Agile -vs - Waterfall

Agile vs Waterfall Project Management

We have two popular approaches to complete any project One is Waterfall Models and Another is Agile.

SDLC means Software Development Life Cycle and has many patterns like the waterfall model and the spiral model.

The waterfall is the most popular model in Traditional techniques.

But nowadays Agile techniques are the main reason for quick and quality deliveries.

Scrum is an Agile method. Two are quite different in behavior. Each has its own benefits and drawbacks.

We are going to study the contrast between agile and waterfall methodologies.

Let’s understand in detail:

What is Agile?

It’s an incremental approach to deliver and develop software in a quick manner.

The whole project is divided into small stories.

It is a time-boxed method and frequent deliveries and revisions are very usual.

It is based on communication between the client and the development team.

An agile method is focused on delivery rather than the hierarchy in a team.

Each member of an Agile team has a very important role.

In this process, every story is a bunch of design, development, testing, and deployment.

It breaks the project development into Sprints that are deliverable in two weeks.

The analysis is done after the completion of sprints.

There is no need to project managers, team members can manage the project at their level.

What is the waterfall model?

This a sequential and rigid model.

The whole development process is going through each phase and after the end of the last phase, we get the deliverables.

We can say that part of the project is completely developed.

We need to complete each phase to deliver the product.

We can add changes while development and cant test before completion of the project.

What is good in Agile?

  • It is process-oriented.
  • Continuous communication and self-motivated agile team.
  • Quality is maintained while quick development.
  • It is an incremental process.
  • Very flexible and can easily implement the changes while developing modules.
  • Good for large projects.

What is Bad in Agile?

  • It is only useful for large scale projects.
  • The standups are headed by an expert who can decide the priority and can take decisions on a daily basis.
  • Since its a modular development so a little distraction or misunderstanding can lead the project to off-track easily.

What is good in the waterfall model?

  • Well documented and easily understandable.
  • Easy to map the dependencies.
  • Faster delivery and suitable for small scale projects.

What is bad in the Waterfall Model?

  • Not good for large projects.
  • Very difficult to adapt changes while development.
  • Only we can move to the next step after completing the previous one. So a very rigid process.

So we the above study demonstrates Agile vs, Waterfall.

Agile and Waterfall are quite different in approaches and both are the methodology of different times.

Agile is modern and in a trend whereas waterfall methodologies are the most popular techniques to develop a project.

They have their own usability and advantages.

This representation of agile vs waterfall project management will make you understand their importance at their places.

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