Steps To Become Magento 2 Certified Professional?

Whenever there is a new version of any platform, it is better and improvised. Definitely, the worth of a try due to all the efforts, developers put in it. This is what happened when Magento got updated with Magento 2.1.7 in April 2017.

Even all the previous versions of Magento stop getting support after a year. From the very beginning, this upgraded version was getting all the hype and soon became a very prominent part of the development field.

This is what arose the importance of Magento 2 certified professional developer and people started seeking career into it. It is easy to migrate, tons of extensions available in the marketplace, high-end user experience, more powerful, quicker, better catalog management, easy integration with other applications and extensive support for the developers, are few exclusive features of this amazing advanced platform.

If you are also interested in becoming a Magento 2 developer, then here are some of the common questions that you might be searching for answers. Let’s get started-

How to become a Magento Certified Developer?

To become a certified Magento 2 developer, you need to appear for a professional exam. This examination is designed to check and validate the knowledge as well as the skill set of distinct Magento 2 areas.

Checkout process customizations, order management integrations, database changes, admin modifications, UI modifications, functionality, customizations, and structure of the catalog are some of the domains in which skills of the exam aspirant are tested.

To attain certification, you need to have 1.5 years of experience and this is the same criteria to appear for this developer certification exam.

This exam has the following pattern to prepare for-

  • The test taker needs to finish 60 multiple choice questions in 90 minutes.
  • 64 percent is the minimum score to pass this Magento 2 certification exam otherwise you need to re-appear for it.
  • This exam is for the developers who are currently using any version of Magento 2.

Where to get a  Magento 2 Certification?

To attain a certification of Magento 2, you need to give an exam created by the Magento 2 certification exams advisory board. There is an option to choose from various locations as per the feasibility.

This opportunity is ideal for those who wish to validate their real-world skills by earning eligibility and proof to be a pro in the domain. This makes them stand out by owning an ultimate Magento 2 credential.

Also, there are various courses that come in offline and online mode for the convenience of the learner and certification enthusiast under professional supervision.

Suggested learning path for Magento Certification :

  • A developer should begin with Magento development essentials.
  • Then take up Magento 2 certified associate developer exam
  • Get 1.5 years of experience in Magento 2 development to move further.
  • Join courses or Magento 2 certified developer study group.
  • Afterward, take up the Magento 2 Certified Developer exam and pass it with at least a 64 percent score.
  • After this achievement, study JavaScript development in Magento 2 and get experience in the same for 1.5 years to be eligible for further examination.
  • Finally, one should go ahead with the Magento 2 Certified Professional Javascript Developer.

How to prepare for Magento 2 certification?

If you are wondering how to become proficient to get certification in one go, then you can opt for some training from Magento 2 certification exams advisory board.

They have various courses that you can choose as per your interest and also, keep in mind all programs are paid except learning resources.

Magento order management for developers, Magento U developer full-Stack subscription, Magento 2 development essentials, Fundamentals of Magento 2 development part 1, Javascript development in Magento 2, Magento 2 certified professional developer, and so on. 

These courses come with the expertise of the Magento 2 certification exams advisory board to help you become a renowned Magento 2 certified professional developer soon.

Trainers provide an exceptional learning platform to the developers to upgrade their existing knowledge of Magento 2. You can choose your feasible training location if you opt for offline one to one classes. Locations are- Los Angeles, Mexico City, Barcelona, Ahmedabad, and Chennai for one to one classroom sessions for a great learning experience.

Or, you can choose OnDemand video courses to learn without leaving your space and achieving the professional certification with the utmost ease.

Besides, there is an instructor LED online, this program is ideal for the professionals who are working and wish to get an upgrade on their existing skillset without interrupting their daily job.

What are the expenses of Magento 2 certification?

These courses and programs start from $720 and go up to $9000 for a full-fledge knowledge and skillset achievement. Also, to give Magento 2 certified professional developer exam, you would require to pay $ 295 and for an associate exam, a fee of $ 195 is there. However, these costs are totally worth paying for the upcoming lucrative career you will have after this.

What will be the salary package after certification?

According to various reports and statistics, a pro-Magento 2 Certified Developer can fetch up to $ 104,042 per year in a full-time job in the United States. However, this figure varies in different countries and under distinct scenarios.

Magento 2 Certified Developer- A lucrative career

Magento 2 is a widely used platform for development and is opted by various big names in the industry. So definitely, this gives some significant reasons for the developers to get expertise and certification in this pro model of Magento.

Just like various development types, a Magento 2 Certified Developer needs to be familiar with CSS, JavaScript, and HTML language to work with them regularly.

Along with that, there is a requirement to attain the Magento 2 Certified Developer exam and score not less than 64 percent.

Besides, having hands-on experience in the operation of version different software applications and controls is necessary for the developers. Also, they should be able to develop in an integrated development environment.

Such different skills need to be achieved through a great development career in Magento 2.

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