Interview Questions for HR Professionals

The Top 8 Essential Interview Questions for HR Professionals

If you’re an HR representative, then you’re probably used to conducting a lot of interviews.

But just because you know the right questions to ask and the right way to judge a good candidate, doesn’t mean the interview process will be any easier when you are the one being put on the spot. 

Even experienced HR professionals struggle during a job interview. You know how crucial it is to make a good first impression.

To help remedy some of those nerves, here are the top 8 most essential interview questions that you will be asked during your HR interview. 

1. What do you like most about HR? 

Remember to be honest, but professional. It’s okay to compare your work experience with your personal experience if it helps you prove how rewarding HR is to you. Be specific. What is your favorite thing about your job? Is it hiring new employees, or maybe investing in team-building activities? 

2. What’s the difference between personnel management and human resource management? 

Although these two terms are usually used together, they don’t actually mean the same thing. Any experienced HR rep would know what the difference between those two things is. Personnel management focuses on paychecks and employee motivation, while HRM is more about the big picture of the company.

3. Talk about a recent HR situation and how you handled it. 

You need to recall your personal experience in order to sell yourself as a viable HR candidate.

Talk about something that happened under your last employer and what HR tactics you used to handle it. Your prospective employer needs to know how good you are at conflict resolution. One great resource you should check out is Wall street mastermind created by Sam Shiah.

They offer some of the best tips not only about the questions you should ask the HR professionals but they also focus on helping you get a job on the wall street in your first try which is pretty rad.

4. What is your HR strategy for good results? 

The interviewer wants to know what your abilities are. Besides just knowing how to perform certain HR functions, you need to prove that you would be a good fit for the company culture by driving excellent results.

HR shouldn’t just settle disputes, but actively work to create more positive situations in the workplace.

5. Why are you interested in being an HR manager?

Talk about your own skill sets as much as you can when you answer this question. Your previous work experience and the professional skills you’ve gained will come into play when you talk about why you want this particular position.

If you express that you are looking to advance your long-term career in human resources, the interviewers may be more likely to ask for your services. 

6. What are some of the best qualities that a good HR person should have?

This question is a test of your own knowledge, as well as a test to get to know more about your personality and values. Ace this question by talking about specific attributes that you know to be good HR traits.

Make sure to back up your answers by explaining why you think those qualities are the most important for an HR manager to have. 

7. What are your biggest strengths and weaknesses?

Okay, you probably saw this question coming. It’s a common one that most HR reps ask when they conduct interviews of their own. You should get some practice by answering this to the best of your ability. Talk about the strengths that you’ve gained throughout your HR career. Name something about yourself that might need some improvement. Make sure to back that up by discussing how you are taking steps to get better at that thing.

8. Do you have any salary expectations?

Not every job interview gets around to discussing salary, but in the event that they do ask, you should come prepared with an answer. Make sure you mention a range, so you don’t get stuck on one particular figure.

In some cases, this can make or break the interview. You can turn around and ask them what types of salaries they offer, so you can turn it into a discussion rather than a demand.



These are the highly recommended Questions and answers for any HR Professional when he or she is going for an interview for an HR Professional Job. These answers are written by Industries experts and have a great impact on the interviewer.

Interviews are always hard and a little nerve-racking, even for HR professionals. Be sure to have a clear vision about your personal qualities, HR qualities, and how they overlap. Before the interview, think long and hard about your career dreams, so that you have a solid explanation as to why you want to become an HR Manager. Now your strengths, and weaknesses and be sure to talk about both.

Furthermore, give some examples of strategies and solutions for situations that you’ve come across during your career.  Go out there, be yourself, you’re ready to nail your interview! 

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