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MVC Web Development Framework

What is Web Development Framework? There is a huge number of server-side scripting languages, using them we can create web applications. Almost the scripts are full-fledged programming language and featured with Object Oriented Programming Systems. Popular of them are Java, PHP, Python, Ruby,Perl. At the early age of web the applications were built on conventional […]

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What is New In CodeIgniter 4.x?

As we all know CodeIgniter is a PHP light weight MVC framework .It provide us fast, flexible, and secure techniques to develop PHP based applications.Alpha is released but the available version is not recommended for production use. Features in Codeigniter 4.x:- The earlier versions of Codeigniter are based on PHP 5.6 or lower but the […]

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Hooks in CodeIgniter

In code igniter hooks are the points before and after the execution where we can call some specific functions. These functions are called hooks and points where we call hooks are called hook point. Hooks are usefull when we have to make some changes throught the application , then we can do this without hacking […]

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