What is jQuery

Answers of the question “What is jQuery” is jQuery is a javascript library.

jQuery is written in javascript. It is a library to ease the use of javascript.

A rich library is developed to increase the usability of javascript in common and complex applications.

Javascript provides much functionality to manipulate the HTML DOM tree in the run.

Javascript is a lightweight script and so the jQuery. jQuery is based on javascript functionality.

jQuery simplifies the complex operations done in Javascript like AJAX, animation, DOM traversing and manipulation.

In the go, we can change, load and create HTML DOM and can do actions on them.

So jQuery is a powerful library. jQuery functionality provides a smoother User Experience.  It facilitates a handy tool to the programmers and designers.

The jQuery library has the following important features:

  • jQuery is an OPEN SOURCE
  • It can manipulate HTML/DOM similarly like javascript
  • We can add CSS and styles to HTML using jQuery functionality
  • jQuery handles the HTML event methods like click, hover, change, blur, etc
  • It is easy to manage Effects and animations when we are going with jQuery
  • It simplifies the AJAX request
  • jQuery has vast Utilities like jQuery Mobile, jQuery UI
  • A huge community is available over multiple networks
  • Compatible to almost the browsers

Few useful jQuery Functionality :

show(): display a hidden dom, set a style property display as Block.
hide(): Hide the selector from dom tree, visible on the browser.
animate(): Apply animation effects with selectors.
empty(): Empty the dom and also removes the child elements.
remove(): remove selector dom from tree
removeClass():remove class or classes from selectors
addClass():add class or classes to the selectors
toggleClass():add and remove simultaneously
stop(): stop the propagation of events
fadeIn():hide dom with a fading down effect.
fadeOut():display dom with a fading out effect.

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