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Ed Tech(Educational Technologies) trends in 2021 and future

We are often told that change is the only constant. And you get to experience it multiple times in your life. Everything has changed since the beginning. Just take a look at current industries, be it automobile or even IT. 

Every sector has evolved since it was first started. I mean, just look at the means of communication, we used to write letters and now, all of us own mobile phones and can connect with anyone from all over the world. 

Many people claim that currently, we are in the middle of the fourth industrial revolution. Ye, we see technology change at an enormous rate, and it affects all of our lives drastically.

The introduction of the world wide web and the change it has brought have transformed the world. Every aspect of our lives has evolved unrecognizably, and it is for the best. From our economies to the supply of goods, everything has evolved. 

We now pay with UPI and book taxis on our phones. The electric car has become the future, and it is safe to say that we have come a long easy from bullock carts. Change can be seen in every sector. But the one sector that not only has evolved but is responsible for affecting every other sector is the education sector. 

If you pay attention to it, you will see that the factor responsible for all the transformations we see in the current world was because of extensive research and study. So, the pivotal changes that have directly influenced the other sectors are the education sector. 

Our classrooms and modes of teaching continue to upgrade and evolve with every passing year. They keep up with the technological advancements and use the new trends in technology to make learning more fun and engaging. Everything has seen progress from the subject matter to how things operate in the actual classroom. 

The educational sector has reported positive and exponential changes in every part of the world. From primary education to the university level, every tier has been incorporating new methods and techniques in teaching. 

Even the studying material is being updated regularly to match up with the current trends. Colleges now offer professional degrees in more fields. That makes it easier for the students to pursue their goals and get professionally trained by the best in class methods and faculty. 

With the fierce competition in the industry, it is imperative to change the way we prepare the candidates. The study material and the teaching methods should be tailor according to the needs of the industry. The education sector is evolving with each passing year, and in this article, we have listed the current changes that we saw take place in 2021. 

1. Upskilling technology across domains

People often pity the technology and human labor against each other. We see the trend where choosing one can result in neglecting the other. We use the technology to replace humans. But the original purpose of technology is to support humans, help them work optimally, and give the best results. 

Using the two in sync can result in optimum results. Once, the fear of technology is eliminated. The focus can shift on using the two together and enhance the level of the educational sector.

Upskilling technology has emerged as one of the top technological trends in 2021. Industries are heading towards workflow automation, and the human interface is important for a smooth workflow. 

Therefore the businesses are adopting cloud convergence, to help the candidates build cloud-based technological skills. These skills help the candidates become tech-savvy and increase the chances of their employment. 

Cloud-related technology training programs are increasingly adopted by the latest institutions. These programs exist to help the candidates match up with the expectation of employers. These programs are becoming increasingly popular in both online educational courses and campus-based institutions. 

Many online institutions are launching their services to help the candidates learn through their effective courses. The candidates can learn not only machine learning but also the effective deployment of using cloud infrastructure. 

These courses exist to help the learners access resources and a competent faculty. And master the skills that are high in demand and can help them land their desired job. 

2. Polishing of soft skills via curriculum

Along with the subject-based learning, and skills oriented learning methods. The institutions began using methods to polish and build the aptitude around cognitive skills like problem-solving, logical reasoning, and management. 

Their application and curriculum are emphasizing on these abilities as these abilities are an integral part to stand out among the competition. Their syllabus is built in a way that focuses on facts and theoretical knowledge but also incorporates real-life scenarios that can prove helpful in professional life. 

Now students are being encouraged to focus on other skills as well. Like, leadership skills, team-building skills, communication skills. Some real-life scenarios are applied in the classroom to prepare the students to deal with real-time problems. These methods are imbued in students via offline and online classes. 

This is a much-needed change in the education sector. This not only helps the students gain theoretical knowledge and develop their skills. But also enable them to navigate around the professional world. This gives them a needed confidence boost and turns them into capable and desirable candidates who are preferred by the companies. 

3. Emphasis on Innovation 

Attention to detail and innovation is vital in today’s world. Innovation has become essential in every sector. From linguists to artificial intelligence, the sheer amount of choices available today enables the candidates to pursue their dream. 

Now they can get professionally trained in their preferred sector and gain the skills and knowledge to make a career in their field. The vast amount of choices available is one of the largest trends we see in 2021. 

Memorizing was a thing of the past. Now the students learn by doing. The assessment module and course structure are designed in a way to help the student slean practically. They are made to understand the merits of a study. 

The candidates are now encouraged to choose what they are interested in, mainstream subjects and studies are not forced upon the candidates. The obsession with engineering, medicine, or even law is diminishing, and new opportunities are suggested to help the candidates choose a path that excites them. 

Newer fields and specializations have made a way for aspiring candidates, and the scope in these fields is enormous. 

4. Personalization of learning space

This trend is the most welcoming, and it’s about time that we understand the phrase “every kid is unique”, and so are their learning patterns. Formerly, the personalized learning methods were only seen in specialized schools and institutions. But now more and more learning institutions are opting for this trend and helping the specially-abled students learn alongside normal students.

To overcome the bias against specially-abled students, this is an important step. This trend will allow these students to learn in a similar environment as other students and open up the world of possibilities for them. 

These students can now enroll in prestigious institutions for higher studies and reach out and achieve either dream. Who knows, maybe we will see more geniuses like Stephen Hawking. This inclusion can be the largest trend of 2021.

5. Open Learning Platforms

One of the latest trends of 2021, is the rise in open learning platforms like Open Colleges. These open spaces help make the learning methods more convenient for students. The students can access all the course materials in one place, submit their assignments online and even check their grades. 

This space is easy to use and makes it convenient for students to learn and access information. And in times like these, where we are in the middle of a pandemic. This trend is a welcoming one and much-needed.

6. Rise in Automated Schools

With the rise in technology, schools rely on online assessment systems, to make it convenient for students and even parents to access the assignments online. In addition to the online assessment system. 

Automated attendance is also a rising trend among schools. Schools use facial recognition to ensure attendance and even use automation for other administrative tasks. When the students interact with online technologies, their digital footprint can be traced and used to make learning modules. The teachers and instructors can focus on the learning.  

7. Adaptive Learning

Personalized learning programs can help the student learn at their own pace, and the teacher can tailor the information as per the students’ requirements. With personalized and adaptive learning, teachers can create learning experiences that are engaging and personalized. This is a meaningful approach to education, and all the students get the necessary attention and can perform better in academics. 


The educational trends in 2021, lean towards technological transformation and the introduction of digital channels in classrooms and teaching methods. The education sector has a lot of potential. This sector offers a lot to a diverse audience. The changes in this sector directly reflect on the other sectors. 

Creating capable candidates who can bring change to the world is the responsibility of the education sector. The more opportunities provided in the education sector will broaden the field in the rest of the world. Trends like personalized learning, and enabling students to learn openly are some of the long-overdue changes. These will result in benefits in upcoming years. 

The availability of upskilling courses for all professions will help the candidates learn and polish their skills. And become a capable candidate that will be preferred by the companies. Many portals offer professional courses for aspiring candidates. 

They can enroll and learn at their convenience. There is no end to learning. We keep learning and evolving. Even though we are not actually in education, we can still learn. These trends do not just affect the education sector but all of us. Let’s welcome them and hope for even better trends in upcoming years. 

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Signal App: Everything You Need To Know About The Messaging App

Ever since Whatsapp updated its privacy terms. People started looking for new ways to stay connected with their friends and family members. Numerous apps came into the limelight, but the one that stole all the thunder was the Signal App. Thanks to Elon Musk’s tweet, people are downloading the app at god’s speed. Whenever there is a new trend, people are often baffled and look to gain information about it. If you are one of them, then this article can help you gain some insights about the app. In today’s article, we will decode all information there is to know about this app. 

What is Signal App?

The signal app messaging and voice-talk platform, which is free of cost, similar to WhatsApp. The most important difference is in “Privacy”. Even, the tagline of the Signal messaging app is “Say hello to privacy”. A line that most users will resonate with, given the current circumstances with Whatsapp.

If you visit the Wikipedia page of the signal app, you will find that it was launched on the 29th of July 2014. But according to the current information, the stable version of the app was released in December 2020 for android and in January for the IOS platform. 

The Signal app runs on donations it gets from the non-profit Signal Foundation organization. Brian Acton, the co-founder of WhatsApp, and Moxie Marlinspike, the CEO of the Signal messenger app. started The Signal Foundation.

How Does Signal App Work?

All things considered, using the Signal app is quite simple. You can easily download it onto your iPhone, Android, or desktop for free and begin chatting with your friends and family members. Registration is done with simply your phone number, and the app would then be able to scan over your contacts to see which numbers in your contacts are using Signal messaging app. 

You can use this app on either your phone or PC. If you start a chat using your phone, you can use a QR code to sign in on your PC and continue the rest of the conversation there — however, you won’t have the option to see the past messages (the ones you sent using your phone). Signal messages are stored on mobile phones, rather than in the digital space of the app. That is because Signal uses an open-source protocol to encrypt everything from messages to recordings, voice updates to photographs. In tech-talk, that implies you can look at the source code keeping your Signal messages hidden for just yourself on GitHub. In easy words, it implies that your messages will remain your messages — if you are the only one who can access your phones, then you’ll be the only one who’ll see them.

Key Features of Signal App:


It’s a messaging app. This app lets users send messages between two phones. Like you can send instant messages to your friends and family members online. In this way, you don’t need to pay SMS charges to your service provider. 

Private and Safe Data Sharing

It provides a messaging network that lets the user send messages with end-to-end encryption which keeps your messages secure. They don’t invade your privacy by reading your messages and listening to your calls. The platform is secure so no one else can read or listen to your private conversations

Voice and Video calling

You can now call and video call anybody in this world with no network charges by the assistance of the internet. The signal messaging app gives perfectly clear voice and video calling services to users. 


You can send stickers to your contacts with encryption. Along these lines, nobody can decode your sticker. You can also make and offer your custom stickers. 


It has a group feature which lets you create a group with your family, friends and other contacts. Thus, you can undoubtedly share information with every single individual from the group. 

No promotions and no trackers 

The signal is a totally non-profitable app so there are no advertisements on this app. No advertisements imply no affiliate marketers and no trackers exist to follow your activities. 


It is a totally open source project for engineers. Thus, anybody can assist with building up this app for making it more user-friendly and more secure.

Benefits of Signal App:

  • The messages, audio calls, video calls, group calls and even the stickers sent are start to end-to-end encrypted. This encryption technology that Signal originally created is presently used by WhatsApp and Skype. 
  • The messages on your chats can be set to disappear after a specific time. This time frame can be decided by the user based on their needs. 
  • The users cannot add members to their groups without their permission.
  • The messages on Signal are stored on the gadget itself, which is your cell phone. The Signal app staff don’t store the information nor does it permit the users to backup their Signal conversations on the cloud (Google Drive or iCloud). This implies that when you transfer to another number or get another cell phone, you can’t move your messages on the new gadget or number. 
  • The signal app can also work on the PC or desktop simply like WhatsApp. However, the difference here is that all the chats that are on your cell phone don’t get stored on the PC and the other way around. 
  • You can send a message to any contact that exists on your contact list. Customers who don’t have the Signal messaging app installed on the phone will be sent messages through normal SMS. 
  • The sound and video calls on the Signal app are end-to-end encrypted. This can be seen through the little padlock symbol close to the telephone symbol. 
  • To move a current WhatsApp group to the Signal app, you need to make another group on Signal by adding only one individual from the group. Afterwards, share a generated group invite link on the WhatsApp group that you need to move to the Signal app. The users on WhatsApp can join the recently formed group on Signal by tapping on the link. 
  • You can also send messages to yourself on the Signal app through the ‘Note to Self’ choice. By this, you can keep a rundown or a note of significant things. 
  • The signal app gives you an alternative to blur your profile photograph.

WhatsApp vs Signal vs Telegram

WhatsApp is right now the biggest messaging platform on the earth, with more than 2 billion users. Telegram has around 400 million users, while Signal has around 20 million users. 

While WhatsApp stands undefeated given a large number of users, we can’t avoid the developing market and popularity of Telegram and Signal. 

The update in WhatsApp’s privacy policy has given a chance for the market for these two other giants to grow.


WhatsApp has all the ingredients for a perfect recipe. This social messaging app has also added a payment feature to its hat. Users can add up to 256 members in the group. You can broadcast messages to various contacts, and also support voice and video calls, both for people and groups. 

    • Group video calls (that can handle 8 users at any given time).
    • WhatsApp Status feature (also known as WhatsApp stories).
    • Whatsapp allows you to share a wide range of files and documents (up to 100MB).
    • Photographs, videos and audio notes can be shared up to 16 MB.
    • Users can also share live location with their contacts. 
    • WhatsApp backup and restore messages and data on google drive and iCloud.
    • WhatsApp uses end-to-end encryption (E2E) for messages, video calls, voice calls, photographs and any other data. 
    • WhatsApp utilizes E2E protocol created by Open Whisper Systems, same as Signal


Telegram offers support to groups with up to 200,000 contacts. Known for its huge and monstrous groups, Telegram offers a lot of group features, for example, bots, surveys, tests and hashtags, extensive for a large group experience. 

    • Telegram offers self-destructing messages. These messages disappear after a said point in time. 
    • You can share files as large as 1.5 GB on Telegram. 
    • Telegram supports video and voice calls as well. 
    • Telegram supports E2E a secret chat feature.
    • Telegram has confirmed that it shares 0 bytes of data with any third party or government.


Going to the most latest member to the messaging party, Signal offers secure messaging, voice, and video calls and these are end-to-end encrypted. You can make groups, but you can’t broadcast messages to numerous contacts at once. Signal also lets its users make group calls. 

    • Like Telegram, Signal also supports self-destructing messages 
    • A Note to Self feature is also a highlight of the app. You can share your thoughts and ideas under this feature.
    • Signal permits relay voice calls to its users, identity isn’t shared, same as using a VPN 
    • Signal uses back-end user-facing encryption administration 
    • It uses the open-source Signal Protocol to accomplish end-to-end encryption 
    • Signal additionally encrypts your metadata offering several layers of security

WhatsApp vs Signal vs Telegram: Which Messaging Giant is More Secure?

WhatsApp doesn’t encrypt backups (cloud or local). Whatsapp also doesn’t encrypt metadata, not at all like Signal, which is used to convey conversations between two endpoints. WhatsApp group chats have been before discovered to be filed on Google search, significant information breach. 

Telegram group chats are not encrypted except if you use Secret Chats, which again just lets you chat to one contact at a time. 

Regarding client security, Signal offers the most secure communication you can find on the internet. But the most secure app Signal falls short when it comes to all the fancy features WhatsApp and Telegram are offering. Signal naturally encrypts all the local files with a 4-digit passphrase. It also encrypts all the group calls.

What Sets Signal App Apart


It has been shown to us time and time again that we cannot trust Facebook with our personal data. However, well over a billion people decide to send their most personal messages over apps made by the organization. And keeping in mind that Facebook says it can’t access messages sent over WhatsApp and doesn’t access messages sent via Facebook Messenger. But the organization mines your use of those apps for other information, for example how frequently you chat with somebody and whose contact numbers you have saved in your contact list. 

Facebook doesn’t permit outside protection and security specialists to assess its data collection methods, nor the code of its messaging apps. That implies we simply need to take their word for it and trust that they are not taking advantage of any personal information. Also, many studies have shown that not a lot of people are willing to trust the organization with their data.


So why escape from Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp to Signal and not some other messaging app? Since Signal is the only major messaging platform that can run on various platforms (such as android and ios) and avoids following you and your connections to other people. All the other major apps out there track you. And while Apple messages don’t. They are only available to iOS and macOS. Android users are not that lucky, so Signal app might come in handy.

About Signal App Security And Privacy

With regards to security, the Signal messaging protocol is by and large viewed as the most secure messaging protocol available. It is acceptable to such an extent that numerous other messaging apps, including Facebook Messenger, Skype, and WhatsApp, have claimed to adopt the protocol to be used in their apps. 

With regards to privacy, Signal is a sure shot winner. As we examined before, Signal just records three pieces of data about their users. This is far less data than other platforms collect. Furthermore, Signal gives you a chance to take the privacy protections a step further. There are a lot of articles that can give you detailed directions on how to create your Signal account without using your phone number.

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Make your iPhone App more secure with SSL Pinning

What is SSL pinning?

An HTTPS connection has a valid certificate and a cipher suite. The certificate is presented to server presents during handshaking. It is the essential component that serves as proof of the identity of the server. The client will trust the server if it provides a valid certificate signed by one of the trusted Certificate Authorities. Otherwise, aborts the connection.

An attacker can either install a malicious root CA certificate to user devices. So, the client will trust all certificates signed by the attacker, or even worse, compromised a CA completely. Therefore, trusting on the certificates received from servers alone cannot guarantee the authenticity of the server. Your server is vulnerable to a potential man-in-the-middle attack.Secure Socket Layer Pinning is a technique used in the client-side to avoid a man-in-the-middle attack. This technique validates the server certificates even after SSL handshaking and pins a list of trustful certificates to the client during development. They, then use them to compare against the server certificates during runtime. The connection disrupts if there is a mismatch between the server and the local copy of certificates. This ensures that no further user data goes to that server. In short, SSL pinning ensures the user devices are communicating only to the dedicated trustful servers.

Developers must take extra caution in SSL Pinning. When a pinned certificate expires, the server gets a new certificate. The new certificate is different from the pinned certificate. So, the clients will not trust the updated certificate and therefore terminate the connection. Communication established between clients and servers is basically ‘bricked’. Therefore, to avoid such a situation,  always pin the future certificates in the client applications before release.

There are two ways to achieve SSL Pinning in client applications.  You can either pin the whole certificate or its hashed public key. The hashed public key pinning is the preferred approach that uses the same private key for signing the updated certificate. This approach can save the trouble of pinning a new hashed public key for a new certificate, and reduce the risk of app ‘bricking’.

How to make your iOS Apps more secure using SSL pinning?

SSL pinning comes into the picture as one of the best app security options while looking for ios game application development services. A system library does the task of maintaining the SSL session. The app trying to establish connection does not determine which certificate to trust and which not to.The SSL encryption happens based on Public Key Infrastructure and a session key. Encrypting and decrypting public uses a lot of energy and slows down the communication process. That is when the session key came into play. Asymmetric session key exchanged with the SSL handshake reduces the risk of asymmetrically encrypting data at the source and decrypting it at the destination.The certificate’s chain of trust determines the security aspect of SSL. The client checks the server’s SSL certificate as the communication process starts. The client will check if the received certificate is an issue by the Trusted Root CA store or other user-trusted certificates.

Although SSL is pretty much unbreakable, there is still an actual threat of the man-in-the-middle attack. This can happen with ARP poisoning and DNS spoofing. With ARP cache poisoning, an attack is possible depending on the Address Resolution Protocol. Address Resolution is responsible for mapping the IP address to the devices MAC address. For example, consider a network containing a common user’s device A, the attacker’s device B and router C.Device B sends the ARP reply packet to the device A acting as router C. Then, A sends another ARP reply to C identifying as device B and completes the attack.DNS spoofing is an attack technique that corrupts the name server’s domain name mapping. Here, the attacker forces the DNS to return an incorrect IP address and divert the traffic to theirs.

There are different ways through which you can implement SSL Pinning in iPhone game development services. You can secure your iOS with SSL pinning using NSURLSession, AlamoFire and AFNetworking. NSURLSession SSL pinning is a bit tricky. Here, there is no option to cancel all responses that do not match with the certificate automatically. To implement SSL pinning on NSURLSession, we need to do perform all checks manually.

Alamofire SSL pinning is simple. The ServeTrustPolicy.certificates Bundle method in AlamoFire returns all certificates in the bundle. First, we load the certificates in the created ServerTrustPolicy object. Then the object is instantiated with a dictionary to map the domain name to the ServerTrustPolicy. We are only pinning the predefined domain in AlamoFire.

SSL pinning in AFNetworking is straightforward. You have to assign an AFSecurityPolicy policy object to the AFHTTPRequestOperationManager. It will scan through your bundle by default.

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Schools On Web – Experience The Learning

SOW i.e. Schools On Web is a passionate group of highly experienced education professionals and technology enthusiasts,bring the most affordable range of one stop learning solutions. SOW team is here to recreate your success stories with the masses!

SOW vision is to connect the dots between different levels of education and creating an unending success bridge

Schools on WEB helps schools to brings together the management, teachers and parents, all on the same platform with one objective – ‘Holistic Development of Students’. with our solution deployed at schools, the management, the teachers can let go off the resource and academic planning on us, so that most of their time is devoted in development of students!

An Ed-Tech initiative to empower schools with one stop digital solution to take care of all of the learning needs of Students, Teachers, Parents and Schools. Schools On WEB promotes in-school learning instead of after-school learning. Students spend most of their time in just consuming knowledge instead of applying it in real world.

Their should be enough time for students to actually apply the same knowledge in their real-life which happens after school with their families or friends. Students should find learning to be found in every act they do.

Considering the current education situations, Schools On WEB bringing one-stop solution covering:-

  1.  Competitive prep in association with premium academies of INDIA
  2. One stop Knowledge hub to explore available Careers, opportunities and scholarships around the world.
  3. Ed-Tech Awareness programs for School, Parents, Teachers and Students
  4. SOW campus for exploring in-school learning programs Schools On WEB inviting Inviting Schools to activate अपना आत्मनिर्भर Digital School for FREE!

Click on link to apply https://schoolsonweb.com Schools administrations will be contacted once applications are processed. On the last day a webinar will be conducted.

Schools applicants in pre-launch offer will get “1 lac worth Program – NEO Ed-Tech awareness 2020 program for Schools” for Free!!”

Contact Details

Website and Registration Link : https://schoolsonweb.com/

Facebook : noesis.schoolsonweb

Twitter : @schools_on_web

Instagram : schoolsonweb

Linked In :schools-on-web

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The Stages Of An Online Purchase And How To Improve The Customer Experience

The shopping experience is one of the most important factors to take into account when we study and delve into an online purchasing process.

A purchase process is all those phases that the consumer or customer of a product goes through from the moment they have a need until they are happy to purchase a product or service that meets their needs to the utmost satisfaction.

In this article, we will take a walk through the different stages of an online purchase and we will see what added value you can give the consumer to optimize them.

1. The importance of the shopping experience

A pleasant, safe, and comfortable online shopping experience is the key to encouraging the customer to buy again in your store. It is increasingly difficult to differentiate yourself from your competitors and an original and effective way to do it is by focusing on the service you are giving to your client. Every day it is more personalized and they look for different ways to surprise the public.

2. Stages of the online purchase decision process

The stages of the online purchasing process that a customer takes into account from the moment a need arises until it is covered are the following:

  • Realize that you need it.
  • Do your research to find out how to meet that need.
  • Decide which option to choose from those found.
  • Buy the chosen option.

3. Phases that will improve the online shopping experience for your customer

The online shopping phases that we have to take into account so that the shopping experience is ideal are:

3.1) An attractive home page

The home page of your online store is the first impression that a user has of your brand and of what you sell. Try to give a good image with the help of large and attractive banners, always in accordance with the style or design of your online store.

In them, you can offer the products you have in a promotion or show a special category. Adapt your home page according to the season of the year or if it is a special day such as Valentine’s, Christmas or summer.

The personalization to your customer is a key element to improve the online shopping experience. Every time you can know more about the client through a good client management tool (CRM) and social networks. This allows you to know their tastes, what they are looking for in your store and what environment interests them.

It allows you to adapt your experience Marketing strategy to your client in a personalized way. So if you see that your client publishes photographs of mountain excursions on social networks, offer him a product related to nature that may be useful to him.

Don’t forget to congratulate him on his birthday or anniversary with the company and offer him a discount as a gift. You can present these actions on your home page or create an emailing campaign.

If you don’t have a customer service phone number, you should have the option to send a message to answer questions. Even if you are quick to answer emails, the client does not know when he will receive a response from you and that creates a feeling of unease and impatience. The client always looks for an immediate answer .

So I recommend offering personalized treatment through the integration of a chat in your online store to create a more enjoyable and effective online shopping experience. In this way, you will be able to answer their questions in real-time and show that you are always available to the customer.

3.2) A professional product sheet

I imagine that you have been told a thousand times how to present a product sheet: use large images with a white background and high quality, make known all the characteristics of your product, use cross-selling or up-selling techniques, etc.

An added value that you can bring to your product file is the testimony of the online shopping experience of other consumers.

The stars as a method of evaluation of your product is already quite seen, although it is still as effective as at the beginning. Let users leave comments and opinions about your product .

Marketing is a thousand times more effective than you can do. It is also very important to add buttons for social networks, for example, to “like” your store on Instagram or to tweet the product.

This content will be published in the stories and profiles of the users, it will be visible to the entire network of friends. They will be sharing the online shopping experience with their friends. Again, a friend’s opinion is worth a thousand times more than yours.

3.3) A secure payment

More and more people are daring to buy online, although there are still people who do not take this step by giving information about their bank account or credit card. Use trusted and secure payment stamps to create a reliable online shopping experience.

Add these stamp icons to checkout pages to inspire confidence in your customers. These are some of the stamps that you can integrate:

The more forms of payment you offer, the more options the customer has to have an online shopping experience adapted to their preferences. The different forms of payment that you can present in your store are: bank transfer, credit card, Paypal or cash on delivery.

Although the latter is a bit risky because the customer can return the product without paying the shipping. 

It is also important to add a section on secure payment and payment methods in the “General conditions” of your online store. In this way, the client always has access to this type of information and you inspire tranquility to the user.

3.4) A pleasant shipment

The shipping phase is the one that will unquestionably decide whether it has been a successful or disastrous online shopping experience. The desire to have the product at home quickly is very high which may not always be fulfilled.

So I propose to focus on other aspects that you can really control and improve to impress your client. The presentation of the package that the customer receives is the first direct contact that the consumer has with your product.

Take advantage of packaging techniques to excite your customer. Invest in a tissue paper that wraps the product in a funny way and in a nice box with a bow, it will be a little more expensive, but it is very nice to receive a package of these characteristics, so they will probably repeat the shopping experience online in your online store.

Many times problems arise in this phase of the purchase and most of the time it does not depend on you. Whatever happens, don’t forget to communicate with your client and inform them. If the package is late, send them an apology message and let them know how late it will be.

If the package or product arrives in bad condition, send him another one (don’t wait for him to return it) and add a gift for the inconvenience. It is inevitable that these things will happen, but you can fix them and surprise your client even more.

3.5) A simple return

A return doesn’t have to be a bad thing. Sometimes it is not the size we need and we have to return the product. To end good online shopping experience, clearly define the steps to take to return a product.

Don’t use complicated words and add a link to create the shipping label. Although if you prefer, you can send the label inside the package so that he only has to fill it out and send it.

If you can afford it, I advise you to return shipping free. It is a way of worrying about the customer getting the ideal product. Although you also have the option to offer free shipping only when the products are defective and not when it is a size problem.

Always remember to write everything down in the “Return Policies”. Many times it is a hassle to wait at home for the courier to come to take the package. In this case, the customer can go to the collection points and Click & Collect that allow you to both collect and send packages.

It is always advisable to offer different options so that the customer can choose the one that best suits them and optimize their online shopping experience.

You have already seen that not many resources are needed to improve the online shopping experience in your store. Be attentive to your client, inform him whenever necessary, keep him excited and satisfied with his purchase, and never forget your relationship, because it is a very special relationship. 

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5G, Internet Of Things And Artificial Intelligence: The Key Differences

The world stands to be reformed by the combination of three technologies, subsidizing a perfect storm. And with this RouterLogin’s IP guide you can know more about it. 5G, IoT, and AI embody a perfect high-tech storm and a powerful opportunity for value creation. Low cost and massive capacity unlock itself to the connection of things at a large volume. Although they have differences, combined, they are powerful. 

 Internet Of Things

The Internet of things (IoT) incorporates anything that connects to the Internet. However, it is now mostly used to define devices that “speak” to each other. In simpler terms, the Internet of things is a combination of devices connected. With a combination of linked devices with automated systems, it opens a possibility of collecting information, examining it, and producing action to assist individuals with a specific job or acquire knowledge from an activity. 

It all comes down to devices, networks, and data. Examples of IoT are machine learning, smart grids, and intelligent farming, to name a few. IoT lets devices on sealed private internet connections interconnect with others, and the Internet of Things brings those networks together. It provides the chance for devices to connect not only in close silos but beyond different networking categories and generates a much more connected world. This links to Artificial Intelligence. 

 Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI), in its simplest definition, is the way we want the machines to get smarter in implementing tasks. It is all about putting information on devices. Artificial intelligence is a result of after specific thorough data analysis after thoughtful consideration of sources and outcomes. AI is valuable for real-time review, post, or pre-event treating also. With a strong record, the AI can grow the accuracy of estimates and act consequently with detail to the instructions input by the external stimulus. 

AI is a way of machine education that systematically observes the pattern and grows on results effectively. It is a product of combined predictive analysis, constant analytics, and prescriptive analytics, which is an imitation of human intelligence. There are many differences between AI and IoT.


To name a few, the difference between AI and IoT is cloud computing. AI’s cloud computing is quite reliable as it assists the machine to reason, ratify, and study from the human behaviors created. IoT’s cloud computing, on the other hand, is complementary in effectiveness to the cloud, which gives a lane to manage data. 

The other difference is attaining the data obtained. Overall, AI is about data; it studies and repairs its performance from faults, comes across, and progresses openly. On the other hand, IoT is frequently captured moments from sensors that bring in are stored inside, and each time it is wanted, the data is pulled in. The introduction of 5G has increased the progressiveness of AI and IoT. 

 What is 5G?

5G is the following generation of mobile broadband, the ‘G’ meaning generation. It is being prefigured as the actual coordinator of the IoT and AI. Many countries like South Korea and the United States have started this revolution. 5G and Artificial Intelligence have shared coordinators. 5G offers the structure and substantial amounts of data essential for successful AI. 

Although AI, driven by advances in machine learning, provides the capability to make sense of the commotion and complication of 5G. An example will be Siri. A voice-activated assistant which processes requests and gives out great responses. However, they are not as perfect. 

IoT And 5G

IoT is growing. The amount of connected devices is expected to rise from 700 million to 3.2 billion by 2023. Many things contribute to this growth. However, the essential one is the development of 5G networks. This is where the difference comes in; without the 5G being the anchor to the IoT, the growth would not be as massive. 

5G networks are expected to improve the performance and dependability of these connected devices. The successful accomplishment of any IoT is ultimately tied to its effectiveness, which is reliant on how fast it can communicate with other IoT devices and smartphones, software in the form of its app or website. With 5G, data-transfer rapidity will increase. 

5G And LTE Networks

5G is expected to be ten times faster than current LTE networks. This growth in speed will allow IoT devices to connect and share data quicker than ever. An example is smart home devices. The growth in rate will help to decrease lag and advance the total speed in which connected devices send and receive data and notifications. Additionally, to the increase in speed, 5G networks will function more consistently, creating more unwavering connections. It is vital to have dependable and steady network conditions for any IoT. 

With the capability of a 5G network to deal with more connected devices, users will profit from better reliability of their connected devices. The high-speed connectivity, very low dormancy, and better coverage that will arrive with the next-generation network will be essential for IoT’s. 

Artificial Intelligence And 5G

Artificial Intelligence is all about creating a system to act smartly about human behavior. In contrast, IoT is all about the sensors of devices and 5G being the fifth generation of cellular networks. 

Although differences are specified, Artificial Intelligence, 5G, and the Internet of Things do have a clear connection between them, which is why AI and IoT become central to the future of 5G. Combined, they bring in a connected level of intellect, which will make computers smarter and not just devices that are connected.

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Tips to Optimise Your PC Performance

Our computer systems can be compared to the cars that we drive, they must be maintained and on a regular basis in order to ensure that they run optimally. Over time, it’s common for our systems to accumulate a considerable number of unneeded/unused files, applications, and tools, these programs may have been picked up from the internet or they may be something you installed many months or even years ago. All of these things over time have a negative effect on the performance of our computers. However, the good thing is that there are a number of things that you can do to restore the health of your system.

How to Improve PC Performance

Here are a number of tips that you should follow in order to enhance the performance of your computer:

Check for Computer Spyware, Viruses and Malware

Malware or Spyware are small malicious programs that are designed to do harm to your system, they are just as capable of causing harm to your system as your standard virus is. These small programs are able to get onto your computer without your knowledge and cause a great deal of damage. The general purpose of your average spyware program is to spy on whatever the computer user does on the system, sending all of the data that it’s logged back to the creator of the spyware, who typically are fraudsters and hackers out to steal the personal information of your average computer users. The information that they are able to obtain, can be anything from credit card details to username and passwords, typically anything of real value to you.

Although malware and spyware can be used interchangeably, malware is somewhat different in that they tend to be a lot more disruptive to your computer. Spyware is typically unable to act on itself, whereas the moment malware gets on your computer, it immediately goes to work. Malware is capable of completely crippling your system, one very familiar malware that people tend to get is the redirect virus, which basically redirects all your search engine traffic to malicious websites, that are usually laced with viruses. Thus, it’s in your best interest to ensure that neither spyware nor malware gets onto your system; this can be done by running a full scan of any antivirus program you have installed on your computer.

Another side effect of spyware is the toll that it’s able to take on the performance of your computer. It’s also capable of prohibiting you from running certain programs, effectively barring you from doing anything constructive on it; this is usually done while it’s destroying the integrity of your operating system. Therefore, you should also run a spyware remover in addition to the antivirus scan, just to ensure your computer is completely cleaned.

Defrag Your Hard Drive

Hard drive maintenance is something that the average user really things about. The vast majority of computer users typically do not take the time to either maintain or clean their hard drives, however when their operating system starts to act up, they ironically get really angry. Defragging a hard drive has become the conventional solution to fixing sluggish or slow systems, so it’s notwithstanding that it’s typically one’s first recommendation. Hard drives become fragmented as a result of all the files being written to it and erased over time; it’s a process that leads to the hard drive slowly deteriorating in performance.

Whenever you install a new program on a hard drive, portions of the hard drive allocated for it. Over time, as you uninstall programs, and put new ones on, free allocated units begin to spring up all over the hard drive. This leads to data being spread across the entire drive, resulting in the hard drive having to do more work in order to access data for specific programs.

This process of defragmentation has a negative effect on the writing speed of the hard drive, but it also has a negative effect on the actual components of the drive, essentially decreasing the drive life. Fragmentation is a process that cannot be avoided; however, newer hard drives are designed to reduce its effects. Using a storage capacity hard drive is one of the most effective ways to avoid having data being spread across the entire drive. If you ensure that at least 30% of the hard drive is made up of free space, then you can be sure that whenever you assign new data to the drive, it will be stored sequentially. Newer hard drives also have much larger buffers, which helps speed up the reading and writing process.

There are a number of different programs that you can use to defrag your hard drive, however, for the sake of simplicity; I recommend you use the built-in Windows Disk Defragmenter, which you can find in System Tools.

Repair Your Registry

If you don’t know what the registry is, it’s basically an area of the computer where all the configuration settings data is stored. However, over time, as you install more and more programs, it can become corrupted. The registry is also prone to containing data that is no longer of any use, like the settings of a program that you have already uninstalled. When you scan and repair the registry, you’re essentially ironing out all of these issues, which all ultimately affect the performance of your computer.

Remove Unnecessary Programs from Startup

If during the boot-up phase, you have a tone of programs loading up at the same time, then you’ll be made to wait a considerable length of time before your system becomes accessible to you. However, the workaround would be to switch off those programs which you feel, quite frankly have no business loading up during boot up. You can do this by running Microsoft Configuration Utility and uncheck the services that you think your computer can do without.

Free Up Hard Drive Space

Today, hard drives are available in considerably large storage capacities, with purchasing a new hard drive for your computer becoming a more cost-effective approach, as each day passes, but despite all of that, your hard drive will still eventually vanish. If you like to surf the internet, visiting the lost of web pages and downloading and installing applications, then a lot of temporary files will be stored in your internet temp folder, and in some cases, it may prove difficult for you to remove them. Having to think about which files you should delete and which ones you should keep, can prove to be quite a strenuous tasks, as a result, I put together a number of methods that you can use to free up hard drive space.

1. Use Windows Disk Cleanup

If you use a Windows-based operating system, then go to My Computer, access the Properties of your hard drive and click on Disk Cleanup. Once the application has loaded up, it will give you a list of all the files that you can delete in order to conserve hard drive space. Just select the file types that you know you do not need, then click on OK, once you’ve done that, the operating system will ask you to confirm your choice.

This is a process that you should carry out for all the hard drives in your computer. Another way to access this tool is from System Tools.

2. Empty Your Recycle Bin

Make sure that you’ve emptied your recycle bin that no files exist in it. After you’ve emptied your recycle bin, it may also be a good idea for you to defragment your hard drive. This can be done by using Windows Disk Defragmenter, found in system tools.

3. Uninstall Unneeded Applications

To do this, you will have to access Add/Remove Programs, which can be found in your control panel. Once you’ve loaded the applet up, simply scroll through the list of applications on your computer, programs such as browser add-ons and toolbars are not really needed, so you can delete them. This activity will not only help you free up hard drive space, but it should also help you increase the performance of your computer.

4. Empty Your Temporary Internet Folder

All the browsers you can use today are built around the same architecture, they all use temporary folders. So the objective is for you to do one or two things, either you can configure the internet browser to automatically erase the contents of the folder on a given day or when it reaches a certain file size. Or you can opt to delete the contents of this folder manually. Ideally, you’d want to set it so it’s done automatically, but assuming you haven’t already done that, you should load up your browser and empty all your browsing data.

5. Remove Unused Windows Components

It’s possible for you to add and remove windows components that you no longer use. This can be done by loading up Add/Remove Programs, which you can find in the control panel. From here, you can opt to remove components such as the Games folder or certain Internet Self Hosting components that you either do not need or have never used. This is a nice little way of freeing up some space and ultimately enhancing the performance of your computer.

Automatic Software Updates

There are tons of applications out there like Microsoft Office that have updates for it released on a regular basis. This also includes updates for your operating system. By installing these updates it will not only increase the security of your computer, but it will also enhance its performance.

Other Products & Methods

Purchase Additional Products

There are also various additional products that you could consider, like adapters and USB hubs, which are capable of speeding up your computer. These kinds of devices are designed to ensure that you get the most out of any external device that you decide to add to your computer, so that’s definitely something that you should consider.

Plug Your Laptop In

If you’re using a laptop computer, then one thing you should be aware of is that when it’s not plugged in, the device uses less power. So one method that you can use to gain a little more speed out of your laptop computer is to plug it into the mains, where possible.

Upgrade Your Memory

If you purchased your computer brand new from the shop, then it’s likely that it will have some free slots for additional memory expansion. Thus, you should consider adding more RAM to it. Adding memory is a sure-fire way of increasing the performance of your system, whether it’s for gaming or running standard applications.

Dust Your System

One thing you’ll want to do is ensure that your computer is regularly cleaned. If too much dust builds up inside your computer, it can have a detrimental effect on the performance of the components. To dust the computer, you can use either a small vacuum cleaner or compressed air.

Check Cable Connections

Sometimes a loose connection can result in degraded system performance. Thus, it’s important that you check all your cable connections to ensure that they are securely in their slots. You may also want to check your internet connection, just to be sure that things are running as they should.


This post is contributed by Uchenna Ani-Okoye
He  is a former IT Manager who now runs his own computer support website www.compuchenna.co.uk

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The Best Data Visualization Tools

Analyzing data has become more important than ever before for modern-day businesses. From understanding who their target audience is to getting transaction and profit figures, viewing and interpreting data correctly are essential for a business’ success. What kind of business strategy you want to implement can also be formulated by analyzing the data properly.

However, to make data analysis easier on the eye and on the brain, businesses need to use data visualization tools. Data visualization tools help in presenting data in an attractive manner through graphs and visuals. If you want to extract the maximum value for your business from all that data, then here are some of the best data visualization tools for 2020.



This business intelligence platform is regarded by many business analytics experts as the best there is. Here are some of the features of Sisense that make it such a favorite:

  • Easy to set up and learn
  • Drag and drop UI that allows for easy creation of graphical representations and dashboards
  • Interactive dashboards allow everyone in your team to see the data
  • Lots of options in terms of data exporting, with support for a wide range of file formats
  • Free-trial that allows you to explore the platform before you choose to buy


If you don’t believe in spending money on data visualization tools, then you should definitely try using Charted. This is one of several open-source data visualization tools out there, which means it is absolutely free. Even though Charted does not have as many features as a paid platform such as Sisense, it can still give you a lot if you use it well. Here are some key features of Charted:

  • Create bar graphs and charts from Google spreadsheets and CSV files
  • Numerous integrated components such as LineUp, OnSet and UpSet along with GeoJS geospatial visualizations and Vega visualizations
  • Add labels and notes to your visualizations


Domo is a paid business intelligence platform that offers multiple data analytics packages. The best thing about Domo is that you can try all their packages for free. Here are some of Domo’s most advantageous features:

  • Access to real-time data 
  • Makes data easier to understand by presenting it through creative data visualization tools such as sparklines, trend indicators, and multi-part widgets
  • Promotes data aggregation through seamless integration with other software such as Google Analytics
  • Easy data-sharing and user-to-user messaging thanks to an emphasis on social sharing


This cloud-based data visualization tool lets users create custom dashboards. If customization seems too elaborate, you can even choose from a variety of built-in templates. If you want your data analysis to be as in-depth as possible, then Klipfolio is the right tool for your business. Some of Klipfolio’s main features are:

  • Connection to more than 500 data sources, which include a variety of social media platforms and web-based services
  • Dashboard customization to suit the unique needs of individual users
  • The comprehensive data analysis enables users to plan the financial futures of their respective businesses

Data wrapper

If you are looking for open-source visualization tools that are mobile-friendly, then Data wrapper is the ideal tool for you. Here’s why Data wrapper can be of great benefit to you and your business:

  • Users don’t need coding or designing skills for using this tool
  • A wide variety of visualizations can be created using Datawrapper such as area charts, bar graphs, stacked charts, dot plots, and symbol maps
  • The tool’s free version allows 10,000 chart views every month

Microsoft Power BI

This suite of analytics tools for businesses from Microsoft consists of diverse tools that you can use to formulate newer and more effective business strategies. Here are some of Microsoft Power BI’s core advantages for businesses:

  • Create a centralized hub for data access by using both in-cloud and on-site data
  • Promotes expansive integration by offering seamless support for third-party software
  • Offers a free version with limited features and an extremely affordable pro package as well
  • Data importing and publishing for sharing data with collaborators
  • Comes inclusive of a tutorial system that makes learning to use the suite easy and effortless


For creating unique and aesthetically pleasing data visualizations, there’s probably no tool better than MATLAB. The tool also offers several other advantageous features for users such as:

  • Allows users to modify algorithms without affecting the tool to find relevant analysis
  • A wide range of graphical tools to help users design distinct visualizations
  • MATLAB’s user interface is extremely easy to understand and navigate
  • Guarantees real-time updates through data collection from multiple online sources

Google Data Studio

This is a free tool from Google that facilitates easy data visualization creation. Some of this tool’s highlights include:

  • Easy setup for users who already have Gmail accounts
  • Connects seamlessly to multiple Google tools such as Google AdWords, YouTube Analytics and Google Sheets


Kibana ranks among the most comprehensive and unique data visualization tools out there at present. Some of this tool’s most attractive features include:

  • Detection of discrepancies and anomalies in data analyses
  • Elastic Stack, a unique feature that allows users to compile comprehensive reports through observation and assessment of different sources of data
  • Dashboard sharing and URL embedding for ease of sharing data amongst collaborators and colleagues


Chartio is a business analytics tool that can be used across businesses of all types and sizes. Some of Chartio’s key features are as follows:

  • Easy to set up
  • Its friendly user-interface allows users to learn how to use the tool very quickly
  • Allows users the option to buy the tool depending on the size and requirements of their businesses, therefore ensuring flexible pricing
  • Enables users to compare multiple data sources to pinpoint discrepancies

So there you have it; the best data visualization tools for 2020! If you want to improve your business strategy and share data reports with your colleagues, these tools can be of great help. The role of business analytics in improving businesses is growing around the world with each passing day. That’s why it’s important to use data visualization tools to get as much value from your business data as possible.

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