WordPress Basic Interview Questions and Answers

 What is WordPress?

WordPress is a content management tool and available as an open source. It is based on PHP-MySQL application.Nowadays WordPress is used for blogs, informational sites, e-commerce store, learning management system, booking systems and for various applications.
What is a CMS?
A CMS is a tool to manage content for a website. It provides the dynamic functionality to change, add design. A CMS can be used to manage various type organized data. WordPress is the most popular CMS.

What is the latest stable version running of WordPress?
Wordpress updates frequently. It has a giant community of contributors and a team of world-class programmers and Technocrats. We can find the latest version on www.wordpress.org.
What is difference between wordpress.org and wordpress.com?
wordpress.org provide the official software, themes, plugins, documentation of WordPress. Whereas wordpress.com is a hosting service. You can host your free blogs and sites on wordpress.com. it has pre-installed WordPress latest version.
What is a post in WordPress?
A post is an article that you publish on your blog.Post make a sense of blogging. here you can publish your day to day activity, articles, notifications.
What is a page in WordPress?
Pages are the landing pages that remain static on the website. Like, contact us, about us, team, Homepage.
What are the features of WordPress that make it most popular CMS?
What is a plugin in WordPress?
A plugin is an executable code snippet, that enhances the WordPress functionality. WordPress has unlimited flexibility to modify its functionality and to add new functionality. We can add features to WordPress without touching the core of software and plugins do that. We have plugins for various purposes. For example, Contact Form, Google Map, gallery, Menu, Font style, Slider etc.
What is custom post type – CTP ?
Wordpress has the flexibility to define the content type. It has Post and Page as the core, but we can create our own content type. This is called Custom Post Type or CTP.
What is taxonomy?
Taxonomy is a term that uses a word to group the contents and content types.We have a category, tag, Link Category, Post formats as default taxonomies.
Which types of application we can develop using WordPress?
Wordpress is used for varieties of applications like Informative Websites, E-commerce, Learning Management System, Ticket Booking Management, Hotel Booking, and rental, Printing Customization, news and media channel websites, Forums etc.
What is woo commerce?
Woocommerce is a plugin that converts a simple WordPress site into a fully functional e-commerce portal.
What is a theme in WordPress?
A theme is a complete package of application that changes the functionality, UI of the WordPress site as defined inside it. A theme contains Stylesheets, templates, javascript, function file, header, footer, page and post page.
What is style.css in WordPress?
The main style sheet of the theme is style.css by default. It also contains the theme Information.This is one of the mandatory parts of a theme.
What is a child theme in WordPress?
A child theme is an option to modify a theme, without changing its core files.
What are widgets in WordPress?
Widgets are the UI segments that are replaceable and easily manageable from admin side.A widget is dragged and dropped into the widget area. The widget provides additional flexibility to templates.
What is a hook? What are the difference between actions and filters in WordPress?
Hook allows us to hook a function with WordPress native functions.There are two types of hooks (1) Action and (2) Filter.Actions are the post events functions. they are followed by some other functions. For example, we can add an action to recent post display and It will be called when the recent post function will be called. Filters are the rewriting of functions. A filter modifies the function with that it will be hooked.
How can we export content from a WordPress site?
Wordpress has inbuilt tool for export and import contents. We can import content using XML file or we can export our content to an XML file.
Where we will find the menu section in admin?
We can find the menu section in the appearance section. We can manage various types of menu and their location from here. We can add items or remove items from the menu.
Does WordPress produce SEO friendly URLs?
Wordpress possesses a very strong in-page SEO feature. It has the option to modify the URL and make it SEO friendly. We can also modify meta content, title etc.
What is permalink?
Permalink is URL of post, page, media etc. We can modify it while editing the post or page.
What is a meta in WordPress?
Meta provides a metadata type structure for WordPress. We can add additional fields and their values using meta.
What is the usual meta used in WordPress?
There are many types of meta in WordPress as post meta, user meta, term meta, comment meta.
What are the default roles exist for WordPress users?
There are 5 default roles exist in WordPress are:
Is WordPress an open source?
Yes, WordPress is an Open Source and freely available to use under GPL.
What server-side scripting language used by WordPress?
PHP is used as the serverside scripting language in WordPress.
What are the templates in WordPress?
Templates are the different types of page layout in WordPress. We can choose one of them while posting or adding content.

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