Magento Interview Questions and Answers for Freshers


What is Magento?
Magento is an open-source e-commerce platform written in PHP. Originally designed and developed by eBay and now used as most popular eCommerce platform but now acquired by Adobe. Magento has an optimal administrative area to manage all the eCommerce activities.Along with free edition Magento also offers Enterprise solution and market place to users.

Why Magento is Preferred over other e-commerce platforms?
Magento is the flexible and featured with all the security norms over the internet. It is one of the best eCommerce platform in terms of features, support, security. You can developed fully scalable and better eCommerce stores and market places using Magento.

Which PHP MVC framework,Magento is based on?
Magento architecture is based on ZEND framework of PHP which is based on Model View Controller Concepts.

What is the latest version of Magento?
Current Stable version is Magento 2.3 as on 31 Dec 2018.Check for latest stable version :

What are the Basic features of Magento?
Some basic features of Magento are:

  1. Best catalog management interfaces compare to any other eCommerce.
  2. Based on MVC structure.
  3. Optimized for cross sell, offers,coupon code and gift card features to add.
  4. More flexible that any other eCommerce platforms.
  5. Secured and optimized for business purpose.
  6. Compatible with marketplace solutions.
  7. Inventory Control and Reporting features.
  8. Customer account and profile management.
  9. Compatible with almost the payment systems and shipping methods.
  10. 100% SEO friendly URLs.
  11. Suitable for multi-site, multi-vendors and multi-currency marketplace.
  12. Efficient order management system.
  13. Mobile and device compatible layout.
  14. Built in support for API.

Is Magento Free?
Yes, Magento is an Opensource and Free for life time. But Magento also offers Enterprise solutions and paid services and products.

What are the differences between Magenot 1.9 and Magento 2.0?

  1. Magento 1.x is based on Legacy PHP where as 2.x is based on PHP 5.5+ and PHP 7.x.
  2. Magento 1.x has external paypal plugin where in 2.x Paypal is inbuilt.
  3. Magento 1.x based on JS prototype and 2.x is based on jQuery.
  4. Magento 2.x is featured with new market place.
  5. Magento 2.x is decorated with a user friendly Admin panel and Responsive in layout.
  6. Magento 2.x is enabled with full page caching.

What is Inventory Management?
Inventory is the number of products in stock and ready to ship.Inventory Management is a module available in both 1.x and 2.x version of Magento enables seller to manage the inventory at product level or Globally.It has interfaces to manage stock units very efficiently.

What is SKU?
SKU means Stock Keeping Unit this is the unique identification of a product in stock.It helps to track product inventory from warehouse to the delivery end. At any point of time the status of a product in store can be tracked using SKU. There is no any rule for creating SKU. It depends on user and better to keep it as alphanumeric.

What is Page Layout Section?
According to magento documentation “Magento is an object-oriented environment with pages that are assembled from separate components”.A single HTML page layout is assembled with many layout component for example header,footer,menu,search box,subscription popup,menu-bar etc.few of them are reusable and few of them or particular to the view.

What are the product type exist in Magento?
There are five types of the products available in Magento:

  1. Simple Product
  2. Configurable Product
  3. Bundle Product
  4. Virtual Product
  5. Downloadable Product

What is Grouped Product or Bundled Product?
Grouped or a bundled product is a combo set of more than one product. A single product made-up of many products and has a fixed price. Many Simple items are bundled to display as grouped product.For example : Buy one get One offers.

What is Variable Product or Configurable Product?
Configurable or Variable product is a product available with variable properties addon options or customization options over a base product. The price of final product is depend on addons added or the options selected. For example : Pizza with custom toppings and sizes,Thirst with colors and size etc.

What is Tax Rule in Magento?
Tax rules incorporate a combination of product class, customer class and tax rate. Magento provide interface to define tax rule for products. Magento Calculated sum total applied all the taxes defined in the rule.

What are statics blocks?
Static blocks are the chunks of HTML code that are remains unchanged all over the site.

What is the database that Magento supports?
Magento supports – MySQL as a RDBMS.

What are the advantages of Magento?
One stop solution for online market place.

  1. Design and maintain by a world class well-known eCommerce brand eBay,so it is well suited for eCommerce.
  2. Along with product and market we can also manage website as very flexible CMS.
  3. Strong tools as Order management,Inventory management,Catalog management.
  4. SEO friendly HTML and URL.
  5. Featured with cross sell and upsell.
  6. Rich security features.

What sre the disadvantages of using Magento?

  1. Not suitable for lightweight application, since heavy backend.
  2. Maintenance and development is expensive than that of others.
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