Reasons to Use Selenium for Web Automation Testing

This is a comprehensive Understanding of Selenium ans its utility. This article is written to clarify why Selenium is the best tool for Automation Testing of Websites. Selenium is widely used for Web Automation testing Purpose. This Article will help you answering in Selenium Interview Questions and Automation Testing Interview Questions too.

When a product/application arrives for a testing, most of the companies consider automated testing to lower the cost.Most organisations are moving towards open source automated testing tool than investing in a commercial testing tool since it cost a high price.Selenium is the most familiar testing tool for websites. As far as IT industry concern, Selenium is becoming more familiar day by day and it is the preferable tool by the software testers.

Selenium is the most popular tool when it comes to test automation today.

QA teams believe the reason behind the astounding popularity of Selenium is the many features the tool has to offer.Interestingly enough, Selenium is not just widely used by the QA professionals, but also the developers. The high popularity of Selenium and its multiple benefits, has made several new age automation testing tools, adopt a Selenium framework, for web test automation as well as for mobile apps.

Why Selenium is a Good Choice?

Selenium is the right option for automated testing of any website. Nowadays, selenium tool is becoming more familiar these days and it is the 1st choice of any automation testers also for organisations to test web-based application. Also, it is used as a testing tool for JavaScript.

Why Selenium is good to use

There are many reasons why organisations prefer Selenium as their automation testing tool.

  • When comparing the other automation tools, Selenium has the capability to work on every OS (Operating System)
  • Selenium – an open source testing tool and it is good when it comes to cost-effective automation testing.
  • Also, Selenium supports various languages like Python, Ruby, Pearl, .Net, PHP, Java, C#.
  • The great feature of Selenium is the language can be used for building an independent program, this indicates that the test script can develop in many languages.
  • Selenium testing tool supports different browsers like Safari, Opera, Mozilla Firefox, and chrome.
  • It has a good dynamic developer community
  • In Selenium, number of robust methods elements like CSS, DOM, XPath etc.,
  • It gives more flexibility when it comes to frameworks like Data-driven, hybrid and keyword driven
  • It supports for integration of open source frameworks like JUnit, NUnit, TestNG.
  • With the help of Selenium, it is possible to establish test cases that can run on different browsers. This reduces the test execution when you test a large application.

5 Reasons to Use Selenium for Web Test Automation

Before choosing Selenium, every QA professional should know what to expect from this favourite test management tool. This article enlists the top 5 benefits that make professionals choose Selenium.

1#Supports Multiple Languages and Frameworks

The biggest advantage that Selenium offers is that it does not require the user to master Selenium only languages. The platform supports multiple languages which includes Java, JavaScript, Ruby, Python, C#, and Perl. So, the user has the freedom to write the code in any one of these languages, and Selenium easily converts it into a code it understands. This can be immensely beneficial, because the user is not required to learn an all new programming language in order to use the tool successfully. In addition to this, Selenium also provides a dedicated framework for each one of these languages, which makes writing test cases simple and easy.

2#Supports Multiple Browsers

Another big advantage offered by Selenium is that it supports testing across multiple browsers and this makes the process of web test automation faster. What the community of the platform has achieved is a single test script for all browsers, which means the need to write scripts multiple times is eliminated. The browsers supported currently are Google Chrome, Firefox, IE, Opera, Edge and Safari, along with their versions. This can save time and efforts of the QA professionals to a large extent.

3#Supports Multiple Operating Systems

When a QA team chooses a web test automation tool, the support for multiple browsers is one of the most sought-after features. Selenium is a platform that supports multiple browsers, as well as their versions, which can be a big advantage for web test automation. Windows, Mac OS, Unix and Linux are all supported by Selenium, which increases the scope of testing and at the same time, increases the efficiency of the process.

4#Offers the Advantage of Parallel Execution

When QA professionals are working to meet a tight deadline, there is the need to test more in less time. This is when parallel or grid execution can be a savior. The grid execution feature of Selenium allows multiple executions in parallel, which drastically reduces the total time required. There is the provision to execute across hundreds of browsers at any given time.

5#Offers a Flexible Interface

A flexible interface is another advantage that Selenium offers. With features like refactoring and regrouping available, Selenium redefines flexibility to make test management easier and streamlined. The interface of Selenium is designed to reduce duplication, incorporate quick changes, improving maintainability and more. The flexibility allows QA teams to gain an edge with Selenium.

Selenium offers many features that are of great help to QA professionals for web test automation. In addition to the ones listed above, there are many other good reasons why QA teams should choose Selenium.These Selenium features serve as a key tool for system functional testing also for browser compatibility. When compared to the other available tool, it is more flexible and simple. Hope you will have a proper understanding of why selenium is being used widely.  Let us know If this article is helpful in Selenium Interview Questions and Automation testing Interview Questions.

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