Why Android App and Game Development Has A Very Bright Future?

Mobile gaming dominates the gaming space by and large. With a number of service providers, the domain is tremendously competitive as a result.

The number of active mobile users in the world is constantly increasing and there are around 5.15 billion mobile phone users around the world with an approximation of 121 million users being added to this number every 12 months. 

In recent years, the market has seen an astounding improvement in both mobile hardware specifications and the quality of the Android application that these smartphone devices could run.

This significant improvement has made mobile gaming possible and several games came into light due to high performing smartphones such as Player Unknown Battleground, Call of Duty mobile, league of legends, etc. 

As of today, developers are pushing the boundaries to create Android games that would satisfy their customers and bring out the best of the mobile gaming industry.

This high demand for Android games has resulted in an increasing demand for Android developers around the globe.

Almost every other development firm is looking to get into the gaming world and go on to hire Android application developers in India and abroad as per their business extent.

India is not just the world’s second-largest smartphone market but also the world-leading market when it comes to the IT sector. Thus, the extent of game development is also wide here. 

However, if you are having second thoughts about the future of the mobile phone gaming industry, especially Android, then you don’t have to worry as games for Android are not going anywhere soon. And so we are going to cover “Why Android App and Game Development Has A Very Bright Future?”. 

Increasing Demand

If you want to analyze the future of a certain technology, service, or product, then the best way is to look at the demand of that product or technology in the present market.

That being said both the Android and Android games demand the graph does not show any signs of fall in the demand.

On the contrary, every year the market for these two technologies expands at a tremendous rate. So, if we look from the perspective of demand for both Android smartphones and Android games, then they do seem to have a bright future ahead of them. 

Market Investments And Research

The next thing is the investment and research going on in the market to improve Android as an operating system and increase the gaming performance and experience for the users.

Well in this way, Android is taken care of by one of the world’s largest tech giants, Google. They have a separate division that works on improving the Android platform as a whole.

Apart from this, several other companies research extensively and have launched Android-based smartphones, that have high performance at an affordable price.

This is an important factor as the availability of technology is also very important for that constantly increasing demand curve. 

Now, we can safely assume that Android has a bright future as it has a strong backbone, but what about Android games? 

Well, creating Android games is not that difficult, even a single Android app developer can choose to create his own game and upload it on the play store.

As far Android has a bright future Android gaming industry will continuously flourish and expand, all it needs is a good idea and a team of developers to bring that idea to reality. 

Android Is Open Source Technology

One of the top things about Android is its availability. If you want to start a new Android gaming company, then you don’t have to pay a royalty to the Android’s parent company or sign huge documents stating terms of use.

Android is an open-source technology that means anyone can use it for both professional and personal use, free of cost.

You can simply download the Android software development kit (SDK) and get started with your Android game development process. 


Another reason why the Android gaming industry is such a huge hit is because of its large and supportive community.

Even if you are a novice developer, you can start your development with the help of the free documentation and content provided by this community.

This even makes it easier to find bugs and errors in the Android OS as most of them are reported back and resolved to make it a great and stable development environment. 

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