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Laravel Interview Questions Answers and Development Tips and Tricks

Latest trends in Laravel Development in 2021

Laravel is a PHP-based application scheme that is used for web development purposes. These are commonly used by many people as they have various added features like a fast-evolving mechanism. This is used to create modular web applications with higher levels of security.

It is very comprehensive, user-friendly, and easy to learn and to comprehend by people. It also allows web applications to be created with a wide number of features, from the basic to the highest level of performance levels.

In addition to the simplicity it upholds, the encoding experience also follows up to performance levels that are errorless and they make use of the Laravel framework or the Top laravel development company.

There are some key trends that have been adopted by Laravel Development. These comprise the database usage, cloud storage features, or database handling. This can be done by Laravel for its application development process. It also offers features that will help one to develop attractive and simple web applications.

The following are the key trends, they are the use of the Model – View – Controller (MVC), trustworthiness, innovative features, safety and security, object based library, base for startup, enhancing PHP and the future prospects of PHP, Laravel and IoT. 

MVC (Model – View – Controller)

Laravel makes complete use of the Model – View – Controller system, which is useful for both the designers and creators. Furthermore, the MVC is used by Laravel which assists in understanding the business logic and also the user interface code that is also useful for this feature.


This is another feature that allows Laravel to be widely accepted and used by the world. This helps to create and develop various websites. This helps in the process of the acceptance and makes this platform a much trusted source for the various developers. This is also very fast, efficient and it is secure. This attracts the attention of many people. This is also very dependable. 

Innovative Features

This allows the market to offer various types of the PHP frameworks that also give a very tough competition to its competitors. In order to remain highly competitive in the market. People have to opt for various innovative features overtime. Furthermore, Laravel is continuously added for its new features and allows other competitors to make use of these. 

Safety and Security

This is another important feature of Laravel framework. This ensures the users are protected well against these cyber crimes. This helps to keep them in good hands. This also ensures that the security features are well incorporated to these platforms.

As the number of cyber crimes are continuously increasing, there is a need for people to safeguard their website from these attacks. This will keep them under protected and secure measures. Furthermore, Laravel aims to provide its users a safe and secure networking system.

Object based library

This is a feature that is followed by many. This allows them to develop the respective framework. This makes use of the pre-installed Laravel library. This also makes use of the support from the large amount of data.

This also makes use of the processing to be done easily. This also comprises the information verifying system. This is of great use to its users. 

Base for Startups

Start ups are a growing field and many people are stepping forward to engage in startups. Laravel is not only a platform that supports the established organisations.

This also makes use of the various framework systems to establish and create a new startup scheme. This allows Laravel to handle large amounts of data that is well protected.

Furthermore, they can also reach out to the various other markets much more easily. This helps to reduce a lot of time wastage from taking place. This also allows for the smooth functioning of the applications. 

Enhancing the Functioning of PHP

It is important to transform a digital world. However,this process can be very challenging and tedious for people to follow. This is mainly due to the organizations which have an aim to gain users and their interest.

This increases their engagement levels. This then leaves room for continuous  improvement in web application creation. Hence in order to lead the market, individuals are trying to provide the best. Hence in the future, PHP is used to save the rapid execution process for the various codes and memory utilization.

This helps to make full use of Laravel as it is the most well-known and trendy framework across PHP.

Future uses of PHP, Laravel, and IoT

This allows the combination of all these networks. This then helps to develop a system which is closely tied and works well together by the collaborative measures.

This also helps to create new applications that are very useful and in building an application that is very clear in their goals and in the process of development. There are many best laravel development companies that are found hence people can seek their help. 

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MVC Web Development Framework

What is Web Development Framework?

There is a huge number of server-side scripting languages, using them we can create web applications. Almost the scripts are full-fledged programming language and featured with Object Oriented Programming Systems. Popular of them are Java, PHP, Python, Ruby,Perl. At the early age of web the applications were built on conventional logic and components, are not organized or not reusable. As the next generation, web development technologies came into existence the requirement of frameworks increased.A need for such a tool was very important as they are time and cost efficient.

Now we have many frameworks with huge communities. Frameworks are the collection of basic building blocks and reusable code in an organized manner where maintenance and development both are painless processes. They implement code re-usability, inheritance, security, abstraction, accessibility, integrity, reliability, readability, maintainability in our applications. Now we are able to develop very robust applications in very less time. frameworks are enriched with various libraries and plugin. They also provide flexibility to extend the functionality of the core. Almost the framework is based on Model-View-Controller or MVC development pattern.

What is MVC?

MVC is a software architectural pattern, which provides a modular structure to an application and application is layered into Models(M), Views(V) and Controllers(C).


Model is a layer where all the data building logic is present. This layer is abstract from direct access. We write or database queries and fetch and format data in this layer with given parameters. This layer is a central layer of all three.


A view is a presentation layer. We see the desired results here in our browser. The user directly communicates with forms and perform actions and submit inputs. This is an end user layer where HTTP response displayed and request triggered by user actions.


A controller is an intermediate layer and create a pool between Model the data logic layer and View the representational layer. It collects user actions based on URI and parameters. Routing and reverse routing happen here.

Advantages of MVC Frameworks:

  1. Fast and quick development of complex web-applications.
  2. Collection of Plugins are available for most of the general purpose activities.
  3. Easy maintenance and debugging. Frameworks provide debugger kit , that eases the debugging process.
  4. MVC provides a modular structure to application that is why MVC based applications are flexible and robust.
  5. Most of them provide Database manipulation library, so no need to write custom and complex queries very often.
  6. Inbuilt security and migration features.
  7. Most of them come with a command-line interface to generate code-snippets and modules.
  8. They create SEO friendly URLs to easy for search engines to recognize your application urls.

What are the popular MVC framework based on PHP?

There are numerous MVC framework based on PHP. Some of them are as:
Laravel – Laravel is the most popular PHP framework with the latest release of PHP and suitable for heavy applications.It comes with Inbuilt Authentication and security features. Laravel has a powerful ORM and query builder. Laravel has a unique feature of artisan CLI tool.Blade template engine is used for presentation on view.

Zend Framework

Created by the developers of PHP.Zend Framework is a collection of professional PHP packages with more than 345 million installations. It can be used to develop web applications and services using PHP 5.6+, and provides 100% object-oriented code using a broad spectrum of language features. Zend Framework uses Composer as a package dependency manager; PHP Unit to test all packages; and Travis CI as a Continuous Integration service. Zend Framework also follows PHP-FIG standards and includes an implementation of PHR-7 for HTTP message interfaces (as shepherded by Matthew Weier O’Phinney, Zend Framework project lead).


CakePHP is a Rapid development framework written in PHP 5.6 and having a unique feature of Naming Convention. CakePHP has a powerful tool of bake console. We can create scaffolding within no time. It is suitable for Web services as well as small and heavy applications. We can use a template engine as well for the presentation layer.


This is a zero-configuration framework and mostly used for small scale application. It comes with all the features of OOPS and security parameters. It is fast ,and the most flexible among others in a group. Code-igniter has wonderful and organized documentation and a huge community over the web. Codeigniter also provide the feature of HMVC and templating.


Fastest growing over the internet and popular in recent years. Featured with MVC structure and can be used for small as well as heavy applications. It handles complex WSDL services easily.


Phalcon is a secure and well documented MVC framework. It is suitable for any type of applications. It has implemented with very high-security level.

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Laravel Interview Questions

What is Laravel?
Laravel is a PHP based web development framework and an Open Source.

It is the most popular MVC framework of the age and enriched with the latest technical specifications.

Laravel is different from other frameworks when it comes to performance because it has inbuilt security features, salable routing, flexibility.

What are Advantages of Laravel Framework?

Features of Laravel listed as :

  1. Supports MVC pattern of software development.
  2. Modular structure.
  3. Great Documentation and Number of forums.
  4. Dependency can be installed using composer tool.
  5. Easy to implement Authentication and Authorization.
  6. Inbuilt CSRF protection features.
  7. Powerful Artisan Command Line Interface.
  8. Featured with blade template engine, templates can be organize.
  9. Default Cache driver is configured and also support various cache drivers like Redis and Memcached.
  10. Debugging and use case features along with unit testing.
  11. Supports full-text search on Eloquent ORM modules.
  12. Schema Builder allows us to create database tables and migration.
  13. Best routing and session control features.

How can we install laravel via the composer?

Composer is a tool to install dependencies in any system.It is very easy to build dependency when we have to install third-party libraries.
Steps to install laravel using composer:
Step(1):Download and install composer from official website :
Step(2):Open CLI and run

composer create-project laravel/laravel test my-first-project

List some features of laravel 5.0 ?

Laravel is a powerful web development framework having features as :

  1. Laravel provide a modular structure to application which help us to build efficiently and ease the maintainability
  2. Includes features which help us to build test cases and debug the software and to meet the requirement.
  3. Laravel provide flexible routing feature to application, which leads to a better performance.
  4. Flexibility to run over many environment as local,production etc.
  5. Laravel is featured with ORM and Query Builder.It has rich library to query over complex conditions.
  6. It also maintains schema and build schema through PHP code.Help us to migrate the application.
  7. Laravel is also compatible to templating and uses Blade Template Engine.Blade is a Lightweight tempalting engine and provides hirerachical model to template designing.
  8. Laravel ease the methods of authentication and user management for application.

What is Artisan?

Artisan is a Command Line interface used by Laravel and It is very powerfull.It comes along with many powerful commands which help us to build scalable application modules in very less time.

List some artisan commands?

Some important artisan commands are listed:

  1. php artisan list : list all available artisan commands
  2. php artisan help migrate : display help screen for migrate command
  3. php artisan migrate –env=local : set the configuration environment as local
  4. php artisan –version : display the current version of laravel installation

What are Packages?

Packages are additional functionality which can be added to laravel easily.There are many types of packages which can be used according to requirement.

Name some of the packages used by Laravel?

List of some Laravel popular packages:

  1. Bootstrapper
  2. Laravel Schema
  3. Cashier
  4. Envoy
  5. Passport
  6. HTML
  7. EXCEL
  8. Scout
  9. Socialite
  10. IMAGE

What is routing?

Routing is a way to define flexible request URL for application. Laravel offers different routing methdods like get,post,put,delete,patch etc.

What is reverse routing in Laravel?

Reverse routing is a process to generate URL from the references given and route declaration at the time.

What is named routing in Laravel?

We can specify name for route, this is called Named Routing.We can access the name of a route that is running via the route name method.

What is database migration?

Laravel provide tools to migrate database tables from one server to another. We can create migration files. Migration has both import and rollback.A method up() is called to run the migration files and down() is called to rollback the changes.

How to create migration via artisan?

First of all we need to install migrate tools. Using this command we can install the migration tools.

php artisan migrate:install

artisan makes it very easy to create a migration:

php artisan migrate:make my_table_name

A migration file will be created for ‘my_table_name’ inside the application/migrations folder. We can execute all the migration using the following command line :

php artisan migrate application

How can we Rollback the last migration?

Run the artisan command to rollback the last migration:

php artisan migrate:rollback

How can we reset the migration?

Run the artisan command to reset the last migration:

php artisan migrate:reset

What are the Events in Laravel?

Events are the classes which are used to implement observer to listen the events triggered.Events are stored in app/Events folder.

What are service providers?

All the services need to be bootstrapped, so service provider perform this task in Laravel. According to Laravel official documentation “Service providers are the central place of all Laravel application bootstrapping. Your own application, as well as all of Laravel’s core services are bootstrapped via service providers”.(Laravel Official)

What is a service container?

Laravel official documentation says: “The Laravel service container is a powerful tool for managing class dependencies and performing dependency injection.”(Laravel Official)

What is dependency injection in Laravel?

Dependency Injections pass the required dependency into an object externaly via constructor.

What are the Laravel Contracts?

Laravel’s Contracts are a set of interfaces that define the core services provided by the framework.

What are the Facades in Laravel?

In Laravel Facades are the classes that provide a “static” interface to classes that are available in the application’s service container. (Laravel Official)

How to enable query log in Laravel?

This is how you can enable query log in Laravel:



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What is HTTP middleware?

As the name middleware is a common interface between request and response.
Middleware provide a convenient mechanism for filtering HTTP requests entering your application.
For example, Laravel includes a middleware that verifies the user of your application is authenticated.
(Laravel Official)


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What is CSRF protection?

CSRF or Cross-Site Request Forgery is an attack that may lead unwanted and harmful action. We need to secure state changing stions from attacks. Laravel provide inbuilt CSRF protection.

What are query scopes?

Query scope is feature developed by Laravel where we can reuse similar queries.We don’t need to write similar types of queries again in the application.Once the scope has been defined, you may call the scope methods when querying the model.(Laravel Official)

What are the soft deletes and how do we do soft deletes?

Soft delete is a technique to flag a record so that it can be ignored from selection and invisible in view, but still available in table.We can implement it using Eloquent Model which supports Soft Delete feature.

What are Eloquent models?

Eloquent ORM- Object Run Mapper – used to implement Active Record Pattern while interecting with database. It can also be used outside of Laravel.

What is query builder in Laravel?

Laravel’s database query builder provides a convenient, fluent interface to creating and running database queries. It can be used to perform most database operations in your application and works on all supported database systems. (Laravel Official)

How can we run custom and raw query in Laravel?

Calling raw() functions of DB class:

$result_data = DB::raw(‘SELECT first_name,email_id from users’);

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