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Regional Rural Bank Probationary Officer Interview questions and answers

By Dhananjay → January 22, 2018
If you have qualified the Bank PO mains exam then you must be preparing yourself for the Interview.Now you are huddled about the interview regarding the questions to be asked by the interviewer in the interview session.The interview is all about and revolves around few simple questions and you have to answer what is being asked. No need to be descriptive.

Have a look at a real Interview :
Candidate Name: Paritosh Pandey
Facebook Profile:
Post for: Regional Rural Bank Probationary Officer
Date : 28:12:2017
Time : 3:12 PM
Place: Lucknow
Duration: About 15 minutes.

Question 1: Where are you from?
Answer by Paritosh: Sir, I belong to Azamgarh, UP.

Questions 2: What your father do?
Answer:  He is a Farmer .

Questions 3: How much Land your have?
Answer: He has --- acre of land.

Question 4: How many members are there in your family?
Answer: There are five members including me, my mother, brother, my sister and my father.

Questions 5: What your brother do?
Answer: He is a banker.

Questions about your qualification and interest
Questions 6: You have an Engineering degree, then why you are going to opt PO as career?
Answer: Sir, I have lack of interest in technology. I found better to have a nontechnical and a  public sector job.

Questions 7: What percentage did you score in your B.Tech?
Answers: It was 65.

Questions Based on Graduate Degree(1 questions)
Question 8: What is the difference between HTTP and HTTPS? (related to subject of graduating stream).

Questions based on some Banking Terms(2 Questions):
Question 9: What is refinance?
Answers: Refinance explained by Paritosh.

Question 10: What is disinvestment?
Answers: Disinvestment
explained by Paritosh.