Pre-Employment Assessment Gets you the Right Candidate – Yes or No?

Imagine a scenario wherein you hire a particular employee for a particular position which involves giving a lot of presentations to the clients. Now imagine if he/she fails to do so once hired and is unable to speak up in front of a gathering.  

You definitely would not want to land in such a pickle.

Same way, you would not want to hire a programming language specialist who does not know about the programming languages listed by them on their resume.

So how can you really ensure that the people whom you hire have not just bluffed and made-up stuff in their resume?

A formal background check is a very good start at ensuring that this does not happen but you need to take further actions in order to avoid mishaps which are similar to the ones listed above.

This is where pre-employment assessment comes into the picture. Several companies these days have started analysing the candidate’s capabilities by conducting certain suitable pre-employment assessment tests.

If you wish to do the same, you need to keep the following things in mind while carrying out a pre-employment assessment test.

  • Only ask the shortlisted candidates to prepare for the pre-employment assessment test as it is not fair to ask the ones who are going to be rejected for the job position.
  • Ensure that the time required to prepare for the assessment test is not more than an hour or so.
  • Whatever work is produced by the candidate during the pre-employment assessment test should never be used as your work product unless you are willing to pay for it. For instance, if you are testing a graphic designer, do not use the logo created by them during the test as a logo for your customer. This is stealing someone’s work and should be absolutely avoided.
  • The pre-employment assessment test designed by you must be directly related to the job. For instance, a test to gauge the basic mathematical knowledge may be necessary for a cashier but the same cannot be used to test the abilities of a candidate who is being selected to collect carts.

Different types of Pre-Employment Assessment Tests

There are several pre-employment testing companies like eSkill that can help you in designing pre-employment assessment tests.

You can either use their assistance or you can design them yourself by understanding the different forms of pre-employment assessment tests given below.

  • Internal technical skill test

You can easily spot the technical skills on any resume. However, this test is necessary because it is one thing to claim to know certain technical skills in a resume and an entirely different thing to actually possess the capability to back those claims.

While the resume of the candidate may look very impressive, you need to ensure that they are able to demonstrate their skills through a pre-employment assessment test. 

This is because there is always a possibility that they may have exaggerated their skills on their resume.

  • Presentation skill test

In order to assess a candidate’s presentation skills, you hardly need 10-15 minutes. During the test make sure that you gauge their performance based on the below points.

  1. Is the candidate handling themselves well during the presentation?
  2. Does the candidate have the ability to create powerful ppt slides?
  3. Is the candidate able to answer questions while doing the presentation without losing track?
  4. Is the candidate speaking coherently and clearly?
  • Customer service test

The best way to assess a candidate in this field would be to pose as a customer and allow the candidate to handle your questions. Find out how the candidate is reacting when you as a customer start behaving irately.

Also, assess how the candidate is making the customer feel. Check if they are listening to all the queries patiently or not.

Remember that the candidate has not been trained according to the protocols set in your company. You just have to ensure that they are capable enough to learn and train under this field and do a good job.

  • Analytical skill test

There are plenty of analytical roles in every company. First, make a note of what exactly the candidate needs to analyze in your company. Prepare a small assessment test based on this and ask the candidate to write a report as an analyst for this.

You can check how well they can analyze and understand whatever is going on.

Pre-employment assessment tests are certainly a great way to get the right kind of employee for your company for different job titles.

Keep the above points in mind while designing a pre-employment assessment test for potential employees to get the best person for a particular role.

While picking an employee, keep in mind that the business is changing and it is always better to hire an employee who can learn advanced skills rather than an employee who is only able to do the given job perfectly today.

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