration Management deals with project integrations, Initialization, planning, and completion. It also enables the person to develop professional and social responsibilities in the management.

The demand for project managers is growing day by day. In such a scenario, managers need to be certified by PMI – Project Management Institute. 

Who is eligible to apply for a Project Management Professional Certification?

One who is a manager and having experience in project lead and project life cycle management can apply to be a certified project management professional.

Having enough experience in different project methodologies and capable enough to handle different types of aspects in multiple projects.

A minimum 35 Hour Project Management Session is mandatory to have before applying. This session is delivered by the Project Management Institute.

PMP® certifications online

By obtaining PMP certifications, an individual can demonstrate his knowledge that helps overall project management, which results in successful complications of projects more efficiently. 

The individual must meet some requirements like specific educational qualifications and work experience, preferably in project management, to obtain the certifications. 

Looking at the importance and the merits of the PMP training and certification, many of the institutions have come up with the online examination course and training programs, because of the online applying facility the number of applicants has increased vastly. 

The growth of the online tutorials are brought up new offers for the candidates because of the competitions in the field; the tutorials have offers like pay after passing or money-back guarantee on the certificates. 

They have the facility of guaranteed online passing tutorials.

To get a PMP certification online, the candidates need to fulfill the eligibility requirements to know about the eligibility requirement. 

The individuals can check the PMP Credential Handbook on the website of the institution providing the service. The PMP online course is dedicated to all PMP exam aspirants. 

It offers the best training and chances to pass the PMP certification exam in the first attempt.

The online PMP certification programs are designed with the objectives of Understanding the latest technologies and methods as well as the PM principles covered by the PMP exam objectives. 

It also assists in evaluating the readiness of appearing for the PMP certification exam. The online PMP certifications provide the most effective way to learn the subject content and appear the exam to avail success. 

Generally, the online PMP certifications are designed in three steps: firstly, learn the basics, then the exam objectives. Finally, a master of the above two steps will be able to complete the PMP exam successfully. Some of the other necessary details of the online PMP certifications are:

  • Course Materials that are available online in the form of an easy step by step knowledge and skill providing a program that you can print easily it after completing your course
  • The availability of a Class was the students can scan through the PMBOK chapters. Those are essential for passing the PMP exam
  • PMP Exam preparation Software is a Strengths and Weaknesses Analyzer for the students as this contains the Practice Questions.
  • As the individuals train themselves online with the advance training programs exam can be faced.

The PMP certification examination or PMP exam prep course is available throughout the world, a majority of them are offered all over the world. It is a must-have certification for the managers in the age of cutting edge technologies.  I hope this article is good enough to explain PMP Certification.


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The Best Data Visualization Tools

Analyzing data has become more important than ever before for modern-day businesses. From understanding who their target audience is to getting transaction and profit figures, viewing and interpreting data correctly are essential for a business’ success. What kind of business strategy you want to implement can also be formulated by analyzing the data properly.

However, to make data analysis easier on the eye and on the brain, businesses need to use data visualization tools. Data visualization tools help in presenting data in an attractive manner through graphs and visuals. If you want to extract the maximum value for your business from all that data, then here are some of the best data visualization tools for 2020.



This business intelligence platform is regarded by many business analytics experts as the best there is. Here are some of the features of Sisense that make it such a favorite:

  • Easy to set up and learn
  • Drag and drop UI that allows for easy creation of graphical representations and dashboards
  • Interactive dashboards allow everyone in your team to see the data
  • Lots of options in terms of data exporting, with support for a wide range of file formats
  • Free-trial that allows you to explore the platform before you choose to buy


If you don’t believe in spending money on data visualization tools, then you should definitely try using Charted. This is one of several open-source data visualization tools out there, which means it is absolutely free. Even though Charted does not have as many features as a paid platform such as Sisense, it can still give you a lot if you use it well. Here are some key features of Charted:

  • Create bar graphs and charts from Google spreadsheets and CSV files
  • Numerous integrated components such as LineUp, OnSet and UpSet along with GeoJS geospatial visualizations and Vega visualizations
  • Add labels and notes to your visualizations


Domo is a paid business intelligence platform that offers multiple data analytics packages. The best thing about Domo is that you can try all their packages for free. Here are some of Domo’s most advantageous features:

  • Access to real-time data 
  • Makes data easier to understand by presenting it through creative data visualization tools such as sparklines, trend indicators, and multi-part widgets
  • Promotes data aggregation through seamless integration with other software such as Google Analytics
  • Easy data-sharing and user-to-user messaging thanks to an emphasis on social sharing


This cloud-based data visualization tool lets users create custom dashboards. If customization seems too elaborate, you can even choose from a variety of built-in templates. If you want your data analysis to be as in-depth as possible, then Klipfolio is the right tool for your business. Some of Klipfolio’s main features are:

  • Connection to more than 500 data sources, which include a variety of social media platforms and web-based services
  • Dashboard customization to suit the unique needs of individual users
  • The comprehensive data analysis enables users to plan the financial futures of their respective businesses

Data wrapper

If you are looking for open-source visualization tools that are mobile-friendly, then Data wrapper is the ideal tool for you. Here’s why Data wrapper can be of great benefit to you and your business:

  • Users don’t need coding or designing skills for using this tool
  • A wide variety of visualizations can be created using Datawrapper such as area charts, bar graphs, stacked charts, dot plots, and symbol maps
  • The tool’s free version allows 10,000 chart views every month

Microsoft Power BI

This suite of analytics tools for businesses from Microsoft consists of diverse tools that you can use to formulate newer and more effective business strategies. Here are some of Microsoft Power BI’s core advantages for businesses:

  • Create a centralized hub for data access by using both in-cloud and on-site data
  • Promotes expansive integration by offering seamless support for third-party software
  • Offers a free version with limited features and an extremely affordable pro package as well
  • Data importing and publishing for sharing data with collaborators
  • Comes inclusive of a tutorial system that makes learning to use the suite easy and effortless


For creating unique and aesthetically pleasing data visualizations, there’s probably no tool better than MATLAB. The tool also offers several other advantageous features for users such as:

  • Allows users to modify algorithms without affecting the tool to find relevant analysis
  • A wide range of graphical tools to help users design distinct visualizations
  • MATLAB’s user interface is extremely easy to understand and navigate
  • Guarantees real-time updates through data collection from multiple online sources

Google Data Studio

This is a free tool from Google that facilitates easy data visualization creation. Some of this tool’s highlights include:

  • Easy setup for users who already have Gmail accounts
  • Connects seamlessly to multiple Google tools such as Google AdWords, YouTube Analytics and Google Sheets


Kibana ranks among the most comprehensive and unique data visualization tools out there at present. Some of this tool’s most attractive features include:

  • Detection of discrepancies and anomalies in data analyses
  • Elastic Stack, a unique feature that allows users to compile comprehensive reports through observation and assessment of different sources of data
  • Dashboard sharing and URL embedding for ease of sharing data amongst collaborators and colleagues


Chartio is a business analytics tool that can be used across businesses of all types and sizes. Some of Chartio’s key features are as follows:

  • Easy to set up
  • Its friendly user-interface allows users to learn how to use the tool very quickly
  • Allows users the option to buy the tool depending on the size and requirements of their businesses, therefore ensuring flexible pricing
  • Enables users to compare multiple data sources to pinpoint discrepancies

So there you have it; the best data visualization tools for 2020! If you want to improve your business strategy and share data reports with your colleagues, these tools can be of great help. The role of business analytics in improving businesses is growing around the world with each passing day. That’s why it’s important to use data visualization tools to get as much value from your business data as possible.

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How to Get Experience When You Have No Experience

It’s a vicious circle. To get a job you need experience and to get an experience you need a job. We have included some infographics to demonstrate how you can get your foot on that tricky first rung of the career ladder. 

  • An entry-level job is typically designed with recent graduates in mind and usually does not necessitate prior experience.
  • According to a 2018 study by TalentWorks, 61% of all full-time “entry-level” jobs require over 3 years of experience.
  • The average search for an entry-level job typically takes between 3 – 6 months

5 Ways to Build Experience

  1. Complete an internship 
  2. Complete an apprenticeship 
  3. Volunteer at a charity 
  4. Start a project (e.g. blog, web series, etc) 
  5. Join a student organization 

Where to Find Entry Level Jobs

  1. Online jobs boards
  2. Networking events
  3. LinkedIn 
  4. Social media
  5. Careers fairs 

Top Tip!

For best results, mix and match a few different job-seeking methods.

How to Handle the Experience Question in A Job Application 

Apply Anyway!

If you come across a great entry-level opportunity that you think will suit your skills and personality, apply for it regardless of whether or not you meet the experience requirements.

Do Your Homework

Familiarise yourself with common interview questions and prepare your answers in advance of the interview. Read up on the company by checking out their website, press mentions and social media profiles. 

Know Yourself

Think carefully and dispassionately about your strengths and weaknesses as a candidate. You can also ask your family, friends, and teachers for further insight. 

Strike the Right Balance Between Confidence & Modesty 

Self-assuredness will go a long way in an interview, but be careful not to come across as arrogant. Answer questions with confidence but don’t be afraid to admit when you don’t know something. 

Highlight Your Motivation & Desire

Clearly, communicate your interest in the position. Consider why you want the job and try to identify what aspects of the role and the company appeal to you. 


Identify Your Transferable Skills

You may have developed valuable and relevant skills for the position at school or through your hobbies. Be sure to highlight these skills in your application and demonstrate how you can apply these to the role. 

Top Tip!

To make a great impression, follow-up with a thank you note within 24 hours of your interview. This will help you to stand out as 3 out of 4 job-seekers don’t even bother sending a thank-you note after an interview. 


How to Wow Employers With Your Entry-Level CV 

  • Carefully proofread your grammar, spelling, and formatting.
  • Tailor your CV to each job posting. Showcase your skills, experiences, education, and projects that are most related to the job.  
  • Mirror the language used in the job posting. Many employers use Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) programmed to identify certain keywords. Including the right keywords may increase your chances of proceeding to the interview stage.  
  • Seek out feedback on your CV from your career counselor, friends, and family. 
  • Don’t be afraid to include your own personal projects if they are relevant to the job. 

Top Tip!

Don’t wait until the deadline to apply. The best time to apply to a job is within the first 48 hours after it’s posted.


6 Ways To Stay Motivated if You Can’t Find a Job

How to survive the job-hunting process with your mental health intact. 

  • Don’t Take Rejections Personally 

Remember that there are lots of reasons for rejection that have nothing to do with you. You can only do your best, and it’s important to accept that there will always be some factors that are completely outside of your control. 

  • Establish A Routine

Use your calendar to block some distraction-free time for job-searching activities. This will keep you productive and help prevent frustration. 

  • Take Breaks to Do Stuff You Enjoy 

Job hunting is hard work, so don’t forget to take time away to focus on your hobbies. Not only is this good for your mental health, but it will also give you something to talk about in your interviews. 

  • Maintain A Healthy Lifestyle 

Look after your body and combat stress by maintaining a regular sleep schedule, a healthy diet, and a regular exercise regime.  

  • Don’t Get Caught in the Comparison Trap 

Social media can make it seem like everyone is having a better life than you, but it’s important to remember that they are only sharing the most Instagrammable aspects of their lives. There are a few things you can try to keep things in perspective: alter your notifications, switch up the accounts you follow, or take a social media break.

  • Remember, Your First Job Doesn’t Need To Be Perfect 

Your first few jobs might not be where you imagined yourself. Just remember that this is perfectly ok, these initial roles will allow you to build the skills and experience you need for your future dream job.

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A brief Introduction to Machine Learning

You’ve probably heard of machine learning and artificial intelligence, but are you sure you know what they are?
If you are struggling to make sense of them, you are not alone.
There’s a lot of buzzes that makes it hard to tell what science is and what science fiction is. Let’s get into it!

What is Machine Learning?

When it comes to machine learning it comes to a particular branch of computer science that can be considered a close relative of ‘ artificial intelligence.

Defining in a simple way the characteristics and applications of machine learning are not always possible since this branch is very vast and includes different methods, techniques, and tools to be realized.

Moreover, the different techniques of learning and developing algorithms give rise to as many possibilities of use that widen the field of application of machine learning to make a specific definition difficult.

However, we can say that when we talk about machine learning, we talk about different mechanisms that allow an intelligent machine to improve its capabilities and performance over time.

Machine Learning Examples in everyday life:

When we talk about machine learning, we often think only of applications in super-specific fields, in areas of research in science and medicine, space engineering or other branches not commonly understood by ordinary people.

This is a very common mistake, as machine learning presents many everyday applications.


What applies to marketing which has an even more important meaning in science?

The intelligent processing of big data considerably lightens the work of empirical research.

For example, thanks to self-learning systems, particle physicists can detect and process much more data and detect any anomalies. But machine learning can also be helpful in medicine.

Nowadays some doctors use artificial intelligence to make diagnoses and therapies. Furthermore, machine learning is also useful for the prognosis of diabetes or heart attacks.


Nowadays robots are now everywhere especially in factories: for example, they are used in mass production to automate ever-changing work steps.

However, these are not really intelligent systems, since they are only programmed to perform a single specific step. When self-learning systems are used in robotics they must be able to solve new tasks.

Naturally, these advances are of great interest also for other sectors: from space travel to domestic work, robots with artificial intelligence can take action in many areas.


The autonomous cars are a great showcase for machine learning.

Only automatic learning means that cars move independently and safely in traffic, instead of only in the test routes.
Since it is not possible to program all possible situations, autonomous vehicles must refer to intelligent machines.

For example in the form of artificial neural networks, analyze traffic and develop more efficient ways of managing it, such as by intelligently switching traffic lights.

Personal assistants

Even in their own four walls, smart computers are becoming more and more present: this is how normal homes become smart homes.

The Moley Robotics Company, for example, develops an intelligent kitchen equipped with mechanical arms that prepare meals.

Even personal assistants such as Google Home and Amazon Echo, thanks to which you can monitor systems and devices in your home, use machine learning technologies to better understand the needs of their users.

E commerce

E commerce is a virtual market place and using Machine Learning algorithms to understand the users behavior and interest. The technologies is growing along with the demand and new techniques of delivering product and service. E commerce is one of them emerging technologies using Machine Learning and AI.


Since the beginning of research on artificial intelligence, the ability of machines to play has always been a great stimulus for researchers.

The self-learning systems were put to the test in chess, checkers and even go the well-known Chinese board game among the most complex in the world, challenged by human competitors.

Video game developers also use machine learning to create more appealing projects.

Game designers can use machine learning to create a more balanced game experience possible and to make virtual opponents better adapt to the behavior of human players.

What are the career aspects of Machine Learning?

As mentioned above, Machine learning increases the performance of the machine and reduces the human efforts that in turn enable them to learn for themselves. So, there are career aspects of machine learning which are given below:

  • Machine Learning Engineer
  • Data Scientist
  • NLP Scientist
  • Business Intelligence Developer
  • Human-Centered Machine Learning Designer

Artificial Intelligence vs Machine Learning

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MVC Web Development Framework

What is Web Development Framework?

There is a huge number of server-side scripting languages, using them we can create web applications. Almost the scripts are full-fledged programming language and featured with Object Oriented Programming Systems. Popular of them are Java, PHP, Python, Ruby,Perl. At the early age of web the applications were built on conventional logic and components, are not organized or not reusable. As the next generation, web development technologies came into existence the requirement of frameworks increased.A need for such a tool was very important as they are time and cost efficient.

Now we have many frameworks with huge communities. Frameworks are the collection of basic building blocks and reusable code in an organized manner where maintenance and development both are painless processes. They implement code re-usability, inheritance, security, abstraction, accessibility, integrity, reliability, readability, maintainability in our applications. Now we are able to develop very robust applications in very less time. frameworks are enriched with various libraries and plugin. They also provide flexibility to extend the functionality of the core. Almost the framework is based on Model-View-Controller or MVC development pattern.

What is MVC?

MVC is a software architectural pattern, which provides a modular structure to an application and application is layered into Models(M), Views(V) and Controllers(C).


Model is a layer where all the data building logic is present. This layer is abstract from direct access. We write or database queries and fetch and format data in this layer with given parameters. This layer is a central layer of all three.


A view is a presentation layer. We see the desired results here in our browser. The user directly communicates with forms and perform actions and submit inputs. This is an end user layer where HTTP response displayed and request triggered by user actions.


A controller is an intermediate layer and create a pool between Model the data logic layer and View the representational layer. It collects user actions based on URI and parameters. Routing and reverse routing happen here.

Advantages of MVC Frameworks:

  1. Fast and quick development of complex web-applications.
  2. Collection of Plugins are available for most of the general purpose activities.
  3. Easy maintenance and debugging. Frameworks provide debugger kit , that eases the debugging process.
  4. MVC provides a modular structure to application that is why MVC based applications are flexible and robust.
  5. Most of them provide Database manipulation library, so no need to write custom and complex queries very often.
  6. Inbuilt security and migration features.
  7. Most of them come with a command-line interface to generate code-snippets and modules.
  8. They create SEO friendly URLs to easy for search engines to recognize your application urls.

What are the popular MVC framework based on PHP?

There are numerous MVC framework based on PHP. Some of them are as:
Laravel – Laravel is the most popular PHP framework with the latest release of PHP and suitable for heavy applications.It comes with Inbuilt Authentication and security features. Laravel has a powerful ORM and query builder. Laravel has a unique feature of artisan CLI tool.Blade template engine is used for presentation on view.

Zend Framework

Created by the developers of PHP.Zend Framework is a collection of professional PHP packages with more than 345 million installations. It can be used to develop web applications and services using PHP 5.6+, and provides 100% object-oriented code using a broad spectrum of language features. Zend Framework uses Composer as a package dependency manager; PHP Unit to test all packages; and Travis CI as a Continuous Integration service. Zend Framework also follows PHP-FIG standards and includes an implementation of PHR-7 for HTTP message interfaces (as shepherded by Matthew Weier O’Phinney, Zend Framework project lead).


CakePHP is a Rapid development framework written in PHP 5.6 and having a unique feature of Naming Convention. CakePHP has a powerful tool of bake console. We can create scaffolding within no time. It is suitable for Web services as well as small and heavy applications. We can use a template engine as well for the presentation layer.


This is a zero-configuration framework and mostly used for small scale application. It comes with all the features of OOPS and security parameters. It is fast ,and the most flexible among others in a group. Code-igniter has wonderful and organized documentation and a huge community over the web. Codeigniter also provide the feature of HMVC and templating.


Fastest growing over the internet and popular in recent years. Featured with MVC structure and can be used for small as well as heavy applications. It handles complex WSDL services easily.


Phalcon is a secure and well documented MVC framework. It is suitable for any type of applications. It has implemented with very high-security level.

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What is New In CodeIgniter 4.x?

As we all know CodeIgniter is a PHP lightweight MVC framework.

It provides us fast, flexible, and secure techniques to develop PHP based applications.

The Codeigniter 4.x alpha and beta are released but the available version is not recommended for production use.

The flexibility of Codeigniter is maintained as usual along with the advancement of compatibility with PHP 7.


Core Features of CodeIgniter

  • CI is an MVC framework with a small footprint.
  • Codeigniter gives exceptional performance.
  • This is an MVC  framework with zero configuration.
  • No command-line configuration setup or dependencies installation to start(Optional).
  • CI is not restricted to any naming convention or coding rules.
  • No need to learn about advanced concepts like PEAR.
  • You do not need to learn template engine rendering. 
  • Simple, Clear and easy to understand documentation.

Features of Codeigniter 4.x

  1. The earlier versions of Codeigniter are based on PHP 5.6 or lower but the Codeigniter 4 will be featured with PHP 7.2 functionality and compatibility.
  2. It required the *intl* extension of PHP installed on the server.
  3. If we would like to use CURLRequest, we will need lib curl installed.
  4. Supported databases are:
    1. MySQL (5.1+) via the MySQLi driver
    2. PostgreSQL via the Postgre driver
    3. SqLite3 via the SQLite3 driver
  5. CodeIgniter 4 can also be used with command-line programs. As per the latest trend, most of the frameworks provide CLI usability and library. Since Codeigniter 4.x the framework will also be providing CLI interfaces for different purposes.
  6. The following PHP extensions should be enabled on your server: 
    1. Php-json
    2. Php-mbstring
    3. Php-mysqlnd
    4. Php-xml
  7. If you want to use CURLRequest in your CI application, you will need to install libcurl.
  8. The framework now provides for a public folder, intended as the document root for your app
  9. Hooks in Codeigniter are a great feature in is maintained and improved as well.

How to install Codeigniter 4?

Codeigniter 4 can be installed using many methods

  • In Manual Installation, you need to download the latest release from official site and can place it in your www directory after extracting it.
  • If you want to use the composer tool you need to install the composer first and then you can install using command line. Composer will also help you to add third-party plugins in your project in the future. You can download and install the composer from this link: https://getcomposer.org/
  • You can also clone the git repository of CodeIgniter.

Directory Structure for Codeigniter 4.x

A newly installed application has six directories:

  1. application
  2. system
  3. public
  4. writable
  5. tests
  6. Docs

Application Structure

  1. The framework still has app and system folders, with the same interpretation as before
  2. The framework now provides for a public folder, intended as the document root for your app
  3. There is also a writable folder, to hold cache data, logs, and session data
  4. The application folder looks very similar to that for CI3, with some name changes, and some subfolders moved to the writable folder
  5. There is no longer a nested application/core folder

The application directory i.e. app is the source code of your application. All the stuff done by you will remain here. The default structure of the app directory is as :


        /Config         Stores the configuration files

        /Controllers    Controllers determine the program flow

        /Database       Stores the database migrations and seeds files

        /Filters        Stores filter classes that can run before and after a controller

        /Helpers        Helpers store collections of standalone functions

        /Language       Multiple language support reads the language strings from here

        /Libraries      Useful classes that don’t fit in another category

        /Models         Models the database and business logic.

        /ThirdParty     ThirdParty libraries that can be used in application

        /Views          Views make up the HTML that is displayed to the client.

The above concepts will help you when you will doing any application on code igniter or you will be in CodeIgniter interview.

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Jquery noConflict() Explained

What is noConflict() method in jQuery?
This is very important to differentiate scripts when we are using many JavaScript framework in our project.As we know jQuery uses dollar symbol ($) as shortcut. There are many other popular frameworks are there as Angular JS,Knockout JS,Kendo JS,Backbone JS,Ember ,Vue etc.
Suppose i one of these frameworks is using the $ symbol as shortcut then one of the scripts either jQuery or the framework implemented parallel may stop working. noConflict is a method to avoid such situation in script.

We can create our self defined symbol or string as shortcut for jQuery. noConflict() return a reference and we can store this reference in a variable.

Example of noConflict() and self defined shortcut:

var jq = $.noConflict();
        jq("p").text("Hi there,Conflict resolved");
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Hooks in CodeIgniter

In code igniter hooks are the points before and after the execution where we can call some specific functions.

These functions are called hooks and points where we call hooks are called hook points.

Hooks in Codeigniter are useful when we have to make some changes throughout the application, then we can do this without hacking all the files, just adding one hook at the appropriate point.

We can modify the way of usual rendering in code igniter application.

So hooks facilitate modification in functionality without changing the core.

Hooks in Codeigniter is important part of any Codeigniter Interview.

How we can use a hook in the Codeigniter framework?

Before we use any hook in application we need to enable the hook in config.php file. Set the enable_hook config variable: TRUE,

$config['enable_hooks'] = TRUE;

The Codeigniter framework provides the number of Hook Points to ease the development and modification in the application:

The pre_system is called very early during system execution.

Only the benchmark and hooks class have been loaded at this point.

As per the name just called before any of your controllers being called.

When all the base classes are loaded, routing and security checks are done a pre_controller hook is called.

The hook is called just after the controller class instantiated but none of the methods is called.

Called immediately after your controller is fully executed.

We have the _display() function in our core and we use it to render our view on the browser after the execution of all programs.

display_override allows use to display our own content at desired places.

$this->CI => get_instance();

We can call our own function instead of _display_cache() function using the cache_override hook. We can define our own cache display mechanism.

At the end of the system execution when final rendering is done post_system is called.

Define a hook :
A hook is defined in the hooks.php file located at application/config

Example of define a pre_controller hook:

$hook['pre_controller'] = array(  
            'class' => 'Classname',  
            'function' => 'functionname',  
            'filename' => 'filename.php',  
            'filepath' => 'hooks',  
            'params' => array('element1', 'element2', 'element3')  

The Hooks in Codeigniter will boost your learning  Codeigniter.

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WordPress Dashboard – Tutorial 4

Admin Login
  • Give the user name and password .
  • Check the remember box as the browser will remind the login and password next time.
Dashboard area contains the following main tools and links:
  • Welcome section
  • Main menu(side menu)
  • Top menu
  • Admin area
  • Screen option
  • Help option
  • Quick draft section
  • At a glance section
  • Activity section
Welcome Section
  • This section has some important links which used frequently.
  • We can customize our site look as we click on Customize Your Site button.
  • Direct links to add an about page, to write the first blog.
  • We can turn on/turn off comments by external user on our posts from here.
  • We can visit our menu and widget systems from the link given.
Screen Options:
  • Screen option shows a group of check boxes.
  • Each check box is for a particular section.
  • If it is checked the section is on the screen on the dashboard .
  • Unchecked boxes hide the section from dashboard.
  • Ex – we have to hide the Welcome section from screen. We will uncheck it.

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WordPress Installation : Tutorial 3

WordPress Installation
Before install a WordPress we should ensure that we have already created a database , where we have to create the WordPress tables with a prefix name .Default is prefix is wp_. We should have the following information as we are going to install the WordPress:
  • Database Name: wordpress
  • User name: root
  • Password: by default blank
  • Hostname:localhost


  1. Put
    the database name as you have created in the database field. It
    appears “wordpress
    by default.
  2. Give
    the mysql user name, which is root
    by default.
  3. Give
    the password of mysql , if you have’n define , then let the
    password field blank.
  4. Give
    the host name as running on default port, localhost.
  5. Give
    a prefix for the table name , which are being install in database.

A wp-config.php file is created, containing the information about database, username, password etc, at the time of installation.

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WordPress Minimum Requirement : Tutorial 2

Chapter:2-Before Installation
Minimum Requirement of a system to run the WordPress
  • We need a server to run the PHP script, because PHP is a server side
    script and WordPress is based on PHP.
  • WAMP Server which is-Windows Apache MySQL PHP
  • Download Source code of WordPress from: http://wordpress.org/downloads
  • Latest  version of WordPress is wordpress-3.8.1 (as on 03-04-2014)
  • Latest of WAMP is 2.2 having
    • Apache 2.2.22
    • Mysql 5.5.24
    • PHP 5.3.13
    • PhpMyadmin
  • Apache is an open source web server , which is available in free. Apache is the one of the most popular and the most lovable web server by the web developers across the world.Separately we can download from: http://www.apache.org
  • MySQL is the most preferred open source RDBMS .
  • Very identical to MSSQL and other RDBMSs.
  • PHP(PHP Hypertext Preprocessor) is an open source server side scripting language having the features of OOPS and syntax similar to C
    Programming and Perl.
  • PHP provide a rich library to manipulate data and make most of the
    complicated data operations easy.
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WordPress Inroduction : Tutorial 1

  • WordPress is a world famous Open Source CMS. Based on PHP as an open source server side scripting language.
  • WordPress is a free and open source blogging tool and a content management system (CMS) based on PHP and MySQL, which runs on a web hosting service.Features include a plug-in architecture and a template system.
  • WordPress is used by more than 18.9% of the top 10 million websites as of August 2013. WordPress is the most popular blogging system in use on the Web, at more than 60 million websites.
  • Architecture of template:
  • WordPress started in 2003 with a single bit of code to enhance the typography of everyday writing and with fewer users than you can count on your fingers and toes. Since then it has grown to be the largest self-hosted blogging tool in the world, used on millions of sites and seen by tens of millions of people every day.
  • It was first released on May 27, 2003, by its founders, Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little,as a fork of b2/cafelog. As of February 19, 2014, version 3.8 had been downloaded more than 20 million times.The license under which WordPress software is released is the GPLv2 (or later) from the Free Software Foundation.
Content Management Bystem (CMS)
  • A Computer Application that allows publishing, editing and modifying content  as well as maintenance from a central interface.
  • CMSs are often used to run websites containing blogs, news, and shopping. Many corporate and marketing websites use CMSs. CMSs typically aim to avoid the need for hand coding but may support it for specific elements or entire pages.
  • The function and use of content management systems is to store and organize files, and provide version-controlled access to their data. CMS features vary widely. Simple systems showcase a handful of features, while other releases, notably enterprise systems, offer more complex and powerful functions. Most CMS include Web-based publishing, format management, revision control (version control), indexing, search, and retrieval. The CMS increments the version number when new updates are added to an already-existing file.

Architecture of wordpress template:


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