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Top 10 Entry Level IT Jobs

So you have decided to try your hand in the IT industry. The entry-level jobs in any sector can be a bit challenging. Whenever we think of entry-level positions, our minds often wander in the direction of overworked and underpaid jobs. A lot of companies often ask for experience when they are looking for potential employees. But these listings are a wish-list that companies have for the perfect candidate. Before applying for these positions the candidates need to assess whether they can perform the tasks. Instead of matching the skills and experience with the requirements, it is important to know whether you can add value to the company. Here you will find a list of Top 10 Entry Level IT Jobs.

Top 10 Entry Level IT Jobs in 2021

The IT industry is one of the hottest right now. The shift towards the online market has opened a world of possibilities for all the aspiring candidates who wish to make a career in this industry. To make a career in this sector, you have to follow some mantras. This sector is all about skills. Adding new skills and polishing your existing skills is a must. This will help you stand out from the competition and increase your chances of getting selected. 

Here are some of the Entry Level IT Jobs you can consider if you are right out of college and are looking for some exposure in the IT sector. Top 10 Entry Level IT Jobs starts as :


Digital marketing managers are responsible for digital and social media promotion for an organization or brand. These managers focus on increasing sales, brand awareness, and client satisfaction. They frequently deal with the entirety of the organization’s clients confronting the web presence, including websites, social media profiles, promoting, and different communications. 

Digital marketing managers are additionally on the front line of finding new roads for digital advancement. When new sites, platforms, and technologies are delivered, they must survey whether the same might be a decent advertising answer for the brand. 

Abilities to possess (to have or to learn): 

The tech abilities you will require for a digital marketing manager’s position incorporate some knowledge of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM). Experience with change tests and investigations, and capability with showcasing database applications, email, social media, and web-based advertising. 


Digital strategists work together with other colleagues on the long-term goals and strategies of a brand. This additionally incorporates proposals for the particular strategies used to implement that system. It is an extraordinary situation for somebody who is creative and appreciates teaming up with others. They frequently work intimately with the marketing team, as well as sales and product teams. 

Abilities to possess (to have or to learn): 

If you need to turn into a digital strategist, you will need a couple of tech and digital abilities. Generally along the lines of online advertising, creating HTML emails and email marketing, metrics and analytics programs, and social networking.


Content marketing managers handle the promoting centered content of a brand, including composing blog entries, pamphlets, white papers, and now and again social media posts that line up with the organization’s strategy. They also promote that content regularly in a joint effort with others on the marketing teams. 

Abilities to possess (to have or to learn): 

Being able to reliably come up with new and creative thoughts for content and how to promote it is an essential ability that content marketing managers need to have. It is also convenient if you have some fundamental HTML and CSS skills (for making email campaigns just as organizing blog entries and articles). Just as WordPress abilities since there is a decent possibility that is the thing that you will be publishing content with (WordPress is by a wide margin the most mainstream content administration framework (CMS) out there). 


Web developers make the code that powers websites and web applications. The web developers work with programming languages including HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Ruby on Rails, PHP, and Python. They likewise keep up and scale sites as they develop and advance over the long run. A few engineers work closely with designers, while others take on both of the roles. In case you are new to tech and you have zero experience in the field. Then you will presumably need to search for work titles like “Junior Web Developer” or “Jr Web Engineer” rather than senior ones.

Abilities to possess (to have or to learn): 

Being able to come up with new designs and implement them as indicated by the designer’s specifications is an indispensable ability that engineers need to have, regardless of what kind of coding language they are working in. Engineers frequently have tight cutoff times to meet, so make sure you enjoy a fast-paced environment is an absolute necessity. 


Data analysts gather data and information to discover an understanding of specific topics. Data is regularly gathered through reviews, metrics, and different methods, and afterward, experts aggregate the data, decipher it, and present it in easier to understand designs (like diagrams or infographics). It is also their responsibility to identify where improvements can be made to processes based on hard data and to identify trends in data they collect.

Abilities to possess (to have or to learn): 

Data analysts should be capable of databases, programming languages like JavaScript or XML, and data mining and segmentation processes. Design skills are also a welcomed skill since presenting your findings in a simple and easy to understand manner way is vital. 


Digital analysts gather, break down, and interpret digital promoting data. They make and recognize key performance metrics, and evaluate how successful various approaches are. They also frequently participate in A/B testing, client feedback and research, and other advertising data collection. Great digital analysts possess a blend of business and marketing skills, technical skills, and analytical skills.

Abilities to possess  (to have or to learn): 

Digital analysts need to have a piece of in-depth knowledge on measurement applications Google Analytics and tools for A/B testing and customer research. Basic HTML and CSS abilities are additionally helpful. Since it makes testing more streamlined (since minor changes don’t need to be done through a designer or engineer). In any case, since you can learn HTML and CSS through free coding camps, this is an ideal Entry Level IT job for amateurs. 


Project managers are the Type A coordinators who keep web improvement or other tech-related groups on track. That may mean interfacing with clients if you end up working at a digital organization or web design firm. Their job also includes day-to-day coordinating between web designers, web developers, and other stakeholders. PMs will run a ton of gatherings and compose a ton of recap messages, so extraordinary presentation and communication skills are not only a requirement, they are an unquestionable requirement. 

Abilities to possess  (to have or to learn): 

When you are further down the project management career path, there are formal seminars on project management (and resulting certifications). Yet if you are new to tech, a junior project manager role relies heavily on communication and interpersonal skills.

All things considered, since you will be working at a tech group, working knowledge of HTML and CSS also another web design and graphic design platforms is an incredible advantage (so you realize how to speak with your tech colleagues!). If your firm builds new sites on WordPress or another CMS, they may need you to have the option to step in and help customers with more modest projects—like arranging the page or uploading the content. Finally, it is incredible to have working information on different project management platforms like Basecamp, JIRA, Slack, and so forth. 


Like junior web developers, junior web designers ordinarily function as collaborators or understudies to more experienced designers in a group. That may mean assisting with the organizing of weekly newsletters, producing resources for different presentations or projects, or in any event, designing simpler and smaller websites. Web designers work with HTML and CSS just as programs like Photoshop (for making wireframes, mockups, and webpage resources). 

Abilities to possess (to have or to learn): 

You will require some working information on plan essentials, design fundamentals (likely through the Adobe Creative Suite—so if you have print design experience, you are already better than the rest), and how HTML and CSS work. Bonus points in case you are knowledgeable in responsive design, which is the business standard nowadays. 


The ascent of content marketing has helped the position of Social Media Manager/ Social Media Coordinator qualify as a “tech work.” Social media jobs are an extraordinary Entry level IT Job for anybody keen on making a career in digital marketing. To dominate as a social media manager, you will need to feel good about pulling data and reports. Sorting out social schedules and following examples to devise some new techniques for development. A considerable lot of these jobs also advantage from working information on design and writing skills. (You must realize how to compose quippy subtitles!) 

Abilities to possess (to have or to learn): 

Attention to detail, extreme passion for social media trends, copywriting skills, fundamental information on analytics tools and data interpretation, and some involvement in social media scheduling tools (MeetEdgar, HubSpot, Later, and so forth) 


In case you are energetic about writing and editing. Also, to have some tech aptitudes, a web editor job may be ideal for you. Consider this a standout amongst other tech jobs for people who do not have much experience in tech. Numerous sites publish content every day, regardless of whether that is as blog content or new product pages. A web editor is liable for uploading, formatting, and optimizing that content for visitors. Now and then, the web editor is additionally important for the publication group, assisting with reexamining articles to ensure they are better formatted for digital readers. 

Abilities to possess (to have or to learn): 

You will require solid information on content management systems (WordPress is best, yet nowadays, numerous sites are run on Squarespace too) and in a perfect world some copywriting aptitudes. Many locales are progressively keen on streamlining for search, so some SEO experience would be a huge advantage. 



In reality, this job intently matches a web editor job. The fundamental differentiation (assuming any) is that while a web editor may assume a part in altering content, most web content managers (some of the time called CMS administrators) are answerable for the way toward formatting and optimizing that content for the web. 

Regularly, these jobs exist at bigger online business or media locales where there is a great deal of content to upload, publish, and refresh. This is an extraordinary job for somebody who is careful and likes getting things coordinated. It is also an incredible job if you would prefer to move into a digital editor or publicist job sometime in the future, but you are aware that your writing skills need a bit of polishing.

Abilities to possess (to have or to learn): 

Concrete information on how content management systems work, mainly WordPress. Proven experience in Excel or any other spreadsheet programs. Search Engine Optimization knowledge and attention to detail is a plus.

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