Where can be used Python Programming Language?

Python programming language is reigning for a long time over the space of software, website, mobile, and web applications. In fact, Python is everywhere in the development region on the internet.

Ask any programmer, and they’ll tell how easy it is to learn python programming language basics.

Being a versatile programming language with tons of features, it has a plethora of uses in the different fields. If you’ve something in your mind or you are thinking of learning Python to build something business effective, then it’s good to read this blog.

Python written, and developed by Guido van Rossum in the 1990s is named after a group of comedians ‘Monty Python’ Remember, it is not named after the reptilian snake.

Python has crossed the barriers of development and isn’t limited to website development and mobile application development. Today, this programming language is very popular in the field of data among data scientists.

Not only this, but every startup custom software development company in USA uses this coding language because of its extreme logical and light to use features.

With Python language in your hands, you can use it for some amazing things, almost at all operating systems. With its libraries like SciPy, NumPy, Pandas, etc., it is quite clean, simple, and has massive community support.

From the last many years, Python has been in the top 5 coding languages of the world.

However, most of the developers after learning it forgets to implement it beyond the development zone. I mean, most of the programmers don’t have a clear understanding of the python programming language uses.

Therefore, this article will first put out all the intel about Python’s fast development features, then tells you tons of Python Programming language uses in today’s tech-oriented world.

Let’s begin by listing out all the features of Python language!

Python Programming Language Features

As Python is an Object-Oriented Programming (OOP) language, anyone who has good knowledge of OO concepts can make use of Python. Furthermore, those developers and coders who go deep into their professional careers with Python can use the language in ML (Machine Learning) and Big Data Analytics.

While if you use it for website development purposes, you have tons of web development frameworks like Django and Pyramid. Hence, building a cool website with it will be overwhelming for anyone.

Also, you can take full advantage of Python’s micro-frameworks such as Flask and Bottle and also supports standard libraries like HTML, JSON & XML.

Following are the features of Python:

  • Python makes everything simple as its codes are easy to read, write, and understand.
  • Python programming language is productive and helps in RAD (Rapid Application Development).
  • It is a powerful, secure, highly scalable, and flexible language that makes robust applications.
  • It is the world’s best scripting language where programs are directly fed into Python’s interpreter without the use of compiling.
  • It takes less time in completing, executing, and running the codes, or programs.
  • Python is a cross-platform language that you can use in any operating system. Also, you can use it on Android and iOS!
  • It uses dynamically typed variables to make programming easier.
  • It can be easily integrated with the third-party modules. As a result, the Python programming language features advances to another level.
  • It supports GUI programming.
  • It is an extensible programming language.
  • Lastly, it is easily integrated with languages like C, C++, JAVA, etc.

With so many features in one language, one can do a number of things, can develop multiple applications, can make the best enterprise business software, and can work with the various advanced technologies.

For the curious IT students, Python programming language for beginners is a hands-on easily available tool that helps them to experiment with itself.

Maybe this is the reason why the growth of a Python web development company in USA is higher as compared to other coding language companies!

What Can I Do With Python Programming Language?

Google has been using Python as its main server-side languages from the start. Following the tech giant’s footsteps, Instagram & Spotify use Python programming language in data analysis and the back-end services.

Today, Python’s real-world applications are limitless. You have web development, mobile application development, data science, ML – Machine Learning, and many more.

Python programming language is used everywhere. Whatever you see, and use on the internet, has some of its parts made by using Python. No matter how you see it, Python uses are wide, and you after learning Python can use it in many ways.

Here are some of the Python programming language uses:

  • The Robonaut 2 robot in the International Space Station developed by NASA uses Python as its central command system. Also, we will see Python usage in Europes’s mission to Mars in 2020.
  • You can use Python to make a service that gives you bitcoins price notifications.
  • The world’s largest physics laboratory that is conducting an atom-smashing experiment at CERN Large Hadron Collider uses Python in data analysis.
  • Use Python to answer questions about the world by mining Twitter data.
  • The MeerKat Radio telescope, which is the world’s largest telescope in the southern hemisphere uses Python development language to control and monitor systems.
  • You can make micro-blog by using micro-framework of Python such as Flask.
  • Even in the movie studios, Python helps in automating movie production processes, particularly in the computer-generated imageries!
  • People use Python to create games, test & analyze stuff such as to find out the people who cheat each other.
  • Netflix and Youtube also use Python to prevent movies from streaming.
  • The Nodality company in the medical line uses Python to properly handle all the information at one place and use it to search a cure for cancer.
  • Python is widely used in ML, data handling, data visualization, data analysis, and scripting!
  • Well let’s enter into the music industry, Spotify streams music and sends it to you while using Python!
  • Python is widely used to manage administrative functions in different operating systems.
  • You must have hard about the Raspberry Pi. If you code it using Python then Raspberry Pi can easily function as a brain of the robot. Python can be a major help in robotics.

Clearly, the Python programming language for beginners can be really fun due to its versatile capabilities. No matter how you choose to begin the Python, somehow you would be preferring to implement it in some way or other on the above Python programming language features and uses!

If you want to start it, then I would recommend Python 3 – the latest Python version for the best output.

In the end, it all depends upon the research and time you put to innovate something with existing technology. Don’t forget to leave a comment below! You can also suggest more and give your input in this valuable article.

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